MW Chapter 2177

Chapter 2177 – The Terrifying Deep Child

Deep Child’s killing intent became increasingly deep and increasingly profound. And at this time, far on the opposite shores of the Yellow Springs River, several other demon pagodas began to light up with a dim glow!

Seeing these demon pagodas begin to gather energy to send towards Deep Child, at this time, Lin Ming could no longer stand idly by and allow Deep Child’s momentum to climb even higher.


Lin Ming cried out. Beside him, Sheng Mei also attacked. She grasped her pitch matte black bone sword and silently slashed out. For a time, innumerable black flower petals bloomed atop the sword blade. These flower petals immediately began to wither after they bloomed as they were filled with the Concept of Death.

At the same time, Lin Ming rushed forwards from another side. He activated the strength of his Asura blood without hesitation. Behind him, an Asura war god phantom appeared. He poured all of his energy into the Black Dragon Spear and thrust outwards!

The two attacks were joined together with perfect harmony. They came from two angles that blocked off Deep Child’s evasion paths, and even blocked off the flow of world energy to prevent Deep Child’s momentum growing.

If an ordinary middle True Divinity were to encounter such a strike, they would be at a loss for what to do, and would likely be severely wounded by this joint attack.

However, even though Deep Child was also at the middle True Divinity realm, he only chuckled as he faced Lin Ming and Sheng Mei’s combined attack. He didn’t revolve any energy, but all around his body there was actually an invisible ‘potential’!

This sort of ‘potential’ was different from common force fields. It was like the potential of the world, capable of shaking mountains and rivers and affecting the sun and moon!

When this great potential emerged, a horrifying pushing force erupted from Deep Child’s body, like a raging shockwave that spread out in all directions. Lin Ming and Sheng Mei were caught up in this strength and felt as if their bodies had smashed into a towering mountain.


With a series of loud explosions, Lin Ming and Sheng Mei’s bodies violently quaked. They felt this unstoppable pushing force wrap over them like a storm. Placed within, they were haplessly blown backwards. Lin Ming felt his blood vitality restlessly tumble in his body. Luckily, with his deep foundation he summoned energy to suppress his roiling blood vitality. However, as he turned around he saw that the corners of Sheng Mei’s lips were already stained with blood.

Lin Ming’s heart tightened. He forcefully reversed his body in the storm and grabbed onto Sheng Mei’s hand. He stabbed the Black Dragon Spear deep into the ground, drawing a line of sparks.


Sheng Mei and Lin Ming crashed into the ground. They both felt their blood vitality jumbled into disorder and their meridians injured.

The two of them looked up at Deep Child.

Lin Ming’s eyes were filled with astonishment.

Was Deep Child really only a middle True Divinity?

In that instant, Lin Ming clearly felt that his and Sheng Mei’s joint attack was weakened for the most part by the storm. However, the rest of it had been absorbed by Deep Child!

Deep Child was actually able to absorb the energies from their attack? How had he managed to do this?

“The Soul Emperor still has this sort of cultivation method?”

Lin Ming’s complexion was dark and dignified as he asked Sheng Mei this question with a sound transmission. The Laws he used and the Laws Sheng Mei used had reached an extremely high boundary, so how could they be so easily absorbed?

Even Famine who was skilled in the Swallowing Laws could also swallow dead things or the strength of others through its tentacles; it was impossible to directly swallow an enemy’s attacks like this.

“I don’t know.” Sheng Mei guiltily said as she bit her lips. The Soul Emperor was far too mysterious and too deeply unfathomable. During these years, most of the time, Sheng Mei only obeyed the orders of the Soul Emperor. As for the Soul Emperor’s cultivation methods, she only knew the Holy Scripture Laws.

Although Deep Child could be called her senior-apprentice brother, the truth was that she didn’t understand his hidden depths at all. It was clear from this that Deep Child was much more trusted by the Soul Emperor.

“Are you surprised?” Seeing the shock on Lin Ming and Sheng Mei’s face, Deep Child laughed, and he laughed extremely recklessly and freely. “Let me plainly tell you something. No matter what, you two cannot defeat me! This is the disparity of our levels, a disparity that neither of you can make up for! And, what is most pitiful is that you two don’t even know where this disparity is.

“I will give you two one final chance. Be good little children and obediently step onto the dark altar and withstand the baptism of the abyssal ritual! This is an opportunity that others can only dream of! Once you successfully pass the dark ritual, the two of you can become the highest level abyssals in the Dark Abyss, and you will each become one of the rulers of the future world!”

As Deep Child spoke, he slowly drew out his own weapon.

This was a black trident.

This black trident was 15 feet long. Just the end of the trident was three feet wide and the three prongs were wild and savage. The shape of the trident was overly exaggerated and exceedingly hideous and fierce.

