MW Chapter 2162

Chapter 2162 – Seven Reincarnations Red Lotus


The Magic Cube sank into the jaws of the demon spirit and was swallowed up by it.


The demon spirit viciously roared at Lin Ming. And at this time, the Great Flood Crown Prince also got a clear look at Lin Ming. His eagle-sharp eyes narrowed as a terrifying light bloomed within them!

“You… you are one of the ancient races!? No, that’s wrong… you… are one of the races of the 33 Heavens!”

The Great Flood Crown Prince could instantly detect an aura from within Lin Ming’s body that didn’t belong to the Dark Abyss. He was shocked beyond belief. How could a master of the 33 Heavens appear in the Dark Abyss? Moreover, he had hidden himself within the body of an abyssal demon!

The Great Flood Crown Prince didn’t have time to ponder this. But, this was no longer important at this time. He brought his ghost saber in front of him and cruelly smiled. “No matter who you are, since you’ve encountered me today you’ll die all the same!”

The Great Flood Crown Prince’s saber came chopping down at Lin Ming’s head!

But as he slashed out with his saber, his smile froze on his face. From behind him, that violently howling demon spirit seemed to encounter something horrifying beyond compare. Its body shivered and his expression twisted up as cracks began to appear on its body.



The demon spirit tore apart as it issued heart-cracking screams!

Even the demon spirits pierced through by thin chains and worn by the Great Flood Crown prince began to be affected by the appearance of a vortex, all of them being sucked in one at a time!

And at the center of this vortex was the Magic Cube!


The Great Flood Crown Prince was enraged. He had never seen such a magic tool before. In the past, even when the demon spirits he raised were crushed apart, they would be torn into the power of blood essence that would be eaten up by the other demon spirits and absorbed. Like this, even though some demon spirits would die, his blood essence wouldn’t be wasted and it wouldn’t affect the Great Flood Crown Prince too much.

But now that terrifying Black Cube was swallowing up these demon spirits and making them disappear from existence without any trace remaining. Even the blood vitality he poured into these demon souls was vanishing!


The Great Flood Crown Prince decisively wielded a sword and slashed at his back. Raging demonic power gushed out.


Blood energy exploded from behind the Great Flood Crown Prince. He damaged himself in order to forcefully free himself from that black vortex!

Scales ripped off from all over the Great Flood Crown Prince’s body. With a back covered in blood, he was sent hurtling away in the opposite direction!

And as Sheng Mei watched this not too far away, her soul trembled and her heartbeat seemed to come to a full stop!

In her gaze, all that was reflected was Lin Ming’s tall and straight figure. This left an indescribable feeling stirring in her heart.

“Lin Ming… he was still alive?”

That was right! That must have been why she was able to follow Lin Ming in her dreamland and experience his samsara of life and death together with him, watching him through the changes of time. This wasn’t because this mystic realm in the Demon God’s Tomb was some omnipotent force that spanned the endless layers of space and time, but because it had read Lin Ming’s memories. Lin Ming had also entered this mystic realm and simultaneously had to withstand the heart demon attack of this place!

Not just that, but this was also why Lin Ming was able to display skills in the complete road of life and death after reading from the Holy Scripture’s pages of death for a short period of time. This was because he had already perceived the road of life and death, thus why such a miracle had occurred!

As for that mysterious black cube that spun about in the void, that also left Sheng Mei’s heart shaking.

That Black Cube seemed to superimpose with something from Sheng Mei’s past memories, like something covered in dust was being shaken in her mind.

However, Sheng Mei didn’t have time to inquire into this. She could clearly feel that the aura released by the Magic Cube and knew that it was what had twice pulled her from the abyss of the heart demons.

If that hadn’t happened, she would likely be sent into a permanent sleep by her heart demons. Her divine soul would be slowly exhausted until it died, just like those abyssals that had died here!

Thinking of this, Sheng Mei’s thoughts were convoluted as she looked at Lin Ming.

So, the one who rescued her was Lin Ming…

So, the one who defeated her with a lower boundary, the one she was engaged to, was also Lin Ming…

Within a short few breaths of time, Sheng Mei seemed to experience all the rises and falls of life, all of her thoughts and feelings quaking…

And at this time, on another side of the battlefield, Lin Ming’s true self stepped forwards. He reached out a hand.


With a light cry, the Black Dragon Spear flew into Lin Ming’s hand. The Black Dragon Spear had shed itself of all bone fragments and was now restored to its original glory.

Lin Ming grasped the Black Dragon Spear. With a shake, the spear shaft violently trembled as a horrifying vibration strength filled the air.

