MW Chapter 2181

Chapter 2181 – Life and Death Extinction

Because he possessed the ability to summon the power of the Demon God’s Tomb, Deep Child’s speed reached the limit. Using the Space Laws, he was nearly able to teleport.

He arrived in front of the Magic Cube in an instant. Stretched out his demon claws, he wrapped them in the potential of the world and grasped out at the Magic Cube.

“Lin Ming!”

Seeing this, Sheng Mei was worried and frantic. Jiu’er was hiding in the Magic Cube space! If the Magic Cube were violently shaken, would something happen to Jiu’er?

Lin Ming’s heart skipped a beat. But at this time he didn’t have any ability to support the Magic Cube anymore. Just before now he had poured all of his strength into it and all he could do was place his faith in it!


The Magic Cube forcefully worked itself loose from Deep Child’s claws and smashed into the demon pagoda’s gates once more!

The gates violently trembled; cracks began to appear!

Guang dong!

The sound of rattling chains echoed out from behind...

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