MW Chapter 2182

Chapter 2182 – The Life of a Hero

“Peak True Divinity?”

Lin Ming was startled. He slightly felt that Deep Child’s strength had already reached the standard of a peak True Divinity, but when Immortal Sovereign killed Deep Child as easily as if he were slaughtering a chicken, he also had the strength of a peak True Divinity…

Immortal Sovereign shook his head. “When I killed this abyssal, the truth was that I drew support from the strength of this world. In terms of controlling the strength of this world, he was inferior to me in this aspect, and thus all his advantages became his disadvantages when facing me. Otherwise killing him would not have been easy.”

Immortal Sovereign’s words stirred Lin Ming’s thoughts. He could feel that a moment ago, Immortal Sovereign had also controlled the potential of the world, and the depths of his control were even greater than Deep Child’s.

This was an inconceivable concept to Lin Ming. It was like the Soul Emperor had sharpened a saber, but...

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