Lin Ming took the fiercely vibrating Black Dragon Spear and thrust out!


Surging spear potential caused a series of detonations to ring through the air. In this strike, Lin Ming didn’t ask for might, only speed!

The moment that the Great Flood Crown Prince used his ghost saber to cut at his own flesh and blood, using the exploding power of blood vitality to shake off the pull of the Magic Cube, Lin Ming’s spear had already pierced towards him!

This was also the moment when the Great Flood Crown Prince’s potential had been exhausted and hadn’t yet gathered himself!

Moreover, the Great Flood Crown Prince was severely wounded. Lin Ming’s spear came cutting down at a slant from the left. The spear point trembled and blurred, making it impossible to track its position. It was an ever-changing attack filled with innumerable variations!

“Out of my way!”

The Great Flood Crown Prince’s eyes turned blood red. Because he had been wounded, he was now like an enraged wild animal!

He spat out a mouthful of blood essence and burnt it in the void, turning it into a fearsome strength that he poured into his own body. Then, with a deep bellow, he stretched out a bloody left arm and grasped at the Black Dragon Spear!


The flesh on the Great Flood Crown Prince’s arm was pounded into mush by the Black Dragon Spear, but he forcefully grabbed the Black Dragon Spear’s shaft and held onto it!


With his left hand holding the Black Dragon Spear, the Great Flood Crown Prince raised the ghost saber with his right hand and brought it cutting down at Lin Ming’s neck!

He desperately poured everything into this strike. As his saber came slashing down, thousands upon thousands of heavenly demons roared and howled, gathering around Lin Ming to form a heavenly demon force field that sealed off the void!

The Great Flood Crown Prince had burned his own blood; this saber strike contained his full potential!

“Lin Ming!”

Sheng Mei cried out in alarm. At this time, Lin Ming’s demon avatar was injured and to engage the Great Flood Crown Prince in a close-combat melee with just the strength of his true self was dangerous to the extreme!

The moment that the saber came slashing down, the source strength of life and death emerged from Lin Ming’s body. This strength of life and death wove together, forming a faint fuzzy red lotus that slowly bloomed!

Within the spinning flower petals, unstable small worlds were formed. Every small world constantly grew, interpreting their own samsaras of life and death.

Whether it was in time invested or number, Lin Ming’s reincarnation technique was naturally inferior to Sheng Mei’s. But, in his seven reincarnations, he had personally experienced the life and death of the world, gaining realizations as he struggled in despair to be reborn through nirvana after death. From this aspect alone it was something that Sheng Mei simply couldn’t compare with.

After obtaining the complete Holy Scripture, Lin Ming had fused his understandings of living with the Holy Scripture and was able to similarly cultivate the reincarnation red lotus!

The seven reincarnations red lotus contained Lin Ming’s seven lives he lived and all the power of hope and will he gathered from them. This was equal to seven Lin Mings striking out together!


The Great Flood Crown Prince’s saber light crashed into the reincarnation red lotus. The power of life and death erupted and the strength of Lin Ming’s seven lives completely disintegrated the Great Flood Crown Prince’s attack. The cold saber light shattered, forming a storm of energy that rolled outwards.

The Great Flood Crown Prince’s body shook and he was sent soaring away. In that moment, he could feel a horrifying power of life and death break into his body, brutally destroying everything it could.

The power of life grew endlessly and was incredibly difficult to eliminate. The power of death annihilated all, wildly swallowing away at the Great Flood Crown Prince’s blood vitality!




As the Great Flood Crown Prince was severely wounded, the tens of thousands of heavenly demons attached to his body roared out together, as if they wanted to free themselves from the bindings of their chains and rush out!

Seeing this, Lin Ming’s eyes flashed with a cold light. He flew straight up, forcefully suppressing the backlash from utilizing the power of the seven reincarnations red lotus. Then, he revolved his strength to the limit once more!

“Demon avatar, return!”

Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred. Then, the originally heavily wounded demon Lin Ming flew up, its body shrinking as it flew into the inner world of Lin Ming’s true self!

This time, it was Lin Ming’s demon avatar fusing into his body.

With this, Lin Ming had reached his strongest state!

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

From behind Lin Ming, the three avatars of essence, energy, and divine, all poured their strength into him.

For a time, the Asura phantom reappeared once more behind Lin Ming. And above the shaft of the Black Dragon Spear, the all-swallowing Asura Wheel appeared once more!

After fusing all of his strengths together, Lin Ming hurtled towards the Great Flood Crown Prince!

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