MW Chapter 2176

Chapter 2176 – Changed Face

Deep Child’s words were extremely deceptive, moreover, they even seemed true. At the very least, they agreed with everything that Lin Ming had seen before.

While the many geniuses that entered the Demon God’s Tomb were the elites of heaven, they were also… sacrifices!

Regarding this, Deep Child spoke honestly, without hiding anything at all.

“What about the other higher abyssals that entered the Demon God’s Tomb?” Lin Ming expressionlessly asked.

“Besides you two… the rest have died.”

Deep Child shrugged, as if this didn’t matter at all.

Lin Ming fell silent. Although he had already expected this to occur, hearing it from Deep Child personally still caused a creepy tingle to crawl up his scalp.

The numerous high level abyssal had been completely slaughtered and turned into sacrifices.

“How did they die?”

“An unexpected disaster erupted in the Demon God’s Tomb and the Emperor Bone Sea appeared ahead of time. The energy from the eruption was too massive and broke free from the bindings of the array formation, where it turned into a demonic tide. Then, all the abyssals that were drawn in by the Emperor Bone Sea were swallowed up, thus leading to such a result.”

Deep Child simply stated.

“Then how come you haven’t died?”

“I entered the Emperor Bone Sea ahead of time, before it appeared. You might have already noticed that I have an ability to absorb the strength of this Emperor Bone Sea mystic realm… that is why I was able to enter this mystic realm. As for the incident involving the sudden eruption of the demonic tide, I can only say that it is a regrettable event.”

Deep Child was open with his words. What he said was that he didn’t need the Book of Evil to absorb the strength of the three demon pagodas.

“Mm, what you said isn’t wrong… but, are you sure that the so-called demonic tide was only an accident?” Lin Ming asked in return.

Deep Child coldly sneered and said with disdain. “Is it necessary for you to entangle with me? Is your vision at the same level as those sacrifices’?”

“You’re right. I suppose I just lost myself for a moment.”

Lin Ming gently smiled. No one knew just what he was thinking.

Hearing the concession in Lin Ming’s tone, Deep Child smiled. “Then what are you still hesitating about? Come, come up and withstand the test of the Demon God’s Tomb abyssal ritual and become a totem level abyssal. In the future the Dark Abyss will wage war throughout the 33 Heavens. Once our race becomes the sole ruler of the universe, your merits will also be recognized and your name passed down for a hundred billion years. In the future, you can control the Ancient Eon Sect for tens of billions of years, standing on the same heights as Deep and Flood! You can even surpass them to become the king of the abyss!”

Deep Child’s words were a bit frenzied and feverish. He didn’t know of Lin Ming’s true identity at all, but was instead looking forwards to the scenes of his future achievements.

He seemed like a fanatical abyssal whose blood boiled with the desire to kill.

But facing Deep Child’s zealous urgings, Lin Ming still remained unmoved.

Lin Ming stood where he was, not moving. Sheng Mei also stood behind Lin Ming, without an expression on her face.

Seeing Lin Ming and Sheng Mei’s response, Deep Child’s complexion darkened. “What, are you worried that you will be taken in as a sacrifice by the Demon God’s Tomb? I acknowledge that for all these years, in order for the Demon God’s Tomb to maintain its revolution as well as to gather the massive amount of energy to instill into trial challengers through the abyssal ritual, there are a great number of sacrifices required. But you are not on the same level as the others. In the future you will be able to steadily become a totem level abyssal, and with Ninth Elder’s natural talent, you can also go a step beyond that! No matter how cruel the rules of the Demon God’s Tomb are, it would never take peerless geniuses like you two as sacrifices. That would be far too wasteful!

“The cruel rules are only cruel to the weak. As long as you are powerhouses then you can enjoy the infinite benefits brought about by these rules!”

As Deep Child spoke to here, he seemed to gradually be losing his patience.

But at this time, Lin Ming’s eyes turned upwards. He lifted the Demon God’s Tomb jade slip and after looking at it for a moment, sneered. He said, “What you said isn’t wrong, but… I always felt that something was strange. For over 90% of the abyssals that enter the Demon God’s Tomb, this place is nothing more than a slaughterhouse. Countless abyssals are turned into sacrifices, and these abyssals are all proud elites of heaven, yet they inexplicably became nourishment. When they entered the Demon God’s Tomb, none of them knew this point. They only thought that a spot to enter the Demon God’s Tomb was incredibly precious and they thought what they obtain was a great stroke of luck as well as a gift bestowed upon them by their sect!

“Before entering the Demon God’s Tomb, the six totem level influences issued Demon God’s Tomb jade slips to everyone. Besides some minor differences, these jade slips are all the same. Most of them give a brief description about the history of the Demon God’s Tomb, but between the lines, the jade slip also instills a thought, and that is that there is some heaven-shocking chance in the Demon God’s Tomb. If one enters the Demon God’s Tomb, then as long as they pass through all sorts of brutal and cruel tests, they can immediately soar into the heavens, becoming an overlord of the Dark Abyss!

