MW Chapter 2153

Chapter 2153 – Child

Day after day, year after year.

Lin Ming continued his struggle in the cave, forcefully persisting for ten years!

Ten years later, Lin Ming already resembled an old man in his final years.

Although his back had been lonely, it had still be relaxed and straight.

But now his back was bent over with age.

His face was full of deep wrinkles and his eyes had become grim and dirty.

Sheng Mei could feel that Lin Ming would die soon.

The footsteps of the god of death rapidly approached. As someone who understood the Death Laws, how could she not feel the death energy emitting from within Lin Ming’s body?

This was the end…

Sheng Mei closed her eyes, no longer able to endure watching on. Even so, her sense continued to lock onto Lin Ming’s everything.

She watched as Lin Ming’s eye turned from pure brilliance to dirtiness, and then from dirtiness to nothingness.

Afterwards, his body no longer moved and his atrophied muscles became completely paralyzed. His beating heart becoming weaker with each beat, and his tiny wisps of soul fire slowly dissipating into the world…

Lin Ming, had finally, truly… died.

In that moment, Sheng Mei realized that Lin Ming’s spiritual sea had lost all color.

He still maintained his cross-legged sitting posture. In the final moments of his life, under extreme pain and duress, he still didn’t give up rushing towards that one slim ray of hope that never existed to begin with…

For a genius that once shook the heavens and earth, this was the final result. In a lower world, in a barren mountain cave that had no name, he had died alone.

No one knew just what sort of great legend was buried beneath this small mountain.

At this time, Sheng Mei’s face was wet with tears.

Although she knew that Lin Ming had died, she still quietly waited here. She continued to wait, feeling the entire time that a piece of her heart was being dug out.

She was determined to remember this place in her dream. In the future she would go back to the Sky Spill Continent, find this barren mountain hill and dig out Lin Ming’s bones to bury in her own inner world…

Year after year, Sheng Mei waited in this cave. She no longer knew how long she waited here.

She thought she had waited long enough; it was time to return.

But as she thought of returning, she was left stunned. She wanted to return, but return to where?

She was lost, as if the part of her heart that had been dug out was part of her soul.

And with this part of her soul missing, she suddenly forgot the road back.

Or, perhaps there was no road to begin with.

In this great world, whether it was the 33 Heavens or Dark Abyss, there was nowhere that was family to her…

What was family?

Safety? Warmth? Affection?

In this world, was there some place that could make her feel safe? Feel warmth? Feel affection?

She faced pressure at all times. She faced people who harbored dark and sinister intentions towards her, faced factions that fought each other and mistrusted each other.

She simply didn’t have a family.

There was no place where she could relax. In fact, there wasn’t even a place that could make her feel at ease as she could by lying in this dark cave, beside this corpse.

Thinking of this, Sheng Mei felt forlorn. She no longer wished to leave.

She was like a wild lone ghost, wandering about by herself, no longer remembering why she was here. All that remained in her memories was to stand guard in this place…

She seemed to have lost something important. But as for what it was, she couldn’t think of it.

She didn’t know how much time passed. It seemed endless, as if there were no end in sight.

But at some casual moment, she suddenly saw an unbelievably faint glow light up over Lin Ming’s corpse…

That dim light seemed to twinkle from the corner of a cube. And on that cube, all sorts of ancient and mystical runes flashed.

And that dim light itself possessed an indescribably mysterious aura. Like this, it wafted in between Sheng Mei’s eyebrows.

In that moment, in the depths of her soul, Sheng Mei shivered.

She seemed to awaken from a nightmare. As her body shook, the dreamland all around her shattered like glass!

Light flashed. Inexhaustible tattered thoughts flew around her. In a flash, Sheng Mei returned to a vast dark hall.

She dripped with a cold sweat as she gathered her scattered wits, recovering from the shock. She knew that she had nearly lost herself in that dream and had almost been unable to disentangle herself from it.

That was… a heart demon.

Everything she saw just now had become an incomparably strong obsession because of her heart demons, and what she saw tore at her soul again and again.

