MW Chapter 2156

Chapter 2156 – Whose Child Is It?

The dim and blurry surroundings began to gradually clear.

What Sheng Mei entered was a dark gray underground cavern.

After experiencing ever-changing characters and unpredictable environments, Sheng Mei couldn’t distinguish whether what lay before her was an illusion or reality.

I am…

In an instant, Sheng Mei instantly thought of something that left her dripping with a cold sweat!

“My child!”

Sheng Mei cried out in alarm and grasped her belly.

She originally drowned in despair, but what left her shocked was that after touching her stomach, she could clearly feel a wisp of an extremely weak life fluctuation that was being sealed away.

This fluctuation was like a sprouting seed buried deep underground. Although it was young and fragile, it still continued to furiously grow.

And on this sprout, there was a light seal that acted as a big stone, forcibly suppressing its growth…

After experiencing all sorts of dreams she felt the life fluctuations of her child once more.

As well as that icy cold seal above that life fluctuation.

Immediately, Sheng Mei quivered and tears streamed down from her eyes.

“My child…”

It was still alive!

Sheng Mei grabbed her belly as she heaved in great sobbing breaths. All of her emotions seemed to burst out like a collapsing dam, exploding in that moment.

These emotions had been constrained for tens of thousands of years!

For these tens of thousands of years she had been arrogant and lofty, an icy goddess untainted by the sins of mortals. But in this moment, she was only a helpless woman that glowed with motherhood.

She could lose everything, or, it could be said that she never had anything to begin with. But, she could not lose her life’s only sustenance.

For this, she could pay any price!

“My child, mama will no longer seal you away, I won’t!”

Sheng Mei muttered. These words came from the depths of her heart. As if something were transforming within her, or perhaps because she had overdrawn herself to break through the Soul Emperor’s seal, her incomparably weak soul began to shine with all the colors of a rainbow.

The light was extremely weak. Compared to the light of Sheng Mei’s soul when she had been at her peak, this light couldn’t be considered much at all. But, this light actually contained an unspeakably deep concept, fearless and covered in thorns!

Although Sheng Mei had arrived at the limits of weakness, in these last tens of thousands of years her heart of martial arts had never been as firm as it was today!

But in that moment, the teary-eyed Sheng Mei’s heart turned icy cold.

When she awoke just now, because her emotions had been too volatile and her body had been too weak, she hadn’t noticed her surroundings at all.

But now she could clearly feel someone behind her.

Sheng Mei turned around, her eyes shards of ice!

Behind her was a towering large abyssal that frowned as he stared at her. His eyes were colored with doubt and he had a strange expression as he stared at her belly.


Sheng Mei never thought that her actions just now would have been seen by this abyssal. This left her ashamed and enraged!

Her pregnancy was her greatest secret!

If it were known by the Soul Emperor, the consequences would be inconceivable!

Normally, if abyssals were to discover this matter, Sheng Mei would surely kill them off to eliminate any possible clues. But now she was incomparably weak, and this abyssal standing before her was…

“It’s you?”

Sheng Mei was shocked. This abyssal… wasn’t it the one she was to be married to?

Sheng Mei originally didn’t hold any malice or animosity towards this Ninth Elder from the Ancient Eon Sect, but… after meeting again in such a manner…

Sheng Mei took a deep breath. This current situation had taken a turn for the worst!

She had always kept a tight lock on the secret of her pregnancy, taking any precaution necessary. Because countless abyssals wished to marry her, she had been annoyed and finally became tired of this matter, and had directly proposed that any abyssal that could defeat her at the same boundary would be considered for marriage. This proposal deterred all her pursuers. Every time Sheng Mei accepted a challenge, she would ruthlessly beat that challenger into the ground, crippling them for a year or two to serve as an example for all others.

The effects of her decision were amazing. No one had bothered her for several hundred years, but who imagined that such a monstrous freak would suddenly appear out of nowhere!

