MW Chapter 2183

Chapter 2183 – World Spirit

The meeting between Immortal Sovereign and Sheng Mei greatly touched Lin Ming.

10 billion years ago, the ancient races had been inferior to the abyssals in strength, and yet they managed to survive and continue onwards.

When a race approached extinction, the hot-blooded bravery and faith that erupted from within them could be extremely terrifying, just like on New Ming Planet when Lin Ming saw 100 thousand starving citizens not reaching for food if it meant giving up their pride.

When a people were desperate and unafraid of death, their feelings would infect others much more easily. And once the hearts of trillions and quadrillions of martial artists gathered together, then even if facing an enemy ten times greater than they were, they could still fight!

Thinking of this, Lin Ming let out a heavy breath. For these past years he had felt a great pressure on his shoulders. Yet, he didn’t fight alone; he never had. The great calamity had arrived too quickly. Although he had yet to grow, he didn’t need to face the secret master of the Demon God’s Tomb alone.

He had comrades, friends, seniors, and...

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