Chapter 218 - Return to Sky Fortune Kingdom

Chapter 218 Return to Sky Fortune Kingdom.


Chapter 218 – Return to Sky Fortune Kingdom

“Mm…” Mu Qianyu lowered her head, deep in thought. She finally said, “There’s a way. As long as you enter into an illusionary world, after killing him you can destroy his corpse and erase the clues.”

Mu Qianyu didn’t ask who Lin Ming was planning to kill or the reason why he wanted to kill. To her, those she liked were her friends, and those she hated were her enemies; she did not differentiate between good and evil, right and wrong.

“This is for you…”

Mu Qianyu took out a sparkling and crystal clear purple pearl from her spatial ring. “This is the Dreamland Pearl. After it’s activated, it will form an illusionary world; anyone under the Xiantian realm will not be able to escape. Not only that, but those around will not notice any difference. This can be considered an independent and separate space; it will isolate you and your enemy inside. All information inside will be contained and cut off from the outside world. Not even a sound transmitting talisman will be able to pass through. You will have enough time to kill him and clear out the scene.”

Lin Ming happily received the purple pearl. As he was about to place it in his spatial ring, he thought for a moment and then asked, “Is this Dreamland Pearl expensive?”

Mu Qianyu gaily laughed, the glittering sunlight...

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