MW Chapter 2182

Chapter 2182 – The Life of a Hero

“Peak True Divinity?”

Lin Ming was startled. He slightly felt that Deep Child’s strength had already reached the standard of a peak True Divinity, but when Immortal Sovereign killed Deep Child as easily as if he were slaughtering a chicken, he also had the strength of a peak True Divinity…

Immortal Sovereign shook his head. “When I killed this abyssal, the truth was that I drew support from the strength of this world. In terms of controlling the strength of this world, he was inferior to me in this aspect, and thus all his advantages became his disadvantages when facing me. Otherwise killing him would not have been easy.”

Immortal Sovereign’s words stirred Lin Ming’s thoughts. He could feel that a moment ago, Immortal Sovereign had also controlled the potential of the world, and the depths of his control were even greater than Deep Child’s.

This was an inconceivable concept to Lin Ming. It was like the Soul Emperor had sharpened a saber, but in the end the weapon had been taken by the enemy.

He was planning to ask Immortal Sovereign how he had accomplished this, but he actually held back, because at this time he noticed that Immortal Sovereign’s gaze was completely focused on Sheng Mei.

In front of this man, Sheng Mei held her breath, her mind wildly shaking.

The sense of calling in her heart had become increasingly intense ever since this man appeared, and the flow of blood within her seemed to accelerate with it. This caused Sheng Mei to suspect that she shared a blood connection with this man…

She lightly bit her lips, withstanding the throbbing of her heart as she stared at this black-robed man, the two of them gazing at each other for a long time.

“Are you my… ancestor?”

The quiet question was filled with hesitation, uncertainty, as well as a hidden undercurrent of excitement.

Ever since knowing of the mystery that surrounded her life, this knowledge had been a rock that pressed down against her heart. And today, she finally had a chance to push this stone away, so how could she possibly remain calm at such a time?


The black-robed man muttered to himself and then sighed. Emotions began to emerge on his face. “10 billion years ago, Asura and I were the respective leaders of the demonic path and the righteous path. But, the truth is that being righteous or demonic is simply relatively speaking. Because I perceived the samsara of life and death and chased after eternal life, my road deviated towards the righteous path, but because Asura killed too much, he was more inclined towards the demonic path. This is also where his name ‘Asura’ comes from.

“Originally, there was never any sense of agreement between me and Asura, and this sense of disagreement came from our conflicting philosophies of martial arts. You can even say that our principles ran counter to each other. In the world of martial arts, a conflict in ideas is a contradiction that is incredibly difficult to reconcile. Because of this, our disciples and followers fought against and each, and me and Asura even battled several times. But afterwards… we both pursued a peerless woman together, and this caused our originally ingrained contradictions to develop towards a rivalry of life and death.

“In the end, that woman chose me, and this caused both sorrow and anger to rise within Asura. Yet, because that woman made her choice, he no longer came to fight with me and instead silently left.

“After Asura left, he devoted the entirety of his time, his energy, his life, everything into his cultivation!

“As for me, I dual cultivated life and death with my wife, me focusing on death, and she focusing on life!

“But afterwards, I discovered that I had been cast off by Asura. When I met Asura again after so many years of having been apart, his hair had become as white as snow. Thinking back to it, I fear his strength stood equal to me and my wife joining forces.

“If it weren’t for the invasion of the Dark Abyss, I fear that Asura and I might simply have been ex enemies for the rest of our lives. While being strangers to each other, but also the ones that understood the other the most.

“The appearance of the Dark Abyss showed us that there was a heavens beyond the heavens. I fought with Asura for so many years and never imagined that the universe would undergo a great Shattering in the future, and as for this abyssal race, they had already experienced it for themselves!

“With our 10 billion years of martial arts civilization, we fought the accumulated strength of the abyssal race’s 100 billion years of martial arts inheritances. You can probably already imagine the result. In that war, the ancient races of the 33 Heavens suffered countless casualties. The only good news is that I joined forces with Asura to give the abyssal Demon God a severe wound that would be difficult to recover from, thus giving the ancient races of the 33 Heavens a chance of reprieve.