“However, when I entered the Demon God’s Tomb, the many scenes I saw caused me to develop suspicions. Are the descriptions within this jade slip truly real? I believe that for the last 100 billion years, there have been innumerable outstanding geniuses that were capable of withstanding all the tests of the Demon God’s Tomb, and I believe that besides me, there must have been other proud elites of heaven who discovered something wrong with this place!

“However, concerning all of this, concerning the true secret of the Demon God’s Tomb, no one has ever found out. Isn’t this strange? The only explanation is that all news has been blocked off. Some mysterious force has taken control of all the thoughts of the abyssals as well as public opinion!

“This is over tens of billions of years and even 100 billion years of time. Just who has the ability to block off such information for such a long time? Only the six great sects as well as the totem level abyssals in particular are capable of doing this!

“If some behind the scenes manipulator was controlling the six great sects to block out all information then all explanations would be reasonable. As for geniuses that discover the true secret of the Demon God’s Tomb, they either fail the abyssal ritual and are turned into a sacrifice to keep the secret, or they become one of the rulers of the Dark Abyss and still keep the secret because of various reasons…

“What are the reasons that all the rulers of the Dark Abyss would keep the secret for? And what are all these arrangements of the Demon God’s Tomb meant to accomplish?

“Is there a possibility that all those individuals who manage to pass through the test of the abyssal ritual and become rulers of the Dark Abyss, are actually controlled by a far more terrifying behind the scenes manipulator and have no choice but to work for him? And this behind the scenes manipulator has been using these individuals all this time to indirectly control the Dark Abyss?

“Deep Child, do you think my guess makes sense?”

Lin Ming’s voice seemed to come from the nine nether abyss. Every word he spoke shocked the heart and made one’s scalp tingle with fear!

Deep Child listened without expression, no happiness or anger showing on his features.


And at this time, a flow of bloody flames formed from energy exploded atop the dark altar. A brilliant blood red light illuminated Deep Child’s suddenly ferocious face.

Lin Ming took a deep breath and began to crazily revolve the energy within him.

As Deep Child said, the weak elite abyssals that entered the Demon God’s Tomb were sacrificed as blood sacrifices. But for those that managed to pass the abyssal ritual, if they were being entrusted with a great deal of power, why not conveniently control them at the same time?

If there truly was some terrifying unknown existence that created all of this, then it wouldn’t be difficult for them to tamper with the abyssal ritual, making it so that those who passed would turn into faithful servants!

At the very least, if Lin Ming changed his position to that of a greedy abyssal who wanted to rule over all, this was what he would do!

Through such reasoning, then 2 billion years ago when an abyssal demon passed the abyssal ritual and became ‘Flood’, they had likely been controlled by someone at the time.

For all these years, Flood was like a hidden dragon, secretive in his movements. He was the emperor of the Great Flood Demon Kingdom, and after ascending the throne, he took the Great Flood Demon Kingdom as the head to form the Flood Alliance.

During this time, the Flood Alliance fought with the Deep Alliance. The two great influences sent out a massive number of proud elites to enter the Demon God’s Tomb each time where they competed for resources and slaughtered each other!

Lin Ming believed that whether it was Flood or Deep, it was impossible for either one to not know the secrets of the Dark Abyss. If so, then why would they allow an endless stream of high level abyssals with boundless potential to enter the Demon God’s Tomb and die?

In normal circumstances, this couldn’t be justified.

However, if they took the initiative to facilitate all of this, and took the initiative to cover up all secrets, even intentionally creating the Flood Alliance and Deep Alliance to fight each other and slaughter each other, then this was all logical! This way, a massive number of disciples could be turned into nourishment!

If so, then this was a heaven-shaking plot within the Demon God’s Tomb!

And whether it was the young Empyreans, True Divinities, or even characters like the Great Flood Crown Prince, in the face of such a plot they were no different from tiny ants.

Even for Lin Ming and Sheng Mei, the only end result of them entering the Demon God’s Tomb was to become chess pieces. They were only slightly better than the other fertilizer.

How could Lin Ming resign himself to becoming such a chess piece?

“How regrettable… I originally wanted you to become one of the demon emperors who would rule the world in the future. After the 33 Heavens is swallowed up by the abyssals, you could have established a legacy that would last for a hundred billion years. But… it seems you will refuse my offer no matter what. If so… then there is nothing left for us to discuss…”

As Deep Child spoke, he gently tilted his head, his neck emitting explosive crackling sounds the entire time, his strength rising without end!

“Since you aren’t willing to become a demon emperor then you can follow everyone else… together… turn into nourishment!”


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