MW Chapter 2158

Chapter 2158 – Fighting the Crown Prince

“Black Flood!!”

Seeing the naked aggression and lust in the Great Flood Crown Prince’s gaze, Sheng Mei was enraged to the extreme. Substantial killing intent burst out from her eyes.


The Great Flood Crown Prince chortled. Sheng Mei’s response confirmed his suspicions that here wounds were incredibly deep and that she simply wasn’t capable of fighting.

Her killing intent seemed fierce, but it lacked the most essential support of energy; it was nothing but bluster.

Thinking of this, the Great Flood Crown Prince viciously eyed Lin Ming, his smile widening.

Without Sheng Mei, if he faced Lin Ming alone then victory was already in his grasp.

“Ninth Elder, what a coincidence that you arrived at this time. I was planning on opening this bronze coffin. This strange mystic realm seems to have this coffin buried within it, and now that we’ve come this far, how can we miss out on it?

“I investigated the area just now and discovered that there aren’t any mazes or traps in the vicinity. But, this bronze coffin seems to be sealed up by an array formation and is difficult to open using usual means. How about you and I work together?”

The Great Flood Crown Prince suddenly changed the topic, implying that he wanted to cooperate with Lin Ming.

Lin Ming sneered inwardly. Not even a child would believe such words. “What else do you want to say?”

“Hah! What I actually mean is that after a brief investigation, I found some ancient totem cryptic characters carved upon this demon god relief. And, these cryptic characters are all blood drinking array formations!

“I just threw down several corpses and found that the blood vitality essence energy of those corpses was all absorbed by the demon god relief. I was wondering, is it possible to force feed that demon god relief until it’s full, and would the bronze coffin then open?”

The Great Flood Crown Prince rubbed his chin as he spoke to here. “Unfortunately, the blood vitality essence energy within these corpses isn’t too formidable. I think that the blood vitality of a living higher abyssal might be a bit more effective, right? Thus, I must ask your honored self to help me and give it a try!”

The Great Flood Crown Prince suddenly erupted with killing intent as he finished speaking. This sort of feeling was like nicely asking someone to borrow their head for a moment.

Lin Ming narrowed his eyes. His spear-sharp gaze shot towards the Great Flood Crown Prince.

He also wanted to know just what was hidden in this mystic realm. The reason he openly walked over here was also to explore this, and as for the Great Flood Crown Prince, battle between them was already unavoidable!

Suddenly, a wild and tyrannical aura erupted from the Great Flood Crown Prince. He recklessly rushed forwards like a volcanic explosion!


With a loud howl, a hideous demon stood up from behind the Great Flood Crown Prince!

This demon surged with thick infernal energy. It split apart, turning into streams of light that fired towards Sheng Mei and Lin Ming!

Sheng Mei’s heart tightened and she raised her guard. But then, she discovered that they weren’t the goal. Rather, the streams of light passed around her and Lin Ming to form a totem seal behind them!

Piki paka!

Potent energy raced underground, weaving together with thunderous bangs!

Finally, the totem seal blocked out the exit to this area.

Lin Ming, Sheng Mei, as well as the Great Flood Crown Prince were locked in this space above the demon relief.

If it was said that the Great Flood Crown Prince had only been hinting at his hostility all this time, just now, after blocking anyone from escaping this space, it was the same as him baring his fangs, wanting to bite down on Lin Ming and Sheng Mei’s necks.

“Black Flood, you’ve got guts! Do you think that after you attack me here and leave, no one will know of it?” Sheng Mei unhurriedly said as she icily stared at the Great Flood Crown Prince.

“Hahahaha! Your Highness seems to have misunderstood. I have no intentions of attacking you; I simply wish to deal with this little toad beside you. As for your Holy Demoness, I can’t even wait for us to enjoy each other, so how could I possibly harm you? Your Highness is the most outstanding beauty in the world, far surpassing anyone else in the Dark Abyss and you also possess the dark angel bloodline. If you join me then once I become the Emperor of the Great Flood Demon Kingdom in the future, and you also inherit Deep King Road once that old freak Deep is dead, and meanwhile we can even find a chance to kill off that eyesore Deep Child, then the two of us will rule the two most powerful influences in the Dark Abyss. When we join together, I can become the new Demon God and you can become the new Demon Goddess. From then on you and I can control the abyss and establish our own everlasting dynasty!”

