MW Chapter 2170

Chapter 2170 – Jiu’er’s Birth

Realizing this, Sheng Mei and Lin Ming glanced at each other. They immediately felt that this spine was much spookier than they thought.

“What do you plan on doing with this spine?”

Sheng Mei asked. The background of this spine was too incredible and it was extremely likely to be some ominous and unlucky object. If they didn’t handle it properly then there was likely a chance they would suffer a curse or even some sort of backlash.

For a time, Lin Ming also couldn’t think of the best way to handle the spine.

This spine was exceedingly evil. The opening of this underground mystic realm as well as obtaining this spine was all a series of unexpected accidents. In a normal situation, abyssals that entered the Demon God’s Tomb wouldn’t find this array formation, much less this spine.

Lin Ming placed the giant centipede-like spine in front of him and slowly sat down.

He noticed that atop the spine, there were light marks. Although they weren’t too obvious, he could feel their raised bumpiness with his fingers.

These were clearly… bone runes!

The bone runes on this spine were naturally no minor matter. Moreover, because this spine was sealed deep underground and constantly absorbed energy, it contained a mind-boggling level of blood vitality that shocked the heart.

It was obvious that this spine was a priceless treasure.

After obtaining such a bone, how could they discard it just because of its evil nature and any unlucky events that might follow it?

If it were like this, then if any great lucky chance were placed in front of it they also wouldn’t dare to take it because of some unknown dangers. If one were to follow such a viewpoint then one wouldn’t be suitable to practice martial arts.

Thus, Lin Ming had to consider this over and over. Even though he knew this spine was an evil object that might bring about some sort of curse, he still planned on taking it. Of course, he had to study it and research it in detail.

Lin Ming first took out the Magic Cube. He poured his energy into the Magic Cube and borrowed its power to contain the spine.

Lin Ming’s thoughts were that many secret curse techniques might be related to evil spirits, or this spine could even contain the remnant spirit mark or consciousness of its master.

If this were true, then if Lin Ming were to carry this spine around with him and then one day be injured, some remnant soul might pop out of the ghost and try to take over his body. If so, then the consequences would be unbelievable.

To strangle all dangers while they were in the cradle, that was Lin Ming’s code of conduct.

Thus, the Magic Cube began to shine with a dark brilliance in Lin Ming’s hand. A black vortex rolled outwards, completely covering the spine.

Wu –

Wu –

Wu –

With ghostly cries, the spine began to violently shake. Gray threads of energy seeped out from the spine, constantly changing shapes as they were sucked into the Magic Cube.

Seeing this, Sheng Mei’s pupils shrank. “These evil spirits…”

Lin Ming said, “The ancient bronze coffin has gathered the blood essence of countless abyssals for 100 billion years, so there definitely is the remnant wills of many abyssals left over in it. These remnant wills were absorbed by this evil bone and sealed within for billions of years to form these remnant souls. They should be unrelated to the master of this evil bone…”

As long as it wasn’t related to the ancient Demon God then Lin Ming wasn’t worried. Soon, the light of the Magic Cube dimmed and all the demon spirits contained in the evil bone were drawn out by him.

After Lin Ming examined the bone over and over and determined that there were no more evil demon souls within, he took the evil bone to a corner of the cavern where he began to meditate on it.

Lin Ming’s idea was to first perceive the bone runes. Then, after he understood the secrets of the evil bone, he could try to refine this bone using Famine’s Swallowing Laws.

If Lin Ming could succeed then he could obtain the greatest advantage while also avoiding the curse of the evil bone as much as possible.

Like this, Lin Ming meditated on the bone runes for day after day, trying to unravel the secrets of the spine.

However, this wasn’t easy at all. Many of these bone runes involved domains that Lin Ming had never come into contact with, and the Laws and martial arts contained within were vastly different from those that Lin Ming focused on.

Training continued without sense of time. Day after day passed.

Half a year later, in the underground cavern, a rainbow-like glow lit up the air.

