MW Chapter 2178

Chapter 2178 – Life and Death Crisis

“You two have already used your moves, it should be my turn…”

Deep Child approached Lin Ming and Sheng Mei, one step at a time. He looked at Sheng Mei and smiled, “Junior-apprentice Sister, shouldn’t you try to persuade your little lover here? Or do you plan to stare on helplessly as he dies?”

Just as Deep Child’s voice fell, killing intent erupted from his body.


He rushed forwards like gods and ghosts. His trident came smashing down!

Without any trident light, without any recklessly tumbling energy, without even any Law fluctuations, Deep Child’s attack seemed incredibly ordinary. However, every movement and action that Deep Child took was followed with the potential of the world. Facing him was like facing an entire world!

Lin Ming saw Deep Child hurtle towards him and felt the surrounding space immediately lock tight around him. It was like he was placed in a space cage, without any direction to dodge in.

As Lin Ming watched Deep Child’s trident come pounding down, he roared out loud and brought the Black Dragon Spear crossing in front of his body.


The trident and Black Dragon Spear collided. The Black Dragon Spear bent deeply downwards, completely bent as bone slices wildly flew off!

In that moment, Lin Ming felt his eyes tingle with numbness as if his bones had broken. Deep Child’s strength had reached an unimaginable degree!

“Not bad!”

Deep Child held the trident with one hand and flew upwards. With his right knee bent, he struck Lin Ming’s chest.


Because he was locked down by the space cage and also suppressed by Deep Child’s immense strength, Lin Ming wasn’t able to resist this strike at all. The moment that Deep Child’s knee struck his chest, it was like a trillion jin hammer crashed into him. His ribs shattered and his organs jumbled about. He spat out a mouthful of blood as he was sent tumbling backwards!

Lin Ming plummeted onto a corner of a dark altar, the scale behind him cracking open!

“Lin Ming!”

Sheng Mei’s body flashed and she arrived near Lin Ming. She didn’t shout out his name and only used sound transmissions.

At this time, Sheng Mei’s heart ached to the extreme. When Deep Child had attacked just now, he used a powerful wave of world potential to separate her. She hadn’t been able to approach the battlefield and there wasn’t anything she could have done to support Lin Ming.

The disparity between her and Deep Child could be imagined!

“How can he be so strong… is there nothing you know about him?”

Lin Ming coughed, the blood thick and dark, even mixed with bits of his organs.

The gap was simply too great. Deep Child was a middle True Divinity and Sheng Mei was a half-step True Divinity, someone who had reached the limits of an Empyrean. But according to the current difference in strength, even if Sheng Mei broke into True Divinity she still might not be Deep Child’s match.

In other words, the talent that Deep Child displayed now was not any lower than Sheng Mei’s!

Sheng Mei said. “From what I knew, Deep Child should have only been a bit better than the Great Flood Crown Prince. I never knew he had hidden his depths so deeply…”

“Is that so…” Lin Ming wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth. He couldn’t believe that an abyssal in the Dark Abyss who didn’t have any prominent reputation before would actually possess such a level of talent!

If Deep Child was truly so fierce then there would have been no need for him to hide himself, because hiding his talent was meaningless.

Compared to the current Deep Child, the past overly arrogant Good Fortune Saint Son wasn’t worth anything at all. Lin Ming even believed that if Deep Child continued forwards with such talent, he might have hopes of attacking the realm Beyond Divinity.

“The muscles on your wounds are wriggling, growing, and your broken ribs are quietly healing. What amazing recovery abilities!”

Deep Child looked at Lin Ming’s chest and praised out loud, “What a powerful mortal body, it really stirs up one’s envy. To become fertilizer like this is just too pitiful.”

As Deep Child spoke, he lifted his trident, pointing it straight at Lin Ming and Sheng Mei!

“Lin Ming!”

As Sheng Mei sent out a sound transmission, she stretched her hands in front of herself. Her ten slender fingers flew through the air as a blood red divine light shot out from between Sheng Mei’s eyebrows!

Flower petals fluttered about. The nine revolution divine lotus dazzled with divine light.

And at this time, Lin Ming also moved forwards. He thrust out his spear, and this time his spear struck against the center of the nine revolution red lotus!

Lin Ming poured all of his strength into the nine revolution red lotus. With a framework of Sheng Mei’s Laws as the foundation, he added in his strength and his own Laws to erupt with an even greater might!

Lin Ming and Sheng Mei’s joint attack had been able to kill the peak middle True Divinity Great Flood Crown Prince. From this, it could be seen just how powerful this strike was!


