MW Chapter 2155

Chapter 2155 – Regaining Consciousness

“She actually… broke through my… spirit mark? With her strength this should be impossible…”

The truth was that not to mention Sheng Mei, but even in the entire 33 Heavens and Dark Abyss combined, there wasn’t anyone capable of undoing the spirit mark left behind by the Soul Emperor.

This was because this spirit mark had taken deep root within Sheng Mei’s spiritual sea. Even if there was someone who possessed a soul force capable of rivaling the Soul Emperor’s, if one tried to forcefully undo the spirit mark then it would cause Sheng Mei’s spiritual sea to collapse.

Thus, this spirit mark could only be broken through by Sheng Mei herself.

The Soul Emperor reached out a bloodless white hand, the points of his fingers rapidly touching as he quickly deduced just what occurred. He wanted to figure out what this new turn of events was.

But bizarrely, he discovered that as he tried to investigate this matter, his efforts were hampered by layers of fog that blocked his sight so that he couldn’t clearly see what was occurring.

“What is happening?”

The Soul Emperor frowned. He did not like having anything surpass his control.

He narrowed his eyes and looked deep in the sea of misery and the endless skeletons that floated above it. Eventually, he sat back down and his mind returned to serenity once more.

Although the spirit mark he left in Sheng Mei’s spiritual sea had shattered, as long as he left seclusion then none of this would be a problem.

Currently, completely refining the Eternal Soul was the vital task at hand.

As for Sheng Mei, it was impossible for her to use this brief period of time to raise her strength to a level where she could escape his reach.

At this time, in the Demon God’s Tomb, Sheng Mei’s soul form had turned pale white without the least bit of blood. When she burnt her soul just now she had erupted with an unimaginable strength that had surpassed her present cultivation by several levels.

What should have been impossible had actually happened.

In the mortal world, during earthquakes when a mother saw their child being pressed beneath rubble, that delicate woman could actually erupt with a strength far surpassing that of an adult male, pushing apart stones that were several hundred jins to rescue their child.

What Sheng Mei just did was also the same.

This was a mother’s strength.

However, because she overdrew on her soul, it left her extremely weakened afterwards. Moreover, because Sheng Mei was immersed in her heart demons, with her weakened soul it would be impossible for her to resist the invasion of these heart demons.

She had already… lost consciousness…


At this time, in the bottom of the killing lake, in a deep underground cavern, a towering abyssal was crouched near a corpse. This abyssal stretched out a finger to pierce into the arm of this corpse and slowly absorb the power of demon gods.

The impact of the heart demons just now had been terrifying in intensity. Because Lin Ming possessed the Magic Cube, he hadn’t been affected the least.

He had also intentionally allowed himself to experience the attacks of the heart demons. Otherwise, he definitely would have been able to maintain his consciousness from beginning to the end.

Then, Lin Ming continued to be swept down by the vortex of the killing lake. After dropping for an unknown period of time, he was finally dropped into this deep underground cavern.

In this underground cavern there was not only him, but several other abyssals that had lost consciousness.

Lin Ming investigated them and discovered that these abyssals had already died.

During the test of the heart demons, the souls of these abyssals weren’t strong enough to withstand it. In the end their souls exploded to pieces and their spiritual seas had collapsed. Their blood vitality also slowly faded away. Before long, they would become nourishment for this strange world.

Seeing this scene, Lin Ming sighed with emotion. Each of these abyssals was an overbearing tyrant of their own land. Yet in the Demon God’s Tomb they were no different from cannon fodder.

It could only be said that the rank of this Demon God’s Tomb was too terrifying.

Through the 33 Heavens and the Dark Abyss, in all the universes combined, this was the highest rank, and the most terrifying mystic realm to exist.

Lin Ming continued his search. He wanted to see if these abyssals had any valuable treasures they left behind, and while at it he could also use Famine’s Swallowing Laws to absorb the bits of the power of demon gods still in these abyssals’ bodies before it faded away.

But at this time, another unconscious body fell into the cavern.


The sound of this body landing was much lighter; it couldn’t be compared to the giant abyssal demons that crashed into the ground.

Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred. He stretched out his sense to search out the source of that sound. If his luck was good he could find this abyssal just as they died and then he could absorb even more of the power of demon gods from them.

However, when Lin Ming found that body with his sense, he actually froze. The one who just fell was not anyone else but a black-clothed woman – Soul Empress Sheng Mei!