Within this light, fresh and potent life fluctuations flooded through the underground cavern. Even a great deal of the evil and pestilent aura that that pervaded the underground cavern was washed away by this brilliant radiance.

The light gathered in the skies. The heaven and earth origin energy within the cavern began to tumble along with this light. A burst of wonderful and pleasant sound accompanied the light, making one feel as if they were listening to the songs of a spring breeze and witnessing little green buds slowly bloom in joy.


A crisp and clear laugh echoed out. Then, a little child that gushed over with the aura of new vitality sprang out from the light.

The little child stepped atop a nine-petal lotus flower and her tiny feet and arms were as cute and chubby as lotus roots. Atop her ankles were patterns formed from heaven and earth origin energy, and she seemed to overflow with spiritual energy.

“Jiu’er has finally been born!”

The pink-faced little child patted her hands happily, grinning as she spoke. Her face was exquisite and perfect and her rosy skin was like a ripe peach, so moist that it seemed one pinch could draw water.

This little baby girl that seemed like a little doll carved from the freshest jade suddenly threw herself into Sheng Mei’s arms. “Mommy, Jiu’er finally gets to see you! Mommy is so beautiful, just like a fairy!”

The little baby girl’s words were as sweet as honey. She reached out two arms to wrap around Sheng Mei’s neck and give her a loving kiss.

Sheng Mei’s face was filled with smiles. This was her life, her hope, her everything.

“Daddy, you are also so handsome!”

Jiu’er saw Lin Ming and giggled. She gently tapped her feet and leapt onto Lin Ming. Then, she scrambled up with her feet and hands, crawling onto Lin Ming’s shoulders with a few steps and then riding on his neck.

She rode on Lin Ming’s head, her two pearl-like feet dangling back and forth on his chest, giving a slightly itchy feeling.

In that moment, Lin Ming felt an unusual sense of warmth and fulfillment in his heart. In his life, he had sweet and caring wives, a strong and heroic son, as well as a cute and beautiful daughter.

Everything he should have obtained was already obtained. However, in front of this happiness loomed the great calamity of the world.

Knowing this only made Lin Ming increasingly sure that he had to steadfastly continue on his road of martial arts, so that he could gain the strength to protect his family and everyone else…

Jiu’er’s birth brought about much happiness for Lin Ming and Sheng Mei.

Sheng Mei loved her daughter. She spent most of her time accompanying her, telling her stories and teaching her the foundation of martial arts.

This bizarre little child was eccentric and smart. She seemed to learn anything at first try; she was a ridiculously monstrous genius when it came to perception.

When it came to Lin Huang, Jiu’er’s talent in body transformation was much lower. But in the aspect of the soul, Jiu’er far outstripped Lin Huang.

However, Lin Ming spent most of his time studying the demon bone. Although he wanted to spend time with his daughter, he knew that he didn’t have much time remaining. As he understood more and more about the Soul Emperor, he felt the pressure on his shoulders grow increasingly heavy.

“Still no clue?” Sheng Mei asked with concern. In these past months, Lin Ming continued meditating on the evil bone without a care for eating or resting. As Sheng Mei watched all of this occur, she felt some pain in her heart.

Lin Ming shook his head. This bone was sealed away with some sort of strength, and to unravel this strength was far, far too difficult.

Lin Ming said, “I cannot understand the bone runes on this spine. The only use I’ve discovered is…”

As Lin Ming spoke, he lifted the evil bone and thrust down at the ground!


The runes on the ground violently shivered. Originally, this underground cavern was protected by the array formation and demon runes. Even when Lin Ming and the Great Flood Crown Prince had their cataclysmic battle here, they still hadn’t been able to destroy the area.

But, Lin Ming just poked down a little and managed to pierce through the array formation and demon runes.

Lin Ming lifted the evil bone. A foot deep hole had formed in the ground.

Sheng Mei was stunned. This evil bone was actually so sharp? She could see that Lin Ming had casually moved his hand just now and didn’t use much strength at all.

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