MW Chapter 2159

Chapter 2159 – 100,000 Heavenly Demons

In the skies, the Great Flood Crown Prince grasped his ghost saber, standing high in the air!

From behind, tens of thousands of demons howled as they threw themselves at Lin Ming without end!

Spear light flashed. Demon after demon was cut down by Lin Ming. However, although the Great Flood Crown Prince was faintly surprised, he simply sneered and coldly said, “I seem to have underestimated you. I thought that my 10,000 demon strike would have been enough to deal with you, but I never imagined you could block it. Since that’s the case, let me open your mind a little!”

As the Great Flood Crown Prince spoke, he began to slowly take off his war armor.

The purple gold war armor was peeled off a layer at a time. This left Lin Ming startled. Generally speaking, in a fight between martial artists each party would take out new weapons and hidden cards. But, the Great Flood Crown Prince was actually discarding his own war armor.

But when the Great Flood Crown Prince took off his chest armor and back armor, what Lin Ming saw left his scalp tingling with creepiness.

Below that purple and gold war armor, the Great Flood Crown Prince was entangled in rows upon rows of thin chains. And these thin chains pierced through hideous and fierce twisted souls, lined up without end!

The smallest of these souls was the size of a grain of rice, but some were as large as a fist. Some howled in pain and misery and some roared in anger. The fist-sized demon spirits were incomparably fierce. They hung on the Great Flood Crown Prince’s body, their mouths opened wide as they wantonly ate away at his flesh and blood.

After discarding the war armor, these souls were like a pack of hungry tigers released from a cage. Now, these starving tigers directed their gaze at Lin Ming, their eyes filled with infinite greed and hunger!


Sheng Mei breathed in a breath of cold air. Although the Great Flood Crown Prince had the body of a fierce abyssal warrior, his face was similar to that of a human and could even be considered handsome. In terms of overall appearance, he could barely be considered as passing standards. But after discarding his war armor and revealing the demon spirits below, the sight made it hard to even look his direction.

This Great Flood Crown Prince actually had so many demon spirits below his armor. Like poisonous bug masters raising poisonous bugs on their own flesh and blood, the Great Flood Crown Prince raised these demon spirits with his own flesh and blood. This was a revolting sight.

Thinking of the Great Flood Crown Prince’s concubines, Sheng Mei found it hard to remain calm. It was unimaginable just what sort of inhumane tortures they had to endure.

“Hehe! Ordinary abyssals wear armor to protect themselves, but I am different. My strength, the strength of these demon souls I raise is far too powerful, and sometimes even I cannot control them. Normally, I must use armor to seal away these demon souls!

“You should be sufficiently proud that I took off my war armor to deal with you. In order to deal with you, taking off my back and chest armor is more than enough!”

The Great Flood Crown Prince disdainfully sneered. The ghost saber in his hand began to shine with a bright red light, as if a leader of the demon souls was sealed within the saber and it was now beginning to awaken.

“100,000 Heavenly Demons!”

The Great Flood Crown Price roared. Then, with his mortal body like a lair of demons, a massive amount of demon spirits flooded out.

For a time, terrifying demonic roars blotted out the heavens like a horrifying storm was brewing all around them.

Compared to before there were ten times more demon spirits. From the 10,000 spirits previously, there were now 100,000 of them.

These 100,000 Heavenly Demons each overflowed with ominous infernal energy as they leapt onto Lin Ming!

The skies were covered in demon shadows; it was impossible to clearly see what was happening.

At the start, Lin Ming’s spear light was able to pierce through these demon spirits. But after they increased by ten times in number, these demon spirits actually started to eat away the spear lights!

The Great Flood Crown Prince brought his hands together. A giant ghost saber phantom formed, slashing down from the skies.

This was a terrifying attack. Even though Lin Ming’s abyssal body was incredibly intense, beneath this storm he still felt the blood vitality roiling and seething in his body, as if it would be drawn out by the layers upon layers of overlapping demon spirits!

A middle True Divinity was truly formidable!

Lin Ming rapidly drew backwards. Becoming a True Divinity was already difficult enough and becoming a middle True Divinity was even more difficult. Moreover, the Great Flood Crown Prince still had immense potential remaining, and might even reach the level of an upper True Divinity in the future. Against such an opponent, even Lin Ming felt himself struggling!

Seeing the overlapping waves of demon spirits, Lin Ming immediately activated his Asura blood.


With a loud explosion, Lin Ming’s body started to rise and grow. The bone spikes that covered him became longer and fiercer, and his deep amber eyes suddenly turned blood red!

From within Lin Ming’s inner world, the strength of his true self erupted. An Asura war god phantom coalesced behind his true self, and the power of Asura poured into his demon avatar without reserve.