“However, the price we paid for that was even deeper. Asura was gravely wounded, and I was dying!

“Although the offensive of the abyss slowed down to a crawl, I knew that if this continued onwards the 33 Heavens would eventually be destroyed. And at that time it was nearly impossible for me to recover. Without my support, the battlefield would suffer disaster after disaster!

“And it was at this time that I discovered my wife was pregnant. Because my body was flooded with death and the Laws of Annihilation, it was incredibly difficult for me to ever have children. But, the heavens didn’t abandon me. In the final moments of my life, they granted me this child.

“I knew that my time was coming to an end. So, I poured the essence of my life and my feelings of the samsara of life and death into this child, hoping that she could inherit my everything in the future.

“From this sense, it could be said that she was no longer my child, but a continuation of my life and my wife’s life.

“I watched the birth of my daughter. But at that time, I had less than half a year of life remaining. I did not wish to quietly pass away in the final moments of my life, so I left the ancient races and planned to launch a suicide attack against the supreme headquarters of the abyssal demons. I intended to use the waning moments of my life to explode myself and cause heavy damage to the Demon God once more. But at this time, I never even saw the Demon God at all. I fell into an encirclement of millions and billions of abyssals, and in the end I perished together with a totem level abyssal!

“I thought that I had died, but I never imagined that I still had a wisp of remnant soul remaining. When my consciousness slowly returned, I found that I had been sealed in this demon pagoda… and it was only afterwards that I also learned the great secret of the Demon God’s Tomb.”

Immortal Sovereign slowly described the past. Although his tone was light, the matters he spoke of were earth-shaking.

It was hard for Lin Ming to imagine just what kind of life this was!

For the first half of his life he fought with Asura, the leader of the demonic path, and even won against him the love of the most peerless woman to exist in the world. For the second half of his life, he fought in a great war against the abyssals and heavily wounded the Demon God. Even when he was severely wounded and on the precipice of death, he still chose to end his life by engaging in brutal slaughter with billions of abyssals and even perishing together with a totem level abyssal!

What was a hero? This was it!

At this time, Sheng Mei slowly knelt to the ground in front of Immortal Sovereign. Her heart had already been touched. Before Immortal Sovereign, she gave a deep bow.

The man that stood in front of her was her past life’s father.

He didn’t only die in battle for the sake of the races of the 33 Heavens, but he even passed on his final life essence and his awareness of the Laws to her.

As she thought of the sorrow of her father’s life, Sheng Mei’s eyes were already wet with tears.

Immortal Sovereign had placed far too much hope and effort into Sheng Mei’s previous life. And, this hope was actually an immense pressure!

The past life Sheng Mei had also experienced a similarly sad destiny.

Sheng Mei vaguely recalled the scenes from the heart demon dreamland.

She recalled that when her past life was but a child, she had begun hellish training. With a sword that was even longer than she was tall, she crazily fought with the abyssals, suffering wave after wave of endless demons! But during these brutal battles, there had always been an old primal god race man standing beside her, and although he seemed callous and indifferent, the truth was that he had been carefully looking after her the entire time…

She recalled being stranded on an isolated island, facing the rough impact of the sea waves and the cold iron chains digging into her flesh and blood, leaving her suffocating in pain. She suffered from despair and loneliness until she gathered enough strength to break free from these chains!

She recalled growing into an adult and arriving on the battlefield where she fought with countless abyssal demons. This slaughter continued without end, and in the final moments, she underwent one final blood sacrifice to become the incarnation of the Eternal God Wall and seal away the Dark Abyss…

From the moment of her birth, the story of her life had already been written.

That was –

To live for battle! To die for battle!

She might have been tragic, might have been glorious, might have been nothing at all. But, she knew that there was nothing glorious or grand at all in the war between the ancient races and the abyssals. This was a war for survival, and if they failed, what awaited them was utter annihilation!

10 billion years ago, countless elites of the primal god race pushed forwards and died without any sense of fear, all in order to obtain a path to survival…


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