The Great Flood Crown Prince seductively said. If his desires had been hidden before, all of them had completely revealed themselves now.

But at this time, a laugh lit up the scene. Lin Ming gently traced his spatial ring and looked at the Great Flood Crown Prince as if he were an idiot. “New Demon God? Have you tried looking in the mirror yet? Do you think you qualify!?”

Not to mention the Soul Emperor that had some profound connection with the Dark Abyss as well as the incomparably mysterious Deep and Flood, even that dark and unfathomable Deep Child was far more reliable than this Great Flood Crown Prince.

If there really was a new Demon God that would appear sometime, it definitely would not be this fellow’s turn!

However, after being mocked by the Lin Ming the Great Flood Crown Prince didn’t grow angry at all. Instead, his eyes held even more disdain as he looked at Lin Ming, the same way that he looked at a dead man walking.

“A toad must have the mind of a toad. When toads are reared together it’s always the loudest and dumbest that is slaughtered first. Since you are in such a hurry to die then let me help you along!”

As the Great Flood Crown Prince spoke his muscles suddenly bulged outwards. His muscles were like snakes that coursed over his body, hissing and howling. Then, he stepped forwards, his feet releasing thunderous bangs as they hit the ground. His tall and formidable body hurtled forwards like a bolt of lightning, his claw smashing down at Lin Ming’s head!

“Be careful, Black Flood’s strength is terrifying!”

Sheng Mei rapidly passed a sound transmission to Lin Ming.

Lin Ming’s pupils shrank. Facing the Great Flood Crown Prince there was no way he could underestimate his opponent at all. This was sure to be a troublesome opponent!

Lin Ming flung out his right arm. From his inner world, the brilliance of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace dazzled!


The Black Dragon Spear covered in fierce bones shot out, stabbing straight towards Black Flood!


With a loud crack, the Great Flood Crown Prince clenched his hand and formed a fist. This fist changed its attack trajectory at an unbelievable angle and struck down at the Black Dragon Spear’s shaft!

The spear shaft was struck so hard that it bent. Shards of bones fell down.

“I’ll take your life!”

The Great Flood Crown Prince diabolically grinned. Another hand shot forwards. Like an executioner’s blade, the ghost saber slashed towards Lin Ming’s neck.

This saber strike seemed to contain thousands and millions of demon spirits. These demon spirits wildly roared, their howls enveloping the world!

Every attack happened in a spark of light!

Roar! Roar! Roar!

Looking from afar, every demon was incredibly powerful, filled with infinite killing intent!

Lin Ming crossed his arms in front of his chest. He rapidly drew backwards. At the same time, the power of demon gods erupted from within him. He poured this power into the Black Dragon Spear, causing tens of thousands of spear lights to shine out!

These spear lights were as thick as a bucket and bewilderingly sharp. They danced about like crazed flood dragons, piercing through all obstacles!


Demons were torn apart by these spear lights. The scene shook the heavens and earth!

However, no matter how intense the battle between Lin Ming and Black Flood, the shockwaves of energy still weren’t able to destroy the surrounding space.

Here, the walls, the ground, everything was protected by an ancient totem spell. As the energy crashed into the spell, it rippled like waves before rebounding backwards!

Rebound after rebound, the battle of two True Divinity level masters in this sealed off space formed a horrifying storm!

The storm also covered Sheng Mei. Placed in this storm, she would definitely have to withstand indiscriminate attacks.

Sheng Mei subconsciously protected her belly with her hands. Her figure flashed and she flew down the cliff, hiding in the hollow in the massive canyon below.

Here, the storm had mostly weakened. With her current strength she could definitely withstand this.

As she stood amongst the rocks and looked at the Lin Ming who was in the midst of violent combat, her complexion was incomparably complex.

She never thought that this man would dare to face the peak middle True Divinity Great Flood Crown Prince. The disparity was simply too great!

Although Lin Ming hadn’t fallen into a disadvantage, she actually knew that the Great Flood Crown Prince had only been casually attacking; he simply hadn’t utilized his true strength.


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