MW Chapter 2181

Chapter 2181 – Life and Death Extinction

Because he possessed the ability to summon the power of the Demon God’s Tomb, Deep Child’s speed reached the limit. Using the Space Laws, he was nearly able to teleport.

He arrived in front of the Magic Cube in an instant. Stretched out his demon claws, he wrapped them in the potential of the world and grasped out at the Magic Cube.

“Lin Ming!”

Seeing this, Sheng Mei was worried and frantic. Jiu’er was hiding in the Magic Cube space! If the Magic Cube were violently shaken, would something happen to Jiu’er?

Lin Ming’s heart skipped a beat. But at this time he didn’t have any ability to support the Magic Cube anymore. Just before now he had poured all of his strength into it and all he could do was place his faith in it!


The Magic Cube forcefully worked itself loose from Deep Child’s claws and smashed into the demon pagoda’s gates once more!

The gates violently trembled; cracks began to appear!

Guang dong!

The sound of rattling chains echoed out from behind the gates, as if some terrifying existence was trying to break free from its cage!


Deep Child roared, panic-stricken. He grasped out at the Magic Cube again. But at this time, an incredibly cold soul impact shot out from the gates of the demon pagoda like a sharp sword and pierced in between Deep Child’s eyebrows. The world potential around him scattered, nearly completely dispersing!


The Magic Cube smashed into the gates of the demon pagoda a fourth time. The crackers spread even further!

Soon after, a fifth strike and sixth strike followed!

Lin Ming had poured the totality of his strength into the Magic Cube, and now the gates of that demon pagoda had finally begun to be pushed open!

Lin Ming and Sheng Mei held their breath, staring at the slowly opening gates of the demon pagoda.

As for Deep Child, his complexion was immeasurably ugly.

“I never imagined… that in the final moments of my life, I would be able to see the descendant to the Stone of Eternal Life as well as the extension of my life that I poured by bloodline into…”

A vast and ancient voice flooded out, as if it emerged from the ends of time. The voice spread into the ears, arousing a faint sympathetic soul resonance.

This sound was no longer some simple order of the Laws, but a sound equal to the Great Dao itself.

Dong! Dong!

With heavy footsteps that were accompanied by the sounds of chains dragging along the ground, a disheveled figure with scattered hair emerged from the demon pagoda.

This figure wasn’t tall and his entire body was wrapped in black robes. His black robes were dilapidated, his body was wrapped in iron chains, and he even seemed distressed.

But, beneath his long and loosely scattered hair were a pair of eyes that seemed as if they contained the cosmos.

Lin Ming sucked in a light breath; he had faintly guessed just who this character was.

To cause the Magic Cube to tremble, to be able to summon Sheng Mei’s innermost soul, as well as someone that would be sealed into the 33 level demon pagoda, Lin Ming could only think of one person…

That was the former master of the Magic Cube, the one with a significant relationship to Sheng Mei, the one who created the Holy Scripture – Immortal Sovereign!

And now, it seemed that Immortal Sovereign had truly died!

Lin Ming knew that if the Immortal Sovereign appeared in the Emperor Bone Sea, that meant he had originally died and then was sealed within the demon pagoda – all that remained was his remnant soul.

At this time, Sheng Mei held her breath beside Lin Ming, her eyes gazing unblinkingly at this man before her. As she looked at him, she felt as if her soul was shivering.

It was impossible for her to compose herself right now. She faintly felt as if the riddle to her life was about to open up before her.

Immortal Sovereign looked deeply at Sheng Mei and then quietly sighed, “This is fate…”

He lightly said. It was impossible to tell what the meaning was behind his words.


Deep Child’s blood red eyes stared stubbornly at Immortal Sovereign who had suddenly appeared. His expression blazed with dire killing intent.

From panic and horror at the start, to afterwards when the demon pagoda gates opened and Immortal Sovereign appeared, Deep Child instead began to calm down until he became icy cold. “You were indeed a world-shaking existence before, but you have long since died and all that remains of you is a wisp of remnant soul that was sealed in that demon pagoda by demon-trapping ropes for 10 billion years. How much strength could you possibly have left over?

“So tell me, how is the taste of being sealed away?”

Deep Child fiercely grinned as he rapidly analyzed the difference in strength between Immortal Sovereign and himself.

The name of Immortal Sovereign was truly a great deterrence!

