MW Chapter 2161

Chapter 2161 – True Self


The Great Flood Crown Prince’s saber continued slashing downwards. Compared to before, its might had weakened by nearly nothing at all. The defensive effect that the Yin Yang Twilight Bell had been able to play was unnoticeably minor!

Facing this attack that overwhelmed the heavens and earth, Lin Ming’s blood red pupils flashed with a sharp light. He punched his own chest and spouted out blood essence onto the Black Dragon Spear.




The spear howled, turning into a bone dragon that roared towards the Great Flood Crown Prince!

“Burning your blood essence is useless! You are doomed!”

The Great Flood Crown Prince fiendishly crackled. Victory was already in his hands! In particular, forcing Lin Ming to burn his blood essence meant that his opponent had now taken out all his hidden cards!


The Great Flood Crown Prince’s saber slashed down onto the bone dragon. The roaring bone dragon had its head shattered by the Great Flood Crown Prince’s strike!

Aang - !

The bone dragon howled in pain as the ridged bone covering the Black Dragon Spear began to crack off. Facing this strike that the Great Flood Crown Prince had condensed all of his energy into, Lin Ming simply wasn’t able to resist it at all!

Saber light twisted and the bone dragon shattered. A terrifying air explosion blasted outwards. At the same time, Lin Ming received a backlash and he spat out a mouthful of blood. By this time, he had clearly exhausted his strength!

“Ninth Elder!”

Sheng Mei’s heart burned with worry. She pressed down on her belly; she was ready to make a final desperate attack!

Although she was well aware that her help wouldn’t change anything, she couldn’t watch on as Lin Ming simply died like this.

She felt that the flow of this battle had changed too quickly. Before, Lin Ming had been able to barely keep going, but facing the whole-hearted attack of the Great Flood Crown Prince, he had suddenly collapsed!

Just as Sheng Mei traced her own dark bone sword and planned to attack, she suddenly froze.

She could see that behind the Great Flood Crown Prince, the Yin Yang Twilight Bell that had been struck away seemed to hum as it flew back, as if controlled by something.

Afterwards, a black palace flew out from the end of the Yin Yang Twilight Bell.

This black palace was only a few feet tall, like a small toy. As it separated itself from the bell, it rose up in the wind!

But, this palace exuded an aura that Sheng Mei was extremely familiar with!

In that instant, her heart skipped a beat!


She held her breath. In the next moment, she felt as if she were someone who had been heavily punched in the face, completely dazed!

She stared helplessly as a black-clothed figure fluttered out from the palace like gods and ghosts, rushing straight towards the Great Flood Crown Prince’s back!

This person… this person…

Sheng Mei had completely frozen. Her thoughts were jumbled all over. She even suspected that she had entered the world of her heart demons once more and she simply wasn’t able to distinguish illusion from reality!

Although she could only see his back, although his aura had changed, although they had been separated by a river of 10,000 years…

She would never mistakenly recognize him!

“How… how could… here…”

At this time, Sheng Mei had no time to be happily surprised or to ask any questions. Her mind came to a complete stop and even her soul seemed bound in ice.

Time stopped at this moment.

Then, this black-clothed figure attacked!

When Lin Ming’s demon avatar emerged from the Yin Yang Twilight Bell, his true self had already separated away.

Facing the all-out Great Flood Crown Prince, Lin Ming was undoubtedly his enemy, but he wouldn’t reach the state of immediately collapsing. But, because his demon avatar had been left alone, the disparity had become that much greater.

As for Lin Ming’s true self, he had hidden himself away in Primordius Heavenly Palace, and then hid Primordius Heavenly Palace in the Yin Yang Twilight Bell.

Lin Ming was well aware that wishing to use the Yin Yang Twilight Bell to resist the Great Flood Crown Prince’s all-out strike wasn’t realistic at all. But, to use the Yin Yang Twilight Bell to merely hide Primordius Palace so that no one would notice was more than enough!

Within the Yin Yang Twilight Bell, Primordius Heavenly Palace only came under the impact of the sonic waves. And hidden within, Lin Ming wasn’t injured in the least.

This was all done so that Lin Ming’s true self would consume the least energy possible. When he made his appearance, he could attack with everything he had!

At this time, the Daevic Eye Dao Palace opened from between Lin Ming’s eyebrows. Lin Ming’s pupils also turned into a needle-like shape, one that was surrounded in numerously complex patterns.

This was Three Lives Pupils – All Existence to Void!

Beneath these two pupil techniques, the energy structure of the 200,000 Heavenly Demon Array was completely seen by Lin Ming. All of its weaknesses were unmasked!

