MW Chapter 2180

Chapter 2180 – Change in the Magic Cube

Sheng Mei’s words seemed to stab painfully into Deep Child. For a time, killing intent erupted around Deep Child as if 10,000 demons were howling around him.

Weng –

On the opposite shores of the Yellow Springs River, three demon pagodas gently trembled and three more beams of light shot up into the skies, rapidly soaring towards Deep Child!

Deep Child had once again summoned the strength of the ancient demon emperors slumbering deep within the Emperor Bone Sea.

Shua – !

With the power of demon souls added into him, Deep Child’s entire body seethed with demonic strength. His strength was no weaker than it was before and he looked greedily at the Magic Cube in Lin Ming’s hand.

“That thing in your hand is truly extraordinary. For it to absorb the remnant soul of ancient demon race emperors and also break through the strength of the Demon God’s Tomb world, that really makes me wonder just what it is…”

Lin Ming’s complexion turned cold and he tightly gripped the Magic Cube.

Deep Child’s smile grew. “Lin Ming, oh Lin Ming, you are my lucky star. If I kill you, and give your head as well as that thing in your hand to my master, how do you think the master will reward me?”

As Deep Child spoke he couldn’t help but lick his lips.

But at this time, the Magic Cube in Lin Ming’s hand grew increasingly hot.

When Lin Ming stepped into the Emperor Bone Sea the Magic Cube had already started to vaguely shiver as if it were extremely excited. Moreover, there even seemed to be a somehow heated feeling.

Now that he arrived at the center of the six dark altars in the focal point of the Emperor Bone Sea, and especially after summoning the Magic Cube, he could feel this burning heat become stronger and stronger and the shaking become that much more fierce.

“What is happening here?”

Lin Ming was startled. He originally thought that the Magic Cube was shaking in the Emperor Bone Sea because it was excited at encountering so many remnant souls of ancient demon emperors, but this was clearly not the case.

Not only did the Magic Cube tremble, but beside Lin Ming, Sheng Mei also covered her chest with her hands, her eyes clouded over with confusion. “Lin Ming, whatever I felt before that was summoning me, it is a hundred times more intense now than it was when I first entered the Emperor Bone Sea…”

The changes in Sheng Mei and the Magic Cube left Lin Ming increasingly puzzled. However, he no longer had any time to think about this because Deep Child had already started moving. Deep Child grasped his trident and gathered the world potential of the Emperor Bone Sea around him once more to smash down at Lin Ming!

“You’re still distracted at this time? Die!”

Deep Child’s strike contained irresistible potential. The world potential locked in the space around Lin Ming once more, making it so that he had nowhere to dodge.

Lin Ming’s heart chilled. He held the demon bone in his hand to resist Deep Child’s strike.

In his heart, he was aware that Deep Child had combined together with this world and his energy was nearly infinite here. Moreover, with strength that surpassed his own to begin with, the chances of victory were incomparably slim.

Even the demon bone in his hands, the only thing he could rely on, was itself questionable. This was because this spine was possibly related to Deep Child’s secret master, so what if it were turned against him?

In every possible situation he could imagine, he held all the disadvantages.


The trident clashed with the demon bone. The massive impact force caused Lin Ming’s arms to sink downwards.

At this time, when the demon bone faced Deep Child, it no longer displayed its previously overwhelming force. Instead it was faintly cast away by Deep Child’s world potential.

After all, the demon bone was in the end not Lin Ming’s weapon and Lin Ming hadn’t been able to refine it. Before, Deep Child has suffered a loss because he had been caught off guard. Now Lin Ming was quickly finding that his control over the demon bone was weakening, even seeming as if it wanted to separate from his hands and be controlled by Deep Child!

“This entire world obeys me! If you want to use something from this world to defeat me, that is simply impossible!”

The trident in Deep Child’s hand came crashing down with epic vigor. Lin Ming barely managed to resist it. The blue veins bulged on his arms and his blood vessels nearly burst apart!

The disparity in strength was far too great!

While Lin Ming struggled to deal with this onslaught, he simultaneously looked for a chance to fight back.

But at this time the Magic Cube’s trembling became increasingly fierce, nearly slipping out of Lin Ming’s control.

“Just what is going on here?”

Lin Ming thought to himself, confused. But now, he could feel some sort of vague spiritual message come from the depths of the Magic Cube, as if the Magic Cube was desperately thirsty for energy.

The Magic Cube needed his strength?

This thought raced through Lin Ming’s thoughts as he fought Deep Child. He was already nearing exhaustion; if he were to divide any of his strength to the Magic Cube then that was nearly suicidal behavior.