The trident smashed into the nine revolution red lotus. The nine revolution red lotus contained the Laws of Life and Death and the power of the soul; it was the ultimate display of the limit of Sheng Mei and Lin Ming’s strength. In an instant, everything burst out as the strike swept towards Deep Child like a storm!

In that moment, Deep Child’s smile finally drew back a little.

As he drew back, he thrust out his trident again and again. Each one of Deep Child’s attacks didn’t have any energy poured into it, but actually carried around that simple ‘potential’!

Impact after impact, the flower petals of the nine revolution red lotus withered and fell, the energy rapidly weakening. And, a considerable part of this energy was sucked into Deep Child’s body.

Deep Child drew back a thousand feet and the nine revolution red lotus completely vanished. From start to finish, Lin Ming and Sheng Mei’s joint attack hadn’t been able to touch Deep Child’s scales at all.

This attack had been considerably taxing on Lin Ming and Sheng Mei, and yet it just barely managed to force Deep Child back.

“What a strong attack! You two really make a wonderful duo!” Deep Child casually waved his hand and scattered the last wisps of energy like a spider’s web. Then, he grasped his trident and walked towards Lin Ming and Sheng Mei.

“What do we do…”

Sheng Mei said, her complexion slightly pale. Anyone who met such a terrifying opponent where every one of their attacks was useless would feel desperation.

This Deep Child was no longer someone that she or Lin Ming could defeat.

And at this time, Lin Ming was actually staring at the void in front of Deep Child. In this part of the void, the energy ripples of the disappeared nine revolution red lotus still echoed.

Recalling the moment that Deep Child broke apart the nine revolution red lotus, a light lit up in Lin Ming’s mind.

“You… drew support from the strength of this world?”

Lin Ming suddenly said. Deep Child paused in his step and looked at Lin Ming with some surprise.

“All of your moves do not have any Laws fused in nor do you use your own strength. But, the truth is that you use your body as a medium to mobilize the strength of this world, and this is the so-called potential in your moves! When we fight you, the truth is that we are fighting this world!”

Hearing Lin Ming’s words, Deep Child lightly sighed. “How interesting, you were actually able to see through my combat methods. Indeed, what you said is true; I draw support from this world’s strength. Within the Demon God’s Tomb, I am the absolute ruler here, no different from a divine god!

“10 billion years ago, two peerless Beyond Divinity existences appeared amongst the races of the 33 Heavens – Asura and Immortal. They each cultivated the inner universe and outer universe and each had different ideas and stepped on different roads of martial arts. The two of them even fought because of this. But in my opinion, whether it is Asura or Immortal, neither of their Laws reached the peak.

“One cultivated ‘heaven’ and the other cultivated ‘man’, and yet neither of them were able to gather heaven and man as one. Yet, my master managed to accomplish this…

“The Demon God’s Tomb is the ultimate world of my master! In this world, my master can merge together with the world, whether it is in body, soul, or mind!

“My master is the world and the world is my master. If the world is not destroyed then my master cannot be destroyed. If this world is immortal, then my master is immortal!

“And just how stable is the world of the Demon God’s Tomb? In the previous universal era, the Demon God’s Tomb even managed to resist the great Shattering!

“A world that can resist the great Shattering of the universe, that means it will continue on in perpetuity, being truly immortal. That is true eternal life, true immortality!”

Deep Child laughed as he spoke these heaven-shaking words.

Even Lin Ming, who had practiced many of the top Laws to exist, was still shocked upon hearing this.

A fusion of a martial artist and the world!

If the world isn’t destroyed, then the martial artist isn’t destroyed!

If the world was immortal, then the martial artist was immortal!

This was true eternal life, true immortality! Since ancient times, countless proud sons of heavens had chased after eternal life, and yet all of them failed without exception.

But the so-called master of Deep Child actually thought of fusing together with a world. As long as this great world was able to withstand the great Shattering the universe, then whether it was the world or the martial artist, both would remain forever.

Lin Ming couldn’t help but be stunned by such ideas.

Although Lin Ming stood opposite to this behind the scenes manipulator, he couldn’t help but acknowledge that this secret existence was one of the most terrifying geniuses to ever walk down the road of martial arts since ancient times!

While he couldn’t say whether or not someone similar could appear in the future, this existence was already unprecedented since the past!

Lin Ming couldn’t help but think of his own inner world. His inner world was extremely special; it was fused with a true world seed and also contained a massive amount of world power.

Lin Ming always wanted to fuse together the inner universe Holy Scripture and the outer universe Asura Sutra, fusing the two great Laws as one. From this meaning, the truth was that Lin Ming was walking down the same road that the behind the scenes manipulator of the Demon God’s Tomb was walking.

The difference was that he had just started down this road, but this behind the scenes manipulator had already reached large success!

This disparity was far too great!

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