MW Chapter 2178

Chapter 2178 – Life and Death Crisis

“You two have already used your moves, it should be my turn…”

Deep Child approached Lin Ming and Sheng Mei, one step at a time. He looked at Sheng Mei and smiled, “Junior-apprentice Sister, shouldn’t you try to persuade your little lover here? Or do you plan to stare on helplessly as he dies?”

Just as Deep Child’s voice fell, killing intent erupted from his body.


He rushed forwards like gods and ghosts. His trident came smashing down!

Without any trident light, without any recklessly tumbling energy, without even any Law fluctuations, Deep Child’s attack seemed incredibly ordinary. However, every movement and action that Deep Child took was followed with the potential of the world. Facing him was like facing an entire world!

Lin Ming saw Deep Child hurtle towards him and felt the surrounding space immediately lock tight around him. It was like he was placed in a space cage, without any direction to dodge in.

As Lin Ming watched Deep Child’s trident come pounding down, he roared out loud and brought the Black Dragon...

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