Yet what stood in front of Deep Child was nothing but a remnant soul. Moreover, he could also control the world strength of the Demon God’s Tomb. In truth, if he had to compare them, then… Immortal Sovereign wasn’t necessarily any stronger than he was!

The more Deep Child analyzed the situation, the more his confidence rose. “I advise you to be a good little dog and roll back into that demon sealing pagoda. Otherwise, once my master personally arrives he will place your soul in the great soul refining array formation and allow you to experience infinite tortures over thousands and millions of years!”

Hearing Deep Child’s threat, Immortal Sovereign thought little of it. He only gently smiled and lightly said, “The vicissitudes of the world truly change in a myriad of ways. To think that there would be a day when a mere dog would bark in front of me like this. Not to mention you, even your master who raised such a dog wouldn’t dare say such words to me. If he were actually able to completely control this land he would already have obtained immortal and everlasting life!”

“Just what garbage are you saying!”

Immortal Sovereign’s contemptuous words caused Deep Child to fume with anger. He suddenly flourished his trident, world potential crazily gathering towards him!

“Go back into your demon sealing pagoda!”

Deep Child cried out, thrusting his trident at Immortal Sovereign.

But at this time, Immortal Sovereign also moved. He lifted his palms straight up and then pushed them towards Deep Child!


The world potential surrounding Deep Child suddenly scattered. Not only that, but the world potential formed a storm that howled towards Immortal Sovereign. The world potential became a hurricane that spun around Immortal Sovereign, all of it controlled by him!

The world potential was instead used by Immortal Sovereign!

“How is this possible!?”

Let alone Deep Child, even Lin Ming and Sheng Mei were completely dumbfounded. The strength of the world should be controlled by Deep Child, but now control had fallen into Immortal Sovereign’s hands!

Was this a mistake of the Soul Emperor’s? How could he possibly have made such an error?

Immortal Sovereign didn’t bother giving an explanation. He simply thrust out a palm!

This palm contained not just the potential of the world but also the Life and Death Law Concepts of Immortal Sovereign!

“Life and Death Extinction!”

A wild and brutal strength rushed out and Deep Child was locked in by the world potential.

For Deep Child who was used to controlling the world potential and sentencing others to life and death, this was the first time that this strength had been turned against him instead. Now, he finally felt the sorrow and despair of facing the strength of an entire world.


Immortal Sovereign’s strength came shrouding down. Deep Child sent out a horrified scream and his body violently shivered. Horror and panic burst out from his eyes as well as thick disbelief.

His life force began to rapidly fade away. His mortal body withered and his eyes sank into their sockets. His hair began to fade like wilted grass.

With death knocking on his door, Deep Child was frightened beyond compare!

When it came to death, he felt deep dread. He couldn’t believe that he would die here.

“Impossible… you are already dead! How can a dead man possibly kill me!?”

“In this world, there are far too many impossible things that occur, but in fact, every impossibility is reasonable and fair, and the so-called ‘impossible’ is merely something that exists in a person’s heart.”

Saying these final words, Immortal Sovereign clenched his hands. Deep Child’s mortal body completely rotted away into a bag of meat and bones that tumbled to the ground.

A wisp of remnant soul rose out from these bones; this was Deep Child’s remnant soul. The Laws in the Emperor Bone Sea were extremely unique. As long as anyone died here, whether they were an abyssal or not, they would leave behind a remnant soul that would be sealed here forever.

Immortal Sovereign saw this remnant soul and reached out a hand, using the potential of the world to completely imprison it.

The remnant soul emitted an ear-piercing scream. And at this time, the Magic Cube flew towards the remnant soul on its own initiative. A black vortex formed and swallowed up Deep Child’s remnant soul.

From start to finish, the fight continued for less than five breaths of time before everything was brought to a conclusion.

Immortal Sovereign had used a single move of Life and Death Extinction to eradicated Deep Child!

At this time, Lin Ming was mind-boggled.

This was the strength of a Beyond Divinity powerhouse?

Although he had died, with only a wisp of remnant soul remaining, and even though he had been sealed away for 10 billion years, he still had such incredibly abnormal levels of strength… the difference between them was as great as the heavens and earth!

As Immortal Sovereign saw Lin Ming’s stunned expression, he gently smiled and said, “There is no need for you to be surprised. I am far from being as formidable as you imagine… this dead abyssal was correct, and I indeed don’t have much of my strength remaining. All that I am is a wisp of remnant soul. If I were to fight in the outside world, then I could just barely manage to compare to a peak True Divinity…”


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