MW Chapter 2168

Chapter 2168 – Demon Bone

Ever since the little fellow developed her own consciousness and was able to speak, her faint and immature voice would occasionally echo out in the cavern.

Perhaps because she was sealed away for too long, the child was particularly rambunctious and naughty. At the start, because her soul force was weak, she would make a ruckus but go to sleep soon afterwards.

But later, as the birth of the child approached, she became increasingly curious and intelligent, even pestering Sheng Mei and Lin Ming to tell her about how they met.

From when Sheng Mei and Lin Ming first met in the Asura Road’s final trial, to their reunion in Soul World’s Akashic Dream Universe, retelling this part of their story wasn’t a problem. But when the child specifically asked how Sheng Mei and Lin Ming got together and how she became pregnant, this question actually left Sheng Mei at a loss for words.

Sheng Mei simply didn’t know how to describe her experiences with Lin Ming at the Sky Spill Continent 7000 years ago.

And every time Sheng Mei would try to vaguely describe events, the little child would actually ask Lin Ming instead.

Regarding this, Lin Ming was left speechless. He didn’t understand how his child could speak before she was born but also have so many weird and eccentric thoughts. Could this child have possibly inherited a part of Sheng Mei’s memories, or even his own?

Days passed. The little fellow finally had a name – Lin Meng, with her childhood nickname being Jiu’er.

The name was chosen by Sheng Mei. The ‘Meng’ from Lin Meng was an ancient word for dream and the word ‘Jiu’ was an ancient word for nine.

She had dreamt of her child in her heart demon dreamland and also dreamt of Lin Ming’s 7000 past years of life.

In a sense, the reason she resolved her mind to undo the seal and have her child be born was because of her heart demon dreamland.

Since the child was to be born because of a dream, it was also named after a dream.

As for the childhood nickname of Jiu’er, that was because Sheng Mei had experienced nine reincarnations, and those nine lives she lived were live nine different dreams.

With this little fellow sneakily adjusting the mood all the time, the relationship between Lin Ming and Sheng Mei became much closer.

Slowly, three years passed in this cavern beneath the killing lake.

Sheng Mei’s belly protruded; soon, the child would be born.

But on this day, as Sheng Mei sat in meditation, she saw a red flash of light from below the cliff. This flash of light gushed out like a thick fountain of blood, bringing with it an intense infernal energy.

Sheng Mei was startled. She immediately branched out her sense, “Lin Ming, what is it?”

In these past years she knew that Lin Ming had been studying the demon relief and the ancient bronze coffin below the cliff all this time. As for what he was actually studying, she didn’t ask him.

If it were before, then when it came to this extremely mysterious mystic realm that might be involved with the ancient Demon God from 100 billion years ago, she would naturally be curious about it and would want to find out any possible secrets.

But because of the growing child in her belly now, Sheng Mei kept a respectful distance from the ancient totems that were filled with a dark and evil energy.

However, the sudden explosion today left Sheng Mei’s heart gripped. She was afraid that something had happened to Lin Ming.

Her body flickered and she arrived near the cliff edge. She could see that demon relief diabolically grinning; it seemed that was where the rich infernal energy had come from.

The demon relief’s mouth was open and the ancient bronze coffin in its mouth had also opened!

Sheng Mei focused her eyes and discovered that within the ancient bronze coffin, there was an even smaller coffin.

If so, then this large coffin that was opened was only the ‘outer coffin’, and the smaller coffin inside was where the corpse was truly buried.

Seeing the inside of this large coffin, Sheng Mei frowned.

The inside was filled with viscous dark blood. The small coffin seemed soaked in bloody water and seemed incredibly evil, full of wicked corruptions.

As if there were some peerlessly supreme demon sealed within the coffin. A single glance at the coffin caused an ominous feeling to rise up in one’s heart.

“Lin Ming…”

Sheng Mei said with a bit of worry. During these years she simply hadn’t paid any attention to this ancient bronze coffin and she had no idea what Lin Ming had discovered.

“Mama, what is that in front of us? It’s so evil…”

Jiu’er’s voice sounded out. Sheng Mei waved her hands and an energy enchantment appeared in front of her, isolating out all the infernal energy released by the demon relief.

