MW Chapter 2157

Chapter 2157 – Demon God Relief

“Pages of life? I can’t say I’m much interested in that…”

Lin Ming looked at Sheng Mei with surprise. He never imagined Sheng Mei would be so anxious about her child.

This seemed to deviate from Lin Ming’s previous perceptions of Sheng Mei.

In Lin Ming’s mind, the Sheng Mei he knew could become emotional at times, but she still had her own ambitions. And to achieve these ambitions she could sacrifice some things.

But today, because of her child, Sheng Mei had lost her composure completely. Not only was Lin Ming surprised, but his impression of her changed.

“Then what do you want?”

Sheng Mei warily looked at Lin Ming, paying close attention to every change in his expression. Right now, she didn’t detect any anger from him.

Could this abyssal be so easy to speak with?

“I want you to undo that seal and let me investigate the child’s aura…”

Lin Ming calmly said as he continued looking at Sheng Mei’s belly.

If it were his child then he could surely recognize it upon sensing its aura. Moreover, he would absolutely take responsibility for the child.

But if it weren’t his child…

Thinking of this, Lin Ming sighed inwardly. If this child wasn’t his then it was what it was. In any case, the degrees to which they were enemies would only increase…

This absurd would also end here. She had rescued him and he had rescued her; all debts had been paid and everyone was even. In the future when they met they would be enemies, foes that fought on the precipice of life and death.

“You want to investigate the child’s aura?” Sheng Mei never imagined Lin Ming would put forth such conditions.

She would have to unseal her child sooner or later, but to do so in the Demon God’s Tomb would bring about a great deal of trouble.

This was because in the Demon God’s Tomb, there was also Deep Child. Once he discovered him, this was equal to everything being known by the Soul Emperor.

Sheng Mei hesitated for a moment. But as she did, a loud explosive sound erupted, as if something were collapsing.

Lin Ming and Sheng Mei felt their hearts turn cold. They immediately probed with their senses. However, because Sheng Mei was in a weakened state she felt as if something were blocking out her sense and she couldn’t distinguish just what was occurring.

But at this time, Lin Ming had already discerned the source of the noise. He frowned, a cold light flashing in his eyes!

“Hahaha! I thought that everyone had died, but I never thought two others would live!”

A wild and raucous sound echoed out; it was the Great Flood Crown Prince!

In this moment, Sheng Mei’s heart tightened.

The peak middle True Divinity Great Flood Crown Prince! This was bad! And, it was clear that he had already discovered them!

What should she do?

Sheng Mei’s heart raced. The current situation was far too grim!

Even if she were at her peak she still wouldn’t be able to contend with the Great Flood Crown Prince. But, if she were to join forces with Lin Ming, they could at least have the Great Flood Crown Prince dread them a little.

But currently… there was only Lin Ming left. He had no reason to protect her to begin with, and even if he was willing to, he wasn’t a match for the Great Flood Crown Prince!

At this time, Lin Ming didn’t utter a word. He lifted his foot and started walking through the cavern.

The direction he went in was towards the area the Great Flood Crown Prince’s laughter came from.


Sheng Mei was stunned. In truth, the most natural and rational decision Lin Ming should have made now was to leave her behind and run away on his own. If so, then the Great Flood Crown Prince might not be able to catch up to him.

After all, Lin Ming wasn’t a weakling and the environment and terrain of this underground cavern was too complex and confusing. No one knew what would appear here, and the Great Flood Crown Prince might lose track of Lin Ming.

Of course, her own fate would be the most tragic and miserable of all.

Seeing Lin Ming’s towering back silently move forwards through the dark cavern, Sheng Mei followed behind with all her bewildered emotions in tow.

She didn’t ask Lin Ming why he did what he did; she only quietly followed behind…

As they walked forwards, Sheng Mei saw several corpses.

These corpses were abyssals that had been sucked down into the lake with them. But presently, their life forces had been strangled; it was clear they had died to their heart demons.

This scene caused a chill to creep down Sheng Mei’s back.

The heart demon attack of the killing lake was far too terrifying. She had fallen to heart demons twice and had been unable to tear herself away.

The first time was when she had witnessed Lin Ming’s death. She had fallen into despondent sorrow and no longer wished to leave the cave where Lin Ming had passed.

The second time was when the child in her stomach had been killed by the Soul Emperor. In that moment she had lost her spirit and would rather have died than lived on.

If it weren’t for that strange dim black light saving her, then she too might be a corpse on the ground. Even if she still had a single breath remaining, it would only have been a matter of time until her spiritual sea collapsed.

Thinking of this, Sheng Mei was left puzzled. Who had rescued her, and what was that black light?

