MW Chapter 2150

Chapter 2150 – Heart Demon

The moment that dream woman turned into a brilliant flash of light, Sheng Mei felt as if a sword had been stabbed into her heart. With a stuffy cough, her divine soul suffered excruciating pain as if she was being torn asunder.

In front of Sheng Mei, that dazzling divine light became increasingly strong, blotting out the skies. Like millions and billions of suns crashing down onto the world.

That black continent melted away.

And above that continent, the endless skeletons were sucked in by this strength, shattering and disintegrating!

The force fields inherent within these skeletons, the energy emitted from these peerless powerhouses after they died, everything was swept up into that blinding brilliance, turning into a kaleidoscope of colors that swirled into a giant vortex!

This vortex swallowed the continent, completely refining it!

Endless runes came shrouding down. The earth seemed to turn into a magic tool. The Purple Card fluttered in the center of that continent, giant ripples of energy pulsating outwards.

Then, as if it were being grasped by some great invisible hand, this continent was pushed towards another world, slowly suppressing it!

For a time, infinite tracts of space were cracked. Horrifying space storms stirred up, but nothing was able to stop the advance of this continent.

It was irresistible!

In the blinding brilliance, the continent became increasingly thin as it was refined. However, the energy within was being compressed to an infinite degree.

All the skeletons atop were refined, turned into endless fragments that tumbled about in the air.

As for the energy of those skeletons, all of it fused together in the center of this continent – the Purple Card.

This card seemed to be the center of all energy in the universe. As long as anything could be turned into energy, nothing was able to escape its control.

These skeletons, whether it was life forms of the 33 Heavens, God Beasts, or even abyssal demons, whether it was the power of divinity, the power of demons, the power of monsters, all of it was entirely absorbed by the Purple Card.

Finally, this continent turned into a giant wall of light that turned towards that mysterious dark world and ruthlessly came suppressing down on it.


With an indescribable explosion, the world seemed to collapse.

That giant and profound dark world that hid in the void trembled, trembled…

It was like the apocalypse had arrived, as if the great Shattering were beginning once more!

In that moment, Sheng Mei’s divine soul violently shook. She suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood and the chaotic dream she saw shattered, turning into endless fragments.

Her face was pale white and her entire body streamed with dripping sweat.

Everything she experienced in that dream just now was far too real, as if she had lived tens of thousands of years in it. But when she woke up from that dream, it was as if only a mere moment had passed.

She experienced inexhaustible scenes in that dream, but as she tried to recall them, they were somewhat blurry…

Yet even though she already couldn’t recall many of the scenes, Sheng Mei still deeply remembered those final moments.

She remembered that dream woman burning away her life, refining those endless skeletons to forge that giant crystal wall with the Purple Card, and then maliciously suppressed that dark world with the crystal wall.

That mysterious dark world gave off an incredibly familiar feeling to Sheng Mei – it was the Dark Abyss

And above the Dark Abyss lay the Eternal God Wall, a barrier that isolated the Dark Abyss from the 33 Heavens. It was a wall that had existed there for 10 billion years.

And in her dreams, Sheng Mei had actually witnessed the birth of the Eternal God Wall.

The black-clothed woman burning away her life in a flash of brilliance, the suppression of the crystal wall, that apocalyptic scene, all of it became a mark that was forever branded in Sheng Mei’s mind!

“She is…”

Sheng Mei took a deep breath and earnestly tried to recall what she remembered. She wanted to seek out how she was related to that mysterious woman in her dreams.

However, just as she felt as if she had caught hold of something, she felt as if her spiritual sea was being torn apart once more.

Such fiercely aching pain was like a heavy hammer that brutally smashed down on her head. She felt her legs soften and her surroundings turn dark. In the next moment her consciousness became blurry once more…

She seemed to begin yet another long dream.

Countless mixed scenes appeared in this dream, and she saw many familiar characters.

Of these many faces, some were friendly, some were kind, some were disgusted, some were filled with hatred…

And finally, a youth’s face appeared, seeming as if it took up the entire dream.

