MW Chapter 2167

Chapter 2167 – Little Life

After undoing the seal, Sheng Mei’s energy had been completely poured into her child.

This underground mystic realm cavern contained an incomparably pure heaven and earth origin energy and power of demon gods. Sheng Mei sat in meditation every day, absorbing the surrounding heaven and earth energy. But, she didn’t absorb this energy for herself, but for her child to help her grow.

Maybe because the seal had been in place for too long, but after the seal was undone, the small life began to rapidly grow within her. The origin energy that Sheng Mei drew in was absorbed by this small life without a single drop remaining.

This speed of growth could be described as terrifying.

Sheng Mei and Lin Ming stayed in this cavern for over half a year.

Sheng Mei’s belly already started to protrude a little. As she felt the growth of her child every day, a smile would carelessly appear on her face.

Although this cavern that could only be described as deathly silent was dark, Sheng Mei had undone the seal on her child here and also had Lin Ming accompanying her. Because of that, the environment around her had become warm and touching. This sort of life brimmed with a faint happiness…

But, what left Sheng Mei sighing at times was that during this half year she rarely spoke with Lin Ming. Most of her time was spent in meditation, and as for Lin Ming, he spent the majority of the time studying the demon relief below the cliff and also studying the ancient bronze coffin held in the mouth of the demon relief.

The two of them would occasionally meet eyes, but oftentimes they would mostly exchange small talk and greetings. Even if they spoke, it would mostly be speculations about this mystic realm and discussions on Laws.

Besides that, Lin Ming and Sheng Mei basically didn’t speak to each other. Perhaps because of those special events that occurred 7000 years ago, the two of them might have had a beginning that was flooded with misunderstanding and hatred. Because of that, the two of them might not be able to clearly see each other’s heart, and even if they did, they still maintained a distance, one that was neither too friendly nor too aloof.

This might be a form of self-preservation, it might be a way to protect each other’s self-respect and esteem, it might be because of a fear of an uncertain future, or it might even be in fear that in the future, the two of them would head in opposite directions…

In order to avoid a greater tragedy in the future, to avoid them wounding each other even more, neither was willing to take the first step forwards.

Time passed. Sheng Mei carefully maintained this distance. She was like a noble and sensitive cat that prowled the night.

It was just that sometimes at night, she would speak to the child in her belly, pouring out all the emotions and thoughts that she had sealed away in her heart…


Like this, two years passed.

Lin Ming and Sheng Mei’s lives continued without much change. Occasionally, they would touch each other’s soul fluctuations and life fields. Whether it was Lin Ming or Sheng Mei, this type of contact between the magnetic fields of their lives was a pleasant experience.

On this day, Sheng Mei’s eyes flashed open from meditation. At this moment she felt an incomparably clear life fluctuation emerge from her belly.

Then, a soft and obviously childish voice chirped out, “Mommy… Mommy… I want to see you a little bit sooner…”

Although this voice was weak, it caused Sheng Mei’s heart to quiver!

In the dreamland of her heart demons, she had heard her child speak. She never imagined that in reality, just as her child was about to be born, that her child would actually speak, and her tone was actually extremely similar to that child in her dreamland!

Everything that happened in that heart demon dreamland was clearly fake, but as she recalled her experiences there, Sheng Mei was left seeped in anxiousness.

She already vowed that even if she were to be crushed to pieces and her soul destroyed, she would never allow that scene in her dreams to occur in reality!

“My child, mommy is here, hurry and grow a little faster and you can see mommy soon.”

Sheng Mei said with a faintly excited expression as she stroked her belly.

And at this time, Lin Ming who was studying the demon relief below the cliff also heard the conversation between Sheng Mei and the child.

His breathing sped up. His figure flashed and he arrived beside Sheng Mei.

“She… she spoke?”

Lin Ming’s expression was filled with joy. His child had been able to speak even within her mother. This sort of perception and awareness was absolutely not something that a mortal child would have.

Once his child was born, she would absolutely be a monstrous genius when it came to cultivation.

Before Sheng Mei could nod, the little life in her belly asked, with an uncertain tone, “You are… Daddy?”

Although this small life couldn’t see the outside, she could see use her heart to perceive the world beyond.

“That’s right!” Hearing this small life call him daddy, Lin Ming felt feelings surge in his heart. There was satisfaction, pride, happiness… he wanted to hold this child in his arms and take good care of her.