After another fierce strike, Lin Ming was sent flying backwards. Pain coursed through his right arm and his bones nearly shattered. But taking advantage of the time he was sent tumbling away, Lin Ming fiercely clenched his teeth and summoned all of his strength to pour it into the Magic Cube without reserve!

For him to arrive at this step in his life, the Magic Cube had played an inestimably great role. In this life or death crisis Lin Ming chose to place all his trust in the Magic Cube!


Lin Ming plummeted onto a dark altar, blood overflowing from his lips. After pouring out all his energy, Lin Ming didn’t have much excess energy left to defend himself.


Seeing Lin Ming pour energy into the Magic Cube as if he wanted to use this divine tool once more, Deep Child sneered. He suddenly threw out his trident like a javelin!


The trident tore through the void, howling towards Lin Ming like a meteor.

At this time Lin Ming no longer had the strength to resist. Seeing the giant trident nearly nail him onto the dark altar, in this flash, a dazzling nine revolution red lotus bloomed in front of Lin Ming once more. The nine flower petals contained the mysterious Concepts of Life and Death as they collided with the trident.


The red lotus exploded to pieces. Flower petals waned and withered and the trident slowed down a great deal. Still, it continued forwards, carried by the potential of the world.

At this time Sheng Mei’s figure flickered and she appeared in front of Lin Ming. Her face was pale white as she lifted her arms.

A wall of ice formed in front of Sheng Mei.

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

The trident crashed into the ice wall, the cold trident edge thrusting straight at Sheng Mei’s neck!

Sheng Mei!

Lin Ming’s heart tightened. With everything hanging by a hair, Sheng Mei gathered her hands together and caught the trident edge with her palms. The momentum sent her flying backwards and crashing into Lin Ming’s chest!

In the final moments, Sheng Mei issued a piercing scream. Pushing out her arms with all her strength, she forcefully shifted the trajectory of the trident.

Ding –

The trident grazed past Lin Ming and Sheng Mei and stabbed deep into the dark altar.

By this time, Sheng Mei’s hands were covered in blood and her right arm had been twisted and the bones broken due to the tremendous impact of energy!

Although she had barely managed to guarantee Lin Ming’s life, Sheng Mei had consumed the majority of her strength to do so. Moreover, Lin Ming’s situation wasn’t much better. It would be difficult to withstand Deep Child’s next strike.

“What a pair of fated lovers, truly a sad song you play.”

Deep Child mockingly said, diabolically grinning as he walked towards Lin Ming and Sheng Mei. “Junior-apprentice Sister, although you have committed an unforgivable crime, I will not kill you, because the master has a use for your life. I will bring you back… hehe, I wonder how the master will deal with you, I’m looking forwards to it very much!”

As Deep Child spoke, the smile suddenly froze on his face.

The Magic Cube that Lin Ming had poured all of his strength into suddenly flew out of his hands like an arrow!

Deep Child’s heart tightened and he rapidly drew backwards. Facing the Magic Cube, Deep Child still held a deep sense of dread. He had already faintly guessed the Magic Cube’s origins.

Such a divine tool was no trifling matter; a single accident could lead to catastrophic failure!

Weng –

The Magic Cube’s trembling grew fiercer. Even the stable space of the Demon God’s Tomb seemed as if it would start breaking apart due to the strength of the shaking.

The Magic Cube raced through a strange path. It didn’t attack Deep Child, but flew past him instead!

With unbelievable speed, its goal was actually one of the three demon pagodas!

Near the six great dark altars there were three exceedingly high demon pagodas.

The demon pagoda that the Magic Cube flew towards was the 33 level demon pagoda!

Guang dong!

Whether it was Lin Ming, Sheng Mei, or even Deep Child, none of them had time to respond. The Magic Cube already smashed into the gates of the 33 level demon pagoda.

The powerful impact caused the front gates to violently shiver. The demon relief on the front gates seemed to come alive, its eyes glowing with blood as endless runes started revolving to resist the impact of the Magic Cube.

However, as these runes appeared, most of them were instantly crushed by the Magic Cube!

Guang dong!

Another bang echoed out. Another impact smashed into the gates without any gap. Large pieces of the demon relief scattered out, as if the front gates were going to be smashed open by the Magic Cube.

“This is bad!”

In that instant, Deep Child’s complexion changed because he had thought of a possibility, and this possibility left him feeling like he had fallen into an icy lake!

With a loud shout, he recklessly rushed towards the Magic Cube!


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