MW Chapter 2165

Chapter 2165 – Riddle of Identity

“Just… what is going on here?” Lin Ming took a deep breath as he looked at Sheng Mei.

Sheng Mei said, “You should know that a great war erupted 10 billion years ago in the 33 Heavens, and in that war, several universes were destroyed and the ancient races were nearly completely annihilated?”

Lin Min nodded, “And then?”

“In the past, the Asura Road Master led the ancient races of the 33 Heavens to resist the abyssals. They waged fierce war against the six totem level abyssals and as the war dragged on, eventually the ancient races managed to seal away the Dark Abyss. This move removed the firewood from beneath the pot and severed the escape route of the abyssals. But at that time, there were still many abyssals that remained in the 33 Heavens, including totem level abyssals! These abyssals never imagined that the life forms of the 33 Heavens would have the ability to seal away the Dark Abyss.

“Without reinforcements, without supplies, the abyssals had their backs pushed to the river. Finally, they were slowly strangled to death by the overwhelming numbers of the ancient races. It could even be said that… the sealing of the Dark Abyss was the turning point of the war. If they Dark Abyss wasn’t sealed away then the abyssals could have returned to rest and restored their strength before making a comeback, finally rising into the 33 Heavens again and again until the 33 Heavens were destroyed.”

As Sheng Mei spoke to here, Lin Ming nodded. The things she said were all facts.

Whether it was 10 billion years ago or now, the 33 Heavens simply wasn’t a match for the Dark Abyss.

After all, the abyssals were life forms that managed to survive from the previous ancient universal era. They had a martial arts civilization that had been accumulated for over 100 billion years and this wasn’t something that the 33 Heavens could hope to compete with. Moreover, they were a race that had truly defied the heavens to change their fates. In a situation where the Heavenly Dao had sentenced them to extinction, they had relied upon the horrifying strength of their race to forcefully live on.

“The abyssals were at a dead end and they nearly died off in the encirclement of the ancient races. However, there were still totem level abyssals that managed to survive. They hid in space distortions and fell into a deep slumber, and at that time, the Asura Road Master had already gone missing…

“I don’t know the specifics of what happened 10 billion years ago and I don’t know how many totem level abyssals survived. I only know that up to several billion years ago, of the six totem level abyssals, only Deep and Famine survived.

“As for whether or not the current totem level abyssals are the same ones as those from 10 billion years ago, I am not sure…”

Lin Ming’s mind shivered. “What do you mean?”

Sheng Mei shook her head. “I don’t know. This matter is simply far too complex. My knowledge is limited, and I don’t understand the Soul Emperor. In fact, I don’t even know his name. All I know is that he is truly terrifying!

“In truth, the reason that the Soul Emperor has the appearance of an old youth is because several hundred million years ago, he seized the body of the true Soul Emperor, the true ruler of the 33 Heavens’ spiritas.”


Lin Ming was dumbfounded. “The true spiritas’ Soul Emperor… his body was seized and the current Soul Emperor is a fake… then could the spiritas be…”

Lin Ming’s entire body turned cold. Someone that could become the Soul Emperor of the spiritas must be at least an upper True Divinity, and likely an outstanding character even amongst upper True Divinities.

But, such a Soul Emperor had his body quietly seized by others, and not even the other spiritas True Divinities had detected it!

The current Soul Emperor was too terrifying!

For the last several thousand years the saints had fought a tumultuous war with humanity. But during this entire time, the spiritas had held their troops quietly in reserve.

The spiritas gave off a mysterious and ghostly feeling to Lin Ming. He simply was never able to figure out just what the spiritas wanted to do.

Now, with humanity’s strength having surpassed the anticipation of the saints, the war had reached a deadlock. Both sides had slaughtered each other and were greatly damaged.

The saints’ original plan was to eat up humanity and expand, but not only did they fail to eat up humanity but their teeth shattered in their attempt.

In the current impasse, both humanity and the saints mutually used up their strength. Wasn’t this the exact situation that the Soul Emperor desired to see?

And when the war between humanity and the saints entered its final act, could the Soul Emperor possibly… lead the abyssals of the Dark Abyss to enter the 33 Heavens once more?

At that time, would the 33 Heavens even have the strength to resist?

Although the Dark Abyss had been sealed up by the Eternal God Wall, who knew just how long this Eternal God Wall could continue sealing up the Dark Abyss?