“Sheng Mei… did she withstand the impact of the heart demons?”

Lin Ming’s mind tightened. After probing with his sense, he discovered that Sheng Mei still had a weak breath and heartbeat. However, she was deathly pale and her lips were blue. Her fires of life were weak and it was clear that she had overdrawn herself in the heart demon test just now.

Moreover, she was still immersed in her heart demons and hadn’t awoken.

This left Lin Ming surprised. The impact of heart demons had indeed been terrifying but he had easily passed it using the Magic Cube. But even if he didn’t use the Magic Cube, Lin Ming believed that with his Eternal Soul he could pay a certain price to persist through the heart demons.

In Lin Ming’s eyes, after reaching perfection of nine reincarnations, Sheng Mei’s divine soul was undoubtedly formidable. Although she couldn’t pass this test as easily as he did, she should still have been able to do so without losing consciousness.

Lin Ming swept out his sense. The already unconsciousness Sheng Mei could not resist Lin Ming’s sense. Lin Ming’s sense entered into Sheng Mei’s spiritual sea without any hindrance.

As Lin Ming saw the scene in Sheng Mei’s spiritual sea, he held his breath.

He had guessed that Sheng Mei had overdrawn her divine soul but he never imagined she had overdrawn herself to this extent. Her entire spiritual sea had dried up by over half!

And in the skies above her spiritual sea, deep dark cloud gathered. In these dark clouds, demons and ghosts rampantly danced and howled!

These were Sheng Mei’s heart demons. The degree of their formidability far surpassed Lin Ming’s own heart demons.

“Sheng Mei actually has such terrifying heart demons. Every heart demon is an obsession and fear of Sheng Mei’s heart… no wonder she couldn’t withstand this even with her divine soul of nine reincarnations.”

Lin Ming shook his head. With a nearly exhausted spiritual sea and such powerful heart demons, it was already a miracle that Sheng Mei could maintain the fires of her life without dying like the other abyssals.

Lin Ming fell into thought. If he didn’t quickly rescue her then she would likely fall into a permanent sleep and no longer awaken. And even if she did awaken, her spiritual sea would be forever wounded.

But if he rescued her, he wouldn’t know if she would be an enemy or friend in the future…

Between him and the Soul Emperor there would eventually be a battle. And when that time arrived, would Sheng Mei side with the Soul Emperor?

Perhaps the Soul Emperor had some method to restrain and control Sheng Mei. At that time if he wanted to fight the Soul Emperor, he might need to pass the test of Sheng Mei first.

If so, then he was only looking for bitter fruit to eat on his own.

But as he watched Sheng Mei’s divine soul gradually weaken, Lin Ming let out a gentle breath and opened the grandmist force field. After blocking out his surroundings, he lifted his right hand and the Magic Cube appeared in his palm.

Sheng Mei could be considered as having saved his life. Otherwise, 7000 years ago, whether it was Soaring Feather God King or the Soul Emperor, either one could have easily taken his life.

And no matter what, he should save Sheng Mei first. Even if he saved her she would surely be weak and definitely not a match for him. After saving her, could he somehow obtain more secrets of the Soul Emperor?

But doing so would likely completely expose his identity. If the Soul Emperor had left behind some sort of mark or contingency in Sheng Mei, then if he were to capture Sheng Mei there was a likelihood that his confrontation with the Soul Emperor would be shifted to an earlier time.

The present situation could be said to be filled with complicated intricacies.

At this time a red-clothed little girl emerged from the Magic Cube. She curiously looked at the slumbering Sheng Mei and said, “Brother Lin, isn’t this the big sister from the Akashic Dream Universe?”

“Mm, it’s her.”

Lin Ming lightly said. He gently patted the Magic Cube with one hand and some of the runes atop it began to sparkle. A dim light shot into the point between Sheng Mei’s eyebrows and then covered the skies above her spiritual sea. The layers of dark clouds that were her heart demons began to melt away like snow in the sun beneath this dim light.

Many heart demons cried out in pain and roared in misery. They wanted to plunge into Sheng Mei’s spiritual sea to hide, but in the end they were swept into the dim light and turned to ashes.

After eliminating all the heart demons, Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred and he poured a bit of his divine soul’s strength into Sheng Mei’s spiritual sea.

Like this, as if she had slept for an untold number years and awaited this moment, Sheng Mei slowly and quietly opened her eyes…


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