This youth had pale white skin and cloudy eyes, as if he were a dead man walking.

Soul Emperor!

Seeing this old youth, a cold light flashed in Sheng Mei’s eyes. She was utterly unable to resist the Soul Emperor. But towards this evil man, what she felt the most was not fear, but hatred!


A beam of divine thought burst out from between the Soul Emperor’s eyes and crashed into Sheng Mei’s inner world. Sheng Mei’s mind shook and space tumbled about her. As she opened her eyes once more, she discovered she had arrived in a world where the heaven and earth origin energy was extremely thin, but a world that was also extremely peaceful…

“This is…”

As this world appeared, Sheng Mei felt something that nearly left her gasping for breath.

This was the Sky Spill Continent, Lin Ming’s hometown!

Could it be…

Sheng Mei’s body quivered, as if she were living a waking nightmare.

This was something hidden deep in her memories, a box she wasn’t willing to open. Like a scar she couldn’t bear to see, she simply couldn’t face it.

She dreaded experiencing this scene, she truly didn’t want to…

However, in this scene before her, what she feared the most slowly happened. She saw – Lin Ming.

At this time, Lin Ming was lying despondent on the ground of his home world, looking at Sheng Mei.

At this moment, Sheng Mei wanted to withdraw, but she discovered that a flow of heat surged in her belly.

This flow of heat spread through her limbs and bones. She turned around and saw that not too far away, there was an old tree that looked as if it were molded from a horned dragon.

And on that old tree there had originally been two fruits. But, these two fruits had already disappeared.

Sheng Mei’s heart shook. She certainly remembered preparing this fruit tree for Lin Ming. It originated from the Dark Abyss, a type of enchanted fruit that inflamed one’s basest sexual desires.

In the past, without a road to take, she had chosen to use these enchanted fruits.

But now she didn’t want to experience this scene once more.

She revolved the strength in her body, wanting to drive out the medicinal strength of this fruit. But, she discovered that no matter how she tried, she simply wasn’t able to move any of the energy within her.

As if this body wasn’t her own.

Sheng Mei took and deep breath and suddenly understood what was occurring. This was her dream, and ultimately her true self was only a wandering traveler through this dream. No matter what she tried to do she couldn’t change the dream. She could only stand here and experience it once more…

“If you are destined to be destroyed, then you might as well… be destroyed by my hands…”

These were words that Sheng Mei once said to Lin Ming. These words reverberated in this dreamland, and as she heard them once more, she didn’t know how she felt…

She closed her eyes, not wanting to watch the following scene. But soon she felt her clothes disappear, and then… the movement of bodies.

That was a masculine body unreservedly fusing with her own.

This sort of strange feeling gradually blended together with the burning heat in her body, making her soul tremble.

She never would have imagined that on this day, in her dream she would experience this extremely profound memory once more…

In the past she too had eaten that enchanted aphrodisiac fruit of the Dark Abyss, and her consciousness had also turned blurry. Although she remembered that unforgettable touch, her experiences at the time had still be blurry.

As if she were being mesmerized by an intoxicating spring dream, although she had reached the pinnacle of bliss, she had still done so in a half-awake, half-dream state.

And the difference now was that Sheng Mei was experiencing all of this completely sober.

She kept her eyes closed throughout. But, the continuous impacts that seemed to strike at her soul continued to pass over that original pleasure from beginning to end.

In her dream, besides not being able to control this body, she personally experienced everything!

Beneath the medicinal properties of the fruit, she felt a wild joy that left her breathlessly enchanted.

This was something she had never experienced before in her dry and repressed life.

But at the same time, she also felt the confusion and pain hidden in the depths of this man’s soul beneath her.

His life source, his soul source was being slowly weakened, drawn out from him…

It was like watching a brilliant star slowly fading away.

In particular, this fading man had an inextricably linked relationship with her. And his fall also came because of her.

Without noticing it, Sheng Mei felt a crystal clear and cool tear fall down from the corner of her eye, breaking apart like a pearl as it landed…


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