Thinking of this, a cold sweat streamed down Lin Ming’s forehead. He looked at Sheng Mei, his voice a bit hurried as he asked, “You said that the current fake Soul Emperor is Deep, then what about the Deep in the Dark Abyss?”

“It is an avatar.” Worry flashed in Sheng Mei’s eyes. “Billions of years ago, Deep produced an avatar and when he managed to weaken the avatar’s strength to a low enough degree, the avatar was able to pass through the Eternal God Wall and dive into the Dark Abyss. The avatar slowly cultivated to become the current ‘Deep’. In fact, for all these billions of years, ‘Deep’ rarely appeared. As a puppet, whether or not this Deep avatar appeared was unimportant, and actually, not appearing made Deep’s avatar seem even more mysterious, even more formidable. The one that truly controls Deep King Road is the Soul Emperor. As for me, Deep Child, the Great Elder, and so forth, we are all merely chess pieces laid down by the Soul Emperor to control the Deep avatar in ruling over Deep King Road.”

The more Sheng Mei spoke, the more shocked Lin Ming was. Without a doubt, the Soul Emperor’s next move was to swallow up the entire 33 Heavens.

The Soul Emperor’s opponent had never been the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, but all lives that lived in the 33 Heavens!

“What can I do…”

A great pressure pushed down on Lin Ming’s shoulders.

He originally thought that the great calamity of the world was the disappearance of the 33 Heavens’ God Lamenting Wall and the saints invading humanity.

If they could defeat the saints then the great calamity would pass.

It was only afterwards that he learned of the existence of the Dark Abyss. It seemed that this current great calamity would be as terrifying as the one 10 billion years ago.

And now, before his first opponent, the saints, had been defeated, a second and more powerful opponent had appeared – the Soul Emperor!

This was a horrifying opponent, an opponent that he completely did not understand, but who he felt completely understood him instead!

In this situation, was there any strategy or method that could give them a chance?

Feeling Lin Ming’s worries, Sheng Mei also fell silent.

At this time, her thoughts were all incredibly complex. All the secrets she spoke of just now were the highest level of secrets of the abyssals. In truth, what she did now was no different from betraying her own race.

But, she said them anyways.

She didn’t hope for the Dark Abyss to annihilate the 33 Heavens, nor did she hope for Lin Ming to perish in the war. And, she absolutely didn’t wish to see the Soul Emperor rule over all of existence, because if he did, her fate would be truly pitiful.

At this time, Lin Ming suddenly looked up at Sheng Mei. Slowly and clearly, enunciating each word, he asked, “Are you an abyssal?”

Sheng Mei was stunned. She was about to subconsciously nod, but just before she did, doubts appeared in her mind…

She always believed she was part of the dark angel race.

But what was the dark angel race? In the Dark Abyss, this race was unbelievably rare and incomparably mysterious.


Sheng Mei recalled all those strange scenes in the dreamland of her heart demons…

There was that black-clothed little girl who always engaged in slaughter with the abyssals.

As well as the primal god race old man who seemed as if he was also callous and indifferent towards the little girl, but in truth paid careful attention to every single action she made…

From being locked down on a lonely island, facing the impact of the rough sea waves, the young girl had finally soared into the skies…

In that battlefield of slaughter, that peerless woman had finally made the ultimate blood sacrifice, becoming the incarnation of the Eternal God Wall to seal away the Dark Abyss…

And on this woman’s forehead was the same nine revolution red lotus mark, and her appearance was also completely similar to Sheng Mei’s…

Was this person… herself?

Was there a chance that these memories somehow came from her past life?

Sheng Mei’s thoughts fell into confusion.

And at this time, Lin Ming suddenly said, “I once entered the universe where the primal god race lived, and entered into a forbidden zone left behind by the Asura Road Master. In that forbidden land there was a Cold Ice Mirror, and this Cold Ice Mirror was a test. It recorded ancient geniuses from 10 billion years ago to fight trial challengers.

“And of all the matches I faced, there was a woman whose appearance was completely similar to your own.”

Lin Ming quietly said.

Hearing this, Sheng Mei’s heart shook and she was unable to speak for a long time.

“What else do you know of her?” Sheng Mei asked.

“I only know that in the end, she died on the Eternal God Wall, turning into bones…”

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