MW Chapter 2179

Chapter 2179 – Assault

Wu wu wu –

All around Deep Child, the potential of the world began to gather once more.

Deep Child’s own strength was not necessarily much higher than that of the Great Flood Crown Prince. However, he possessed the ability to control the strength of the Demon God’s Tomb, and by relying on the ‘potential’ formed from the strength of the world, then as long as he stood in this land he was invincible.

Nearly the only road laid in front of Lin Ming and Sheng Mei was a dead end. In the world of the Demon God’s Tomb they were like turtles in a jar, without any way to escape.

“Is there really… no way to survive?”

In this life or death crisis, each breath that Lin Ming took seemed incomparably long. Although his body was tensed, his mind was preternaturally calm.

His thoughts raced at a terrifying speed with thousands and millions of situations flashing through...

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