The 200,000 Heavenly Demon Array was formidable, but its formidability came from the front where it served as an offensive weapon to attack others. From the back, it still possessed numerous weak points.




Wind howled. Three whistling sounds tore through the air as the three avatars of essence, energy, and divine flew out from Lin Ming’s inner world. Each of the three avatars held a black wheel in their hands, and as these three wheels superimposed on each other they were like a giant grinding pan that crushed down at the world!

And from behind Lin Ming’s true self, a black Asura phantom appeared, suppressing the universe. All of this came rumbling down onto the Great Flood Crown Prince’s back!


The Great Flood Crown Prince was panic-stricken. He didn’t have time to distinguish what was occurring, or even if it was Lin Ming that was attacking him from behind!

At this time, the Great Flood Crown Prince’s attack had nearly fallen upon Lin Ming’s demon avatar; he simply didn’t have time to take it back.

This was an all-out strike, so how could he stop it so easily?

He was exactly in a situation where he had used his strength and wasn’t able to gather his potential!

At this time, if he were to forcefully stop his attack and turn around to deal with the new dangers, then because he would have to forcefully reverse his direction of attack he would be left in a completely motionless state.

Thus, the Great Flood Crown Prince made a decision in a fraction of an instant. His heart hardened as he continued cutting down at the demon avatar Lin Ming with his saber!

He would first kill Lin Ming and then figure things out!

In this moment of life or death, the demon Lin Ming’s blood vitality began to surge and burn!

From within his body, all the strength that he had swallowed using Famine’s Laws now burst out without reserve!

He grasped the Black Dragon Spear, swinging the spear shaft horizontally to block the Great Flood Crown Prince’s saber!


The Black Dragon Spear wildly curved. All the bone fragments that covered it began shattering like pieces of paper!

The demon Lin Ming’s thick arms ruptured as his bones broke!

The Great Flood Crown Prince’s attack was too strong. He forcefully pressed down the Black Dragon Spear, and the icy cold saber imbued with the power of heavenly demons sliced down at Lin Ming’s shoulder.

The demon Lin Ming shook. He spat out a mouthful of blood. His left shoulder was completely cut off and his right lung also ruptured!

Moreover, this saber strike contained many heavenly demons. All of them broke into the demon Lin Ming’s body!

The demon Lin Ming’s blood vitality crazily swelled up. A fog of blood burst out from his 36,000 pores!

And at this time, from behind the Great Flood Crown Prince, the attack of Lin Ming’s true self had arrived. After fusing together the strength of his three avatars of essence, energy, and divine, this strike contained all the Laws that Lin Ming could use. He fused all the strengths that he could as he struck at the Great Flood Crown Prince’s back!


Beneath Lin Ming’s Three Lives Pupil and Daevic Eye Dao Palace, the 200,000 Heavenly Demon Wheel was struck at its weakest point and instantly shattered.

In the next moment, the Asura Wheel howled and spun as it came suppressing downwards!

The Great Flood Crown Prince didn’t even turn his head. He simply exploded into a great roar, and from his back that was covered with evil demon tattoos, a ghost head suddenly appeared!

This ghost head was the size of a basin. Out of all the demon spirits that the Great Flood Crown Prince raised on his body, it was the largest of them all!

The ghost head opened its great maw and bit down on the Asura Wheel!

Amongst those abyssals that could become a middle True Divinity and also still have the potential to become an upper True Divinity, there was not a single one that was weak. In this key moment, not only did the Great Flood Crown Prince heavily wound Lin Ming’s demon avatar, but he also branched out another strike to resist Lin Ming’s true self!


The Asura Wheel was solidly bitten down upon by the demon spirit’s fangs. A sharp, ear-piercing sound filled the air.

Although the demon spirit was pained and its fangs were all broken, it managed to forcefully slow down the Asura Wheel attack, giving the Great Flood Crown Prince an extremely precious moment of reprieve!

With this brief moment of reprieve, it was more than enough for him to recover!

“You want to sneak attack me? Not that easy!”

The Great Flood Crown Prince roared out loud. All the demon seals on his body started to radiate with light. In the next moment he would summon all the demon power in his body and he would turn around and deliver to Lin Ming an earth-shaking strike!

But at this time, a cold light flashed in the eyes of Lin Ming’s true self. He suddenly loosened his grip on the Asura Wheel, as if he wanted to give up on this attack.

But the moment he released his hand, a black cube appeared.

Without any strangeness or great movements, this black cube slid down the Asura Wheel and flew into the cavernous jaws of the demon spirit…

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