MW Chapter 2180

Chapter 2180 – Change in the Magic Cube

Sheng Mei’s words seemed to stab painfully into Deep Child. For a time, killing intent erupted around Deep Child as if 10,000 demons were howling around him.

Weng –

On the opposite shores of the Yellow Springs River, three demon pagodas gently trembled and three more beams of light shot up into the skies, rapidly soaring towards Deep Child!

Deep Child had once again summoned the strength of the ancient demon emperors slumbering deep within the Emperor Bone Sea.

Shua – !

With the power of demon souls added into him, Deep Child’s entire body seethed with demonic strength. His strength was no weaker than it was before and he looked greedily at the Magic Cube in Lin Ming’s hand.

“That thing in your hand is truly extraordinary. For it to absorb the remnant soul of ancient demon race emperors and also break through the strength of the Demon God’s Tomb world, that really makes me wonder just what it is…”

Lin Ming’s complexion turned cold and he tightly gripped...

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