MW Chapter 2166

Chapter 2166 – The Joys of Life

“Eternal Wall, bones…”

Sheng Mei fell silent. Many things were now clear to her. 10 billion years ago, that peerless woman had sacrificed herself, turning into the Eternal God Wall with that Purple Card and blocking out the Dark Abyss!

But just who was that peerless woman? How were they related to each other?

There were still many things that Sheng Mei didn’t understand.

Lin Ming said, “About that mysterious woman from 10 billion years ago, what do you know?”

Sheng Mei sighed. Her ten fingers tapped the void in front of her, ripples blooming out in space. In the next moment, chaotic illusions gathered in front of Lin Ming, turning into a scene.

This scene was what Sheng Mei saw in the dreamland of her heart demons.

In that dreamland, everything she remembered was blurred. She could only reproduce the several scenes that left the deepest impression on her.

Lin Ming quietly walked out. He saw the mysterious young woman facing a hellish level of training, and also saw her engaging in life and death slaughter.

Finally, the images froze as the mysterious woman sacrificed herself, becoming the manifestation of the Eternal God Wall.

Lin Ming was startled. He said, “I see, so that’s what happened…

“The Purple Card was used to seal up the Dark Abyss, and when Mo Eversnow brought Fishy to pass through the Eternal God Wall, the reason Fishy suddenly disappeared was because she had been drawn in by the Purple Card.

“Fishy was a life form that evolved from the Purple Card, so it’s reasonable for the Purple Card to draw her back in…”

Lin Ming was originally worried about Fishy, afraid that she somehow got into an accident in the Dark Abyss. But now he learned that she had returned to the Purple Card.

With this, he finally felt relieved. The inner space of the Purple Card should be the safest place in the entire universe for Fishy. In particular, now that the Purple Card has turned into the Eternal God Wall, not even totem level abyssals were capable of shaking it.

“However, that mysterious woman who sacrificed herself 10 billion years ago, how is she related to the Immortal Sovereign? Is she the Immortal Sovereign?”

Lin Ming looked at Sheng Mei. It was obvious that there wouldn’t be any answers from asking her this. Sheng Mei just wouldn’t have any answers concerning something that might be her past life.

“Lin Ming, what have you experienced these past years?”

Sheng Mei turned to Lin Ming, her eyes deep and filled with a multitude of emotions. Worry, guilt, joy… all sorts of feelings mixed together, jumbled in a way in which not even Sheng Mei could discern what she was feeling.

She felt extremely concerned towards Lin Ming. But at the same time, she found it difficult to face him.

Subconsciously she had a desire to approach Lin Ming. But at the same time, she felt that he was actually too far away from her.

This sort of contradictory mindset caused Sheng Mei to feel as if there were some invisible wall separating the two of them.

This also made it so that she always strolled along the edge of this wall, wary and cautious, not daring to take a single step past it.

“It’s too complicated to say. I will send you a message with my spiritual sense.”

Ever since parting with Sheng Mei, Lin Ming’s life experiences could be said to have been filled with twists and turns.

Amongst his experiences, there were difficult tribulations and hardships, as well as successful returns and events that turned the tide and lifted the spirit.

Lin Ming sent out his spiritual sense. A beam of light shot into the point between Sheng Mei’s eyebrows.

With it, all sorts of things that Lin Ming experienced in the last 12,000 years were transmitted into Sheng Mei’s spiritual sea.

Although thought transmissions were extremely fast, this transmission still took a quarter hour of time.

During this period, Sheng Mei saw a man that struggled through his fate. Someone, who even though they were small and weak, still never succumbed to the destiny of being destroyed by the strong.

From suffering to despair, to a rise back to the top of the mountains… many times, a powerhouse was not just strong, but firm and unyielding in their heart.

It was hard to describe in words everything that Lin Ming experienced. After Sheng Mei watched it, she didn’t know what she felt in her heart. Admiration, guilt, sorrow, heartache… a kaleidoscope of emotions that muddle her senses.

After a quarter hour, Lin Ming withdrew his spiritual sense. Sheng Mei slowly composed herself. Then, she looked at Lin Ming, and as if she wanted to lift the pall of awkward silence between the two, she awkwardly said, “Are your wives and child doing well…?”

That thought transmission Lin Ming sent didn’t contain every bit of information. The vast majority of things were still unknown. For instance, Lin Ming hadn’t sent anything concerning his family or friends.

As for information he needed to hide like the Magic Cube, he naturally didn’t describe these things much.

Sheng Mei also saw the Magic Cube when Lin Ming battled the Great Flood Crown Prince. She had a faint guess about what the Magic Cube was, but tactfully didn’t ask and instead pretended as if she never saw it.

“Mm, they are doing well.”

Lin Ming subconsciously glanced at Sheng Mei’s belly as he spoke.

Seeing Lin Ming’s gaze, Sheng Mei bit down on her lips and quietly pressed her hands against her belly.

