MW Chapter 2177

Chapter 2177 – The Terrifying Deep Child

Deep Child’s killing intent became increasingly deep and increasingly profound. And at this time, far on the opposite shores of the Yellow Springs River, several other demon pagodas began to light up with a dim glow!

Seeing these demon pagodas begin to gather energy to send towards Deep Child, at this time, Lin Ming could no longer stand idly by and allow Deep Child’s momentum to climb even higher.


Lin Ming cried out. Beside him, Sheng Mei also attacked. She grasped her pitch matte black bone sword and silently slashed out. For a time, innumerable black flower petals bloomed atop the sword blade. These flower petals immediately began to wither after they bloomed as they were filled with the Concept of Death.

At the same time, Lin Ming rushed forwards from another side. He activated the strength of his Asura blood without hesitation. Behind him, an Asura war god phantom appeared. He poured all of his energy into the Black Dragon Spear and thrust outwards!

The two attacks were joined together with perfect...

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