The demon avatar raised his hands, drawing a circle. A giant black wheel emerged from the air.

Asura Wheel!

The Asura Road Master’s road of martial arts deviated towards the road of slaughter to begin with. Now, as this Asura Wheel appeared, it also roared with 10,000 demons, filled with a buddha-slaying intent!

In particular, Lin Ming now used the power of demons to manifest the Asura Wheel. In term of malevolence, the Asura Wheel even surpassed the Great Flood Crown Prince’s 100,000 Heavenly Demons!


Demon flames lit up the skies. As the overlapping waves of demon spirits smashed into the wheel they burst apart in ashes. However, Lin Ming’s Asura Wheel violently shook, seeming as if it would crack apart soon!

Lin Ming was shocked. This Great Flood Crown Prince was truly formidable; this was an opponent he could not show even the slightest hint of carelessness.

But at this time, the Great Flood Crown Prince was actually even more surprised. It was fine that the 10,000 demon strike wasn’t able to deal with Lin Ming; he simply considered it as him having underestimated Lin Ming. But, even the 100,000 Heavenly Demons afterwards was barely blocked by Lin Ming. This left the Great Flood Crown Prince astonished.

His previously confident look now froze on his face.

The Great Flood Crown Prince’s eyes flashed with icy cold light. He lifted the purple gold armor on his left arm and 10,000 some demon spirits ran out. Then, the Great Flood Crown Prince punched his own chest and spat out a mouthful of black blood!

This black blood splashed onto the waves of demon spirits where it was absorbed by them!

This blood was the Great Flood Crown Prince’s blood essence!

However, the cultivation method that the Great Flood Crown Prince trained in was particularly special. These heavenly demons were all personally refined by him, and although they had absorbed his blood essence it actually couldn’t be considered a loss. Rather, he was merely temporarily shifting his blood essence from his body to these demon spirits.

From this aspect, these heavenly demon phantoms could be called the Great Flood Crown Prince’s avatar. Now the Great Flood Crown Prince was diverting more of his strength into his avatar.

However, no matter how it was said, in Sheng Mei’s eyes it was the truth that the Great Flood Crown Prince used the power of his blood essence.

Even if he wasn’t burning his blood essence, this was more than amazing!

Facing Lin Ming, a middle True Divinity was actually forced to use the strength of his blood essence. This simply defied the heavens.

After the demon spirits absorbed a part of the Great Flood Crown Prince’s blood essence, they became even crueler and more savage. They howled towards Lin Ming, now completely suppressing the Asura Wheel.


With a loud explosion, the Asura Wheel shattered to pieces. Endless energy gathered together, forming a storm of demon power that fired outwards!

Lin Ming’s body shook. The bone armor on his chest nearly broke apart as he was sent tumbling away!


Lin Ming slammed into the cliff walls that shined with runes. Blood overflowed from the corners of his lips.

But at the same time, the Great Flood Crown Prince also drew backwards in the storm. His strike had managed to wound Lin Ming, and although the effects weren’t as severe as he had hoped, he finally managed to feel a bit more comfortable with the situation.

However, just as he steadied himself, the evil smile on his face froze. The shattered pieces of the Asura Wheel mixed into the storm of energy. Then, like a hail of hidden weapons, they shot towards the Great Flood Crown Prince.


The Great Flood Crown Prince coldly snorted. A single punch smashed apart 99% of the fragments, but a few fragments still scraped over his scales and sank into his body.

Each fragment contained the Concepts of Life and Death.

This strength grew endlessly and was difficult to suppress. At the same time, the strength annihilated all as it recklessly swallowed the Great Flood Crown Prince’s flesh and blood.

This made it impossible for him to completely eliminate the strength of these fragments!

“This is…”

The Great Flood Crown Prince’s eyes darkened. Lin Ming’s abilities were too strange and bizarre; they contained Laws he found impossibly difficult to understand.

But at this time, Sheng Mei was truly stunned!

To use demon power to manifest the strength of the Asura Laws, Sheng Mei hadn’t been able to recognize this because she wasn’t proficient in them.

But, with her familiarity with the Life and Death Laws, how could she not see this for what it was?

Less than half a year ago she had lent the incomparably esoteric and complex Holy Scripture’s pages of death to Lin Ming to look over for a mere three days. In Sheng Mei’s opinion, no matter how talented Lin Ming was it was impossible for him to perceive anything through this short period.

He shouldn’t have been able to grasp anything from them.

But, she never imagined that not only would Lin Ming have managed to perceive something from them, but what he used now would seem to be nearly the complete Laws of the Holy Scripture.

How was this possible!?


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