Ever since this small life appeared in her, Sheng Mei felt that it was impossible for her mood to return to the motionless lake surface that it used to be.

Now her thoughts were prone to fluctuations. As for her energy, she used to pour everything she had into chasing after the peak of martial arts, but now she slowly shifted her attention to the child in her belly…

In particular, after knowing that she might have had a ‘past life’, Sheng Mei’s thoughts were wrapped in a layer of confusing fog. She didn’t know what her future would be or how she would end up.

She had a faintly ominous premonition. As for the child in her belly, it had nearly become the only repose left in her life.

This child was already the most important part of her life.

Lin Ming stared at Sheng Mei. Then, he lifted his hand and slowly touched her belly…

Sheng Mei was startled. She subconsciously wanted to take a step backwards, but she eventually stopped and let Lin Ming’s hand approach.

Finally, Lin Ming’s hand fell onto Sheng Mei’s smooth belly. His palm was warm and somewhat numbing…

Time seemed to slow to a crawl in that moment.

Within this underground cavern, silence filled the air. Lin Ming’s hand gently touched Sheng Mei’s belly. The two of them had incomparably vast spiritual seas. With just a little physical contact, they could feel each other’s soul fluctuations and magnetic life fields.

This sort of feeling of touching together their lives was incomparably beautiful.

And in that moment, Lin Ming also clearly sensed the life fluctuations of Sheng Mei’s child.

These fluctuations fit perfectly with his heart, connected to his blood…

Without a doubt, this was his child.

Taking a deep breath, Lin Ming drew his palm back. His slowly looked up at Sheng Mei, and could see his image clearly reflected in her pupils.

“Do you not plan on… undoing the seal?”

Lin Ming suddenly asked. Sheng Mei lightly said, “Once this child is born, the Soul Emperor will know of it. Although I managed to push out the spirit mark that he left in my body, there is still a part of his energy hiding within me. I have no means to flush this energy out… and as long as this energy exists, the Soul Emperor can control me.”

As Sheng Mei spoke to here, a dispirited sorrow flashed in her eyes.

She had the strength of a True Divinity, yet she wasn’t even capable of protecting her own child.

“You can give me the child.”

Lin Ming’s few words caused Sheng Mei’s heart to shrink.

Give Lin Ming her child?

Lin Ming was the child’s father. If she gave the child to Lin Ming, then he would naturally take good care of it.

But to give away the only hope left in her life, Sheng Mei felt an ache in her heart, as if she were too reluctant to part.

If she gave her child to Lin Ming, then even though the Soul Emperor would know, only she would have to face the Soul Emperor’s anger in the future.

Sheng Mei was well aware that she was only a chess piece to the Soul Emperor. Although she faintly understood what endgame he was playing towards, she didn’t know what steps he would take to get there. As a chess piece, if she couldn’t rid herself of her destiny then what awaited her was an incomparably miserable fate.


She didn’t choose.

She knew that only by passing Lin Ming her child would it have a slim chance of survival.

Without a doubt, Lin Ming was the only one in this universe who had hopes of resisting the Soul Emperor, even though these hopes were incredibly dim.

Sheng Mei grit her teeth. With shaking hands she traced her own belly, gently whispering, as if she were speaking through a dream…

“My child, mommy will no longer seal you, mommy will let you be born…”

Her hands flickered as if she were playing a zither. Her ten fingers tapped rhythmically as runes shined atop her belly, shimmering like stars.

A seal was slowly undone.

Then another.

As seals were undone one after another, a faint glow began to emerge from Sheng Mei’s belly.

In the dark mystic realm cavern, this glow was like a group of fireflies gathered together.

Covered in this glow, traces of tears appeared at the edges of Sheng Mei’s eyes.

With it, an aura of life gently overflowed, like a new spring rain, like soft and tender buds growing in the moist dirt.

As if beginning to wake up from a slumber that lasted for thousands of years, this aura brought with it a pitiful feeling that touched the heart and soul.

This was a new life, a new start, a new hope...

This was Sheng Mei’s child and also Lin Ming’s child…

In this moment, Sheng Mei could clearly feel that this small life in her belly was incomparably overjoyed at having been unsealed after thousands of years.

This small life stretched out, and accidently kicked out a foot.

Feeling the gentle kick at her belly, that faint touch, Sheng Mei’s heart shivered. In the next moment, tears flowed.

“It… it moved…”

Sheng Mei covered her mouth, her voice somewhat vague. This was the feeling of motherhood, the joy of being able to sense the growth of one’s child, to watch as someone who was born from their body slowly grew up. It was something that couldn’t be described with words alone.

“My child is about to be born…”

Sheng Mei closed her eyes, her eyelashes quietly shivering. At this time, she felt as if nothing else mattered.

She only wanted to stay here and wait for the birth of her child.

Her child seemed to be… a girl.

Would her daughter look like her?

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