After some hardship she had negotiated certain conditions with this monstrous freak, and even had to offer up the pages of death of the Holy Scripture. This was all so that they agreed to be husband and wife in name only, neither party interfering with the other’s business.

But after all that had been resolved, this abyssal actually found out about… her pregnancy!

Not to mention whether or not he would divulge this news, there was already trouble based on their relationship alone! There was no man willing to be made a cuckold, no man that was willing to inexplicably become the father to another man’s child!

In particular, this other party was a higher abyssal with outstanding talent, whose heart was higher than the heavens!

If the usually rough and savage abyssals were to come across this sort of matter, they would surely try to refine the fetus or even violently stamp it out!

Even if he didn’t descend into a murderous frenzy, he might go to the high level figures of Deep King Road in his rage. If that occurred, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Sheng Mei subconsciously traced her spatial ring, her palms already wet with sweat.

She was far too weak right now. Disregarding the fact that she hadn’t been able to defeat Lin Ming in her peak state, right now she couldn’t even contend with a peak Empyrean.

Once he attacked, she would surely be ruthlessly ravaged!

If this abyssal were to lose his mind from rage, even killing her child and raping her might be a possibility.

But facing Sheng Mei’s wariness and killing intent, Lin Ming seemed to not think anything of it at all. He continued to look at her belly with a strange expression on his face, something that bordered on thoughtfulness.

His first reaction was that this child was definitely not his own. After seven thousand years, even if he believed he had left behind a child, they should have long since been born.

But as he heard Sheng Mei mention words like ‘seal’, it seemed that the growth of this child had been sealed away. If so, then this was a truly intriguing matter.

Moreover, Lin Ming probed with his sense and truly did faintly feel a seal in Sheng Mei’s belly. As for that child’s weak life fluctuations, they had been isolated by that seal and even he hadn’t been able to sense them…

Could this child be his own?

Lin Ming wouldn’t be overly sentimental or engrossed in his own affections. After all, seven thousand years had passed, and who knew if Sheng Mei had any changes in her romantic life.

“Whose child is that in your belly?” Lin Ming couldn’t help but ask, ignoring Sheng Mei’s vigilance.

“What do you care about such things? In any case, it has nothing to do with you!”

Sheng Mei icily responded. Lin Ming’s question about the child’s father left her on guard. Normally in such a situation, a man would ask this question after a bout of rage and then seek out the father to settle the score.

Although the child’s father was already dead, there was still the father’s family, friends, homeland…

In the future the Dark Abyss would invade the 33 Heavens. She couldn’t say for sure that this abyssal wouldn’t find a chance to take revenge.

Lin Ming awkwardly traced his nose. He also knew that it was a bit ridiculous to ask such a question. This sort of matter was a stain on Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness, so how could she tell him?

“If you have any conditions, you may speak them!”

Sheng Mei’s chest heaved. She could see that Lin Ming hadn’t lost his reasoning and desperately attacked her, thus she put on an expression and tone of defeat. Currently, she simply wasn’t Lin Ming’s match and she had no qualifications to resist him.


Lin Ming rubbed his chin, his gaze still pinned on her belly. He wanted to pierce through that seal and catch the aura of that child’s life fluctuations.

As long as he could sense this aura, he could judge whether or not this was his child.

However, in order to cover up her pregnancy, Sheng Mei had completely sealed the aura of her child’s life into her belly so that none of it leaked out.

If Lin Ming wanted to forcefully break through this seal he could do that, but he feared his actions would injure the child.

“Yes. Any conditions you want. Besides my body and my child’s life, you can raise any condition you desire. If you desire my cultivation methods, I can also offer them to you! You should know that the rank of my cultivation method surpasses the True Divinity level, and I also have two sets of pages. I originally only gave you the pages of death and not the pages of life, but if you want I can give them both to you completely!”

Sheng Mei was already prepared to pay a deep price. After all, without even the ability to flee, she had no power to bargain.

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