Looking at Lin Ming’s back, Sheng Mei couldn’t help but speculate. This abyssal walking in front of her had passed through the heart demon attack as if nothing had happened to him, as if he had merely been a bystander watching it all. Perhaps his soul had been too formidable, or it could have been that his heart demons were too weak.

These were things that Sheng Mei didn’t care much to find out about. The key question here was that black light…

When she woke up, only the Ninth Elder had been present. Could this black light have been related to him?

As Sheng Mei was deep in thought, Lin Ming’s footsteps started to slow down. Unknowingly, they had wandered into a powerful force field.

When Sheng Mei released her sense and wasn’t able to immediately discover anything, it was also because this force field had blocked her out.

Sheng Mei looked intently forwards. Then, her heart sank.

Not too far away in front of them was an incredibly vast underground space. And at the entrance to this space stood an abyssal wearing purple war armor, his hands crossed against his back and he faced his back towards them.

In front of this abyssal was a great cliff. He was leaning over as if he were trying to see something beneath the cliff.

Sheng Mei swept out her sense. Faintly, she could see that this cliff was 10,000 feet deep, and beneath the cliff were layers upon layers of mist. Hidden within this mist was a giant rock relief!

This rock relief was more than 10 miles round and had a three-headed six-armed demon god carved into it. This demon god had a fierce and hideous expression. Its six arms held different weapons, and it seemed as if it were the ruler of the universe.

Behind this demon god were many higher abyssals; they were soldiers beneath the demon god’s command.

And in the demon god’s mouth was a bronze coffin wrapped in chains!

This bronze coffin was 20 feet long and 10 feet high. It was locked tightly with thick chains and it was unknown just what was hidden within.

The terrifying force field that pervaded the air seemed to originate from this demon god relief as well as the bronze coffin.

“You finally arrived. The Ninth Elder is truly a hero of the times. That powerful heart demon impact just now still wasn’t able to affect you in the least. I, truly and deeply admire your skills! Moreover…” The purple war armored abyssal slowly turned around, revealing the face of the Great Flood Crown Prince.

At this time, the Great Flood Crown Prince grasped a ghost saber in his hands. The blade was still behind him as he smiled at Lin Ming and Sheng Mei.

Moreover, you still dare to face me! What admirable courage!”

As the Great Flood Crown Prince spoke, cold light flashed from his eyes!

Seeing the Great Flood Crown Prince, Sheng Mei’s complexion turned even uglier. She originally hoped that the Great Flood Crown Prince had been severely wounded by the heart demon test. If so, Lin Ming alone could deal with him.

But now it seemed as if no harm had come to the Great Flood Crown Prince at all. This situation had truly devolved to the worst possible outcome.

Whether it was the Great Flood Crown Prince or Lin Ming, currently their strength far exceeded her own. She simply couldn’t control her own destiny right now.

However, if she had to make a choice on who to face, it would definitely be Lin Ming.

After all, from what she had seen his character wasn’t too bad and he hadn’t tried to take advantage of her while she was down. Moreover, he seemed an open-minded individual. Even though he had encountered the ridiculous situation of her pregnancy he still hadn’t become enraged and was even still capable of discussing conditions.

But, the Great Flood Crown Prince was someone that Sheng Mei could never count on.

He was nothing but a fierce wolf that ate others without spitting out their bones. And, he was known to be a sexual deviant. If she fell into his hands the consequences would be dire.

“The feeling is mutual. Your Highness Crown Prince also seems to have passed the heart demons safely!”

Lin Ming smiled in fake civility. He faintly sensed that after passing through the impact of the killing lake’s heart demons, the only ones still alive in this mystic realm were these three.

There had also been two other lower True Divinities but they too had perished during the impact of heart demons. This left Lin Ming startled. After all, those were True Divinities!

However, as he thought about the quantity of True Divinities 10 billion years ago and 100 billion years and how they far surpassed the present, Lin Ming could still barely accept this.

“Hahaha! My cultivation method originally has an effect of suppressing heart demons, and I also possess a spirit treasure that blocks heart demons, so I luckily managed to pass safely! Otherwise, even if I did pass I surely must have needed to pay a steep price. How could I possibly do so in such a relaxed manner like the Ninth Elder…

“Just look, it seems that even Her Highness the Holy Demoness didn’t find it easy. Hmm? Her Highness the Holy Demoness doesn’t seem to have much strength remaining…” The Great Flood Crown Prince faintly smiled at Sheng Mei, his gaze containing lust and greed!

He had certainly probed Sheng Mei’s situation with his sense before this. It was exactly because of Sheng Mei’s severe wounds that he was fully assured of his victory!

As long as he could kill off Lin Ming, then regardless of it being the lucky chances in this underground cavern or Sheng Mei herself, everything would belong to him!

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