The marks that Lin Ming left in her memories were far too deep.

Sheng Mei’s life was filled with gray. What she faced was a life without hope. And at this time, no one was able to become a pillar that supported Sheng Mei, because no matter who it was they would eventually be overtaken by her and cast away in the dust.

In truth, she was incomparably lonely. She needed someone that could accompany her.

But the only person who could accompany her had been personally destroyed by her…

The impact of such a heart demon could be imagined. When a martial artist faced a heart demon, the most terrifying thought was that… their dream world would be even better than reality, and they would no longer wish to awaken from that dream.

Once that happened, they were destined to be lost forever!

Even though Sheng Mei had passed through nine reincarnations and her divine soul was incomparably powerful, she still couldn’t resist such a heart demon and in the end had nearly lost herself in that cave.

As she recalled that dream that seemed to have gone on for dozens of years, Sheng Mei discovered she could clearly remember everything about Lin Ming’s life.

She remembered Lin Ming’s hardship, downfall, resistance, everything was a vivid recollection that still twisted at her heart like a knife.

But in the final moments of that dream, there had been some unknown black sparkle of light that had allowed her to escape the clutches of her heart demons. As for what the light had been, she had no idea.

She didn’t even know if that spark of light had truly existed or not. Had it only been an illusion?

Could it be an illusion formed by her heart demons?

Just what was it?

Sheng Mei felt that the spark of light was extremely familiar. She should have been able to think about what it was, yet as she tried, it became even blurrier in her mind.

But at this time, as she was deep in thought, Sheng Mei’s heart chilled.

She could feel a terrifying aura approach.

She suddenly looked up. She could see a pale white youth with filthy eyes, whose body gushed over with rich death energy. This youth slowly emerged from the darkness to stand before her.

This old youth that resembled a corpse was the Soul Emperor!

Sheng Mei’s heart shrank.

Seeing the Soul Emperor, normally she wouldn’t been surprised. But why would the Soul Emperor appear in this scene? Was this a dream? Or reality?

She felt her memories were in chaos. Though she had just recently regained consciousness from that dream, she seemed to have forgotten something important, but she couldn’t recall what it was.


Sheng Mei opened her mouth to speak. But before she could finish speaking, the Soul Emperor looked at Sheng Mei’s belly and diabolically grinned.

In that moment, Sheng Mei’s entire body turned icy cold. She didn’t fear the Soul Emperor to begin with, but as she realized something truly horrifying, she stood up tall, all blood draining out of her face!

The Soul Emperor pressed forwards, one step by one step.

Sheng Mei paled. She retreated, one step by one step.

Beads of sweat fell down from Sheng Mei’s forehead. Because at this time, she realized just what might be happening.

Finally, the Soul Emperor forced Sheng Mei into a corner.

He cruelly smiled, pointing at her belly and saying, “You used the strength of your nine revolution red lotus to seal away the child in your stomach. Are you worried that the growth of that unborn child will take away a part of the totem abyssal strength I left within you, thus alarming me?

“You sealed away that fetus for 7000 years, and in addition to the time you spent in time enchantments, over 10,000 years have passed. You truly thought this out well!

“What do you plan on doing? Surely you aren’t naïve enough to believe that you will be able to give birth to this child!”

Sheng Mei grit her teeth, not uttering a word. She quietly traced her spatial ring, already ready to bring out her bone sword.

“You want to resist me?” The Soul Emperor looked at Sheng Mei as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world. “Everything you have, I gave to you. Your cultivation methods were taught by me, and yet you actually think you can revolt against me! Hahahah!”

The Soul Emperor cackled and infinite killing intent burst out from him.

Then, his palm came crashing down onto Sheng Mei’s belly!


Sheng Mei roared out loud. In this moment, she was like a mother tiger enraged at the injury of her cub, desperately attacking the Soul Emperor!

The black light of a bone sword leapt into Sheng Mei’s palm. Then, she turned towards the Soul Emperor and brought it mercilessly slashing down!

However, facing this sword, the Soul Emperor simply reached out two fingers and easily caught the blade!

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