“You… passed the abyssal ritual?” Sheng Mei coldly asked. With Deep Child’s strength and his identity, she couldn’t help but develop such a guess.

“Hahaha!” Deep Child cackled. He swayed his neck from side to side as he slowly stepped down from the altar, walking towards Lin Ming and Sheng Mei.

“If you want to know whether or not I have passed through the abyssal ritual, why don’t you come up and experience the true abyssal ritual for yourself first?”

Deep Child approached Lin Ming and Sheng Mei, one step at a time.

Lin Ming narrowed his eyes. He could already confirm that from the moment he appeared in Deep King Road and defeated Sheng Mei with his middle Empyrean cultivation, he had already been targeted by Deep Child. Or, it could be said that he had been targeted by the current ruler of Deep King Road.

His entry into the Demon God’s Tomb was the same as walking into a trap. Whether or not he possessed the Book of Eon and whether or not he came to the Emperor Bone Sea on his own initiative… sooner or later, Deep Child would have found him.

This Deep Child was like a loyal hound personally raised by the Soul Emperor in order to monitor the smelting trial of the Demon God’s Tomb!

Lin Ming had snuck into the Dark Abyss and while he had done so to increase his strength, he had also become prey at the same time…

Now, the only thing that Lin Ming could be thankful for was that his identity as a human had not been discovered by Deep Child.

After all, Deep Child had yet to fully mature and his cultivation and field of vision were limited, thus he hadn’t been able to see through Lin Ming.

However, if the Soul Emperor were to personally arrive, Lin Ming didn’t have the faintest hopes that he could trick him.

But the current problem was that if he didn’t reveal his true self, there would truly be no hope of defeating Deep Child.

Even if he did reveal his true self, the chances of defeating Deep Child were extremely small. And once he did reveal his true self, then the battle here would end with one of them dying; Deep Child would never let him go after that.

In addition, even Sheng Mei would be implicated in his mess. A great catastrophe would descend upon her head and she would suffer the charge of being a traitor.

Seeing Lin Ming’s complexion, Sheng Mei seemed to understand just what Lin Ming was thinking. She said with a sound transmission, “I gave birth to Jiu’er and also erased the spirit mark that the Soul Emperor left in my spiritual sea. At this point, I have already burnt all my escape routes and can only fight to the bitter end. It’s already come to this. If you have any scruples still then toss them aside. You and I must fight with everything we have.

“If we can somehow luckily survive today, then I will follow you to the ends of the earth and the edges of heaven. If we are buried here today, then I will follow you to the Yellow Springs. But no matter what the result is, I have no regrets!”

In such a situation, Sheng Mei’s brief sound transmission touched Lin Ming’s heart.

He was aware that since birth, Sheng Mei was accompanied with infinite sorrow and misery.

Regardless of what she did in the past, regardless of her reluctance or whether or not she was willing to do what she did before, regardless if it was her or Jiu’er, they had already become marks that were deeply ingrained in his life. They could not be erased nor could they be severed.

Lin Ming took a deep breath and slowly clenched his fists. As he looked at Deep Child again, his eyes blazed with a brilliant fighting spirit!

Deep Child’s eyebrow tipped up and he shook his head in regret.

“It looks like… there is no more room for discussion. How stupid of you. I already said that no matter what happens, it is impossible for you to defeat me!”

“You sure speak enough nonsense!”

Lin Ming roared out loud. Energy erupted from his entire body as the power of the Nine Stars began to gather unto him. The Black Dragon Spear came pounding down!

A horrifying strength, like a crashing star, came sweeping down over the world.


With an explosion, the eruption of energy turned into an incredibly wild and tyrannical shockwave. Deep Child was caught in the shockwave and sent flying away!

But in the next moment, Deep Child lightly landed on the ground. Lin Ming’s strength and Laws seemed to be completely suppressed. Even his spear light had been absorbed by Deep Child’s bodily protective energy with nothing left behind.

All around Deep Child, the same vague and invisible world potential remained. It seemed as if no amount of strength and no type of ability would be able to destroy this potential.

Lin Ming sucked in a breath of cold air. He was well aware that the might of his strike just now was enough to instantly kill a lower True Divinity, and even weaker True Divinities would be injured.

But against Deep Child, his strike had been easily received and blocked as if it hadn’t taken any energy or effort to do so.

Lin Ming was now using his demon avatar. If he used his true self, his strength could rise by a great deal, but it absolutely wouldn’t double.

Now, Lin Ming began to suspect that even if his strength increased, he still wouldn’t be able to do anything to Deep Child.

“Why is he so strong? He clearly only has a middle True Divinity cultivation!”


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