Now, Sheng Mei had restored a great deal of her strength. As for the spiritual damage she received by overdrawing her soul force, that had also been cured by Lin Ming using the Magic Cube.

Lin Ming didn’t hide the Magic Cube’s existence from Sheng Mei. In any case, she had already seen it.

However, although Sheng Mei had a faint guess as to what the Magic Cube was, she actually never took the initiative to ask Lin Ming about it.

With the protection of the force field enchantment blocking out the infernal energy, Jiu’er felt much better. She quickly repositioned herself and soon fell asleep.

Sheng Mei looked at Lin Ming, “Did you activate the coffin?”

Lin Ming nodded. “Yes. In these past years I have been studying this demon relief all this time as well as what is in this ancient coffin. I feel that… there is no lucky chance in this cavern, and instead it is a deeply evil and ominous place!”

The Demon God’s Tomb was not filled with unrivalled lucky chances at every corner. There were many places that were completely and purely death zones. While lucky chances were often accompanied with risks, there were many times when risks weren’t accompanied with lucky chances. Once someone entered these evil and ominous places then they would just die in vain.

For instance, the killing lake. Even though so many formidable abyssals had entered, the only ones left were Lin Ming and Sheng Mei.

“Is there any danger in opening it?” Sheng Mei asked. She was worried about the child in her belly.

Lin Ming shook his head, “If I’m not mistaken then whatever is in this coffin is lifeless; there won’t be any great dangers.”

Even though he said this, he still brought out the Magic Cube and flew in front of Sheng Mei.

The Magic Cube slowly spun atop Sheng Mei’s head, covering her in layers of black light.

With the Magic Cube protecting Sheng Mei and Jiu’er, Lin Ming felt much more at ease. He placed his hands atop the small coffin and slowly pushed.

This ancient small coffin clearly wasn’t sealed. There were obvious gaps in the small coffin, and the thick blood in the large coffin flowed into the smaller coffin through these gaps.

Sheng Mei held her heart; she didn’t know just what was in the coffin.

As Lin Ming slowly pushed open the lid, what was revealed inside was also a thick pool of viscous blood.

The entire small coffin overflowed with blood. This blood seemed to have been sealed away for countless billions of years. It was completely dark, so thick that it seemed coagulated into a nearly solid substance!

Even one’s divine sense couldn’t penetrate this blood, as if there was a mysterious and evil world hidden beneath it.

As the coffin opened, the blood emitted a dark and dire aura, as if countless demon souls and wills were boiling within and clawing outwards, howling in pain the entire time.

Looking at this scene, Lin Ming’s complexion was dignified.

Then, he reached out a hand as if he wanted to pierce it through the thick pool of blood.

“Lin Ming! What are you doing!”

Sheng Mei was frightened and she called out to Lin Ming to stop him. If he were to stick his hand into this billion year old blood pool, who knew what would happen? Perhaps this blood might be incredibly poisonous and corrosive, or there might even be some amazingly potent curse contained within.

Lin Ming glanced back at Sheng Mei, trying to put her at ease. Then, he decisively reached in his hand. The surface of Lin Ming’s arm was covered with a force field formed by grandmist energy and it pushed away the thick blood.

His hand gently stirred in the blood pool. After an incense stick of time, Lin Ming felt through the blood pool and then slowly drew out his hand.

As he took his hand out, he also pulled out something long with it.

This thing was pitch black all over and 13 feet long; it was twice the height of Lin Ming.

It resembled a hideous centipede. From beginning to end, this long thing was divided into sections and each section had three gruesome bone spikes jutting out. Each spike was half a foot long and appeared incredibly ferocious.

Lin Ming placed it on the ground. This thing was thicker than Sheng Mei’s thigh and shined with a metallic sheen, even as it glowed with a cold brilliance.

“This is…” Sheng Mei felt her heart race as she saw this thing. This was truly an evil and ominous object. It contained a bloody infernal energy within that was so thick it had turned into substantive essence.

“Is this a weapon refined by an ancient peerless demon?”

Because of the metallic sheen, the icy cold light, and the thick bloody infernal energy, one couldn’t help but form such a guess.

However, Lin Ming thought for a moment and shook his head. He said, “This is not a weapon but a part of a skeleton. To be more accurate… it is the spine!”

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