But what a pity, she still hadn’t been born…

“My child, you must grow up well. Once you are born, daddy will teach you martial arts so that you can beat up all the bad guys.”

Lin Ming spoke from his heart, his expression filled with tender love.

However, the small life in Sheng Mei’s belly warily said, “Daddy, do you like me?”

“Of course!” Lin Ming replied without hesitation. Was that even a question?

“But...” The childish voice hesitated a little, “Then how come you’ve never touched me and rarely come to see me? It’s always been mommy speaking to me, but you’ve never spoken to me? Daddy feels like a stranger…”

This soft infant’s voice sounded in Lin Ming’s ear, knocking him silly as if it struck him like a heavy hammer.

He actually… was left speechless.

That was right. Two years ago, he had touched Sheng Mei’s belly, and that was to feel the life fluctuations of the child and determine that this small life was his own flesh and blood.

But after that, he never touched the child again, because touching the child was in truth the same as touching Sheng Mei…

As for speaking with his own child, Lin Ming never imagined that this would occur. He never thought that this small life would develop such a degree of consciousness and he never spoke to the child because that would be speaking to Sheng Mei’s belly. In Lin Ming’s point of view, this seemed a bit idiotic…

Thus, for these past two years it was Sheng Mei speaking to the child in her belly on her own. Lin Ming’s exchanges with this small life were nearly zero…

So, it wasn’t wrong for this little life to call him a stranger at all.

“Mommy, I don’t think Daddy likes us…”

The little life seemed to be more and more sure of its feelings. Its soft voice echoed in Lin Ming and Sheng Mei’s ears.

Lin Ming was left even more speechless. He froze up. He originally wanted to reach out a hand to touch his child, but when it was halfway out, he took it back, extremely embarrassed.

And on the other side, Sheng Mei’s thoughts were also complex. She gently traced her belly. She originally wanted to say ‘How could your daddy not like us?’, but as these words reached the tip of her tongue they fell away once more. This was because she didn’t have the belief to say such words.

She looked up at Lin Ming, not sure what expression to make…

“Daddy really doesn’t like us. I’ve already been hated before I’ve been born. Aiya, I think I should follow Mommy instead.”

The soft childish voice seemed to sigh like an adult. And faintly, one could sense the cunning playfulness of a child in the voice.

But at this time, whether or not these words were the true thoughts of this strange and playful little child were unimportant.

That soft and childish voice had already touched the softest parts of Lin Ming’s heart, making it feel as if his heart had been gripped by needles.

He quietly bent over and held onto Sheng Mei as well as the child in her belly.

He said in a warm tone, “Daddy likes you. No matter what happens to you in the future, no matter what dangers you face, daddy will stand in front of you and look after you and protect you…”

Like this, Sheng Mei was held by Lin Ming. She stiffened for a bit, her thoughts in tumult as she scrambled for something to say.

“Then you will also protect Mommy?” The small life earnestly asked.

“Of course!”

Lin Ming’s voice wasn’t loud, but it was solid and true.

Sheng Mei shivered. She looked at Lin Ming and at her belly, her eyes unknowingly turning wet…

She didn’t know what would happen in the future, but as long as she faced it bravely, then what did it matter?

At this time, Lin Ming quietly spoke in Sheng Mei’s ears. “After we leave the Demon God’s Tomb, come with me…”

This simple and light commitment didn’t have any illustrious words nor was it filled with the heated vows of love between men and women, but these few simple words caused Sheng Mei’s heart to shake and her misty eyes to start tearing up…

“He… will find us…”

Sheng Mei sadly said. She had already decided to bravely face the future, but she had never thought of accompanying Lin Ming. To the Soul Emperor, she was like a beacon at night. Wherever she went, he would be able to easily find her.

She didn’t want to drag Lin Ming into her mess. Just a simple promise from him was more than enough.

“I know…” Lin Ming gently traced Sheng Mei’s cheek. “I once had nothing in this world, but I grew step by step until I reached where I am now. I once broke through the chains of the Heavenly Dao to change my life and destiny. I once fell to the lowest valley, but I crawled back up. I once faced the overbearing might of the saints to find a moment of respite for my race. I have already gone through so many ‘onces’ before, so why should I fear the future?”

As Lin Ming spoke, he slowly pulled Sheng Mei to his chest.


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