MW Chapter 2149

Chapter 2149 – Sheng Mei’s Past Life (B)

Of these abyssal demons, the vast majority were originally of the kind that possessed low intelligence. After being stimulated by a secret technique, they had gone crazy and were now no different from wild beasts.

Seeing this little girl, these abyssals instantly became ferocious.


The crowd of abyssals howled as they rushed towards this little girl!

Seeing these vicious and murderous abyssals, the little girl clenched her teeth. She wielded her sword and brought it slashing down. Sword light sparkled as abyssal after abyssal was cut apart by her!

Countless corpses littered the ground. Blood dyed her face, her clothes, drenched her entire body in the thickly rank smell of blood, as if she were someone that had crawled out from the blood ponds of hell.

For such a cute little girl to be drenched in thick blood, this formed an incredible visual impact. It was hard to imagine that the surrounding scene had originated from her hands.

The old man looked on indifferently as the abyssals rushed forwards. He only waved his hand and another group of wild abyssals flushed out of another gate.

These abyssals were even more formidable than the previous ones. They howled out as they raced towards the little girl…

Year after year, the little girl experienced endless and untold amounts of slaughter.

Many times, because her enemies were too strong, she was nearly torn to shreds by the abyssals.

Or sometimes she was severely wounded, suffocating on the verge of death.

But each time, as she lay dying, she would be put into a pot of boiling medicinal solution, suffering agonizing torment as she slowly recovered from her wounds.

She grew stronger and stronger and her cultivation grew higher and higher. Every inch of her flesh experienced inexhaustible tempering. From a young child she slowly grew up into a young girl.

At some unknown point, the singular red mark between her eyebrows became two.

Like two flower petals pressed in between her eyebrows.

Afterwards, she was tossed alone onto a vast wild plain.

Without pills, without supplies, she ventured through the wild plains on her own, encountering countless ancient great beasts and slaughtering them!

Without pills, she gathered everything she needed by herself. When she was injured she treated herself.

She passed a hundred million miles through a great desolate land, killing innumerable wild beasts all the while.

At this time, she had already become a woman whose beauty was capable of causing the downfall of nations. Her strength was outstanding. In the primal god race, her status was like the moon in the night sky, brilliant and glorious.

The flower petals between her eyebrows turned to three. When the third one appeared, she was locked on the reef of a small island deep in the sea.

This small island was the place where the bones of an ancient great emperor were buried. There was a giant force field that covered this land, and a normal martial artist would find it unbearable.

But this young girl was locked onto the ground here using chains.

With her slender and charming figure, she was tightly bound by these chains. The darksteel rings dug into her flesh and drew blood. On her beautiful body, fierce red marks were left behind.

And behind her were the rocky reefs. These reefs were not made from ordinary stones, but from extraterrestrial divine stones. These stones dug into her back, like countless needles thrusting into her body.

The chains weren’t common chains either. They were dragon trapping chains refined by an array formation grandmaster.

Not only could they bind the body they could also lock in one’s divine soul.

In addition with the pressure from the great emperor force field, from the very start the young girl found it nearly impossible to breathe.

When the tides rose, infinite great waves would smash into her body. She withstood that crashing pain time and time again.

And after the tide retreated, the blazing hot sun would burn her body.

She lost all color. She lay there motionlessly, not even blinking her eyes, as if she had already become a jade statue.

She withstood such monstrous suffering, silently enduring it, patiently waiting…

No one came to check on her and no one delivered food to here. She could only stare off into the distance and the horizon that was covered with thick fog and the limitless sea and boundless sky that spread out before her.

As if she were already forgotten hereby the world. If she wasn’t able to free herself, then she would simply die here.

Loneliness, despair, pain, such suffering could even make a brave man turn mad.

At the start, the young girl felt extremely helpless. But slowly, she discovered remnants of the mysterious great emperor’s Laws. And, she discovered that the roiling heaven and earth origin energy here was a hundred times richer than the outside.

She started to perceived the Laws, day in and day out.

Every morning she would lick the darksteel chains, drinking in the morning dew that had gathered on the cold metal. She would breathe in the purest power of the world here.

She constantly saved her strength, constantly raised her strength.

Until one day, as her strength rose higher and higher she finally broke through her bottleneck and her strength rose to a whole new level!

Like a phoenix bathing in the fires, on the verge of death she experienced her own nirvanic rebirth!


She smashed apart the iron chains that bound her body and blew apart the divine stones behind her. With a loud and clear cry, she blazed into the boundless blue skies!

In that moment, she experienced another sublimation of her strength and experiences, another transformation.

Amongst her contemporaries, there was already no one capable of competing with her strength…


Battle, slaughter, cultivation…

Her enemies ranged from abyssals, to endless wild beasts, and back to infinite waves of abyssals. Although she had a beauty that could fell kingdoms, she had never once experienced the love between a man and woman.

All she knew was blood.

All she knew was fighting.

And everything that occurred to these peerless woman flowed into Sheng Mei’s inner world.

As if this were a life she had experienced, an incomparably real life.

However, this seemed to only be a dream that had nothing to do with Sheng Mei. Because in her memories, Sheng Mei simply couldn’t find these scenes.

Just who was the young girl in the dream?

That beautiful woman had an appearance completely similar to that of Sheng Mei. And between her eyebrows, there was also the mark of a red lotus; that was the symbol of the nine revolutions of reincarnation…

As if she were dreaming, as if she were awake, Sheng Mei could no longer distinguish if she were Sheng Mei or the woman in this dream…

After experiencing untold years, this dream woman’s strength now stood at the highest levels of the universe. The red lotus between her eyebrows had long since reached perfection, and what Sheng Mei saw next left her gasping on her own breath.

She saw in the limitless vast space, there was a floating dark continent.

And on this continent were bones, endless bones!

Some of these bones were in the shape of people, some were in the shape of fierce monsters, all sorts of wild beasts, and even some bones in the shape of God Beasts that extended for thousands of miles.

Of these skeletons, all of them emitted an incredibly terrifying aura. If the bones of a weakling were placed within, they would immediately be crushed into dust by the pressure!

Without a doubt, only the remains of peerless powerhouses were on this dark continent. 

It was unimaginable just how so many peerless powerhouses had died here.

Looking at the bones, one could see that they had died around the same time.

From this, one could speculate that this was an incredibly brutal war that involved countless peerless powerhouses!

The peerless woman stood above these endless bones, as if she were on another world.

She was barefoot, wearing a long black dress that flowed down her like water. Divine brilliance poured from her, sprinkling down onto her body, shrouding her in a faint hazy glow.

Her aura seemed to merge together with the one. In this brutal and savage world, she seemed completely out of place.

In her life, she had experienced endless slaughter. But at this time she was like a single orchid in a profound canyon, ethereal and otherworldly, her snow white skin untainted by mortal affairs.

Even this dark and ominous battlefield that was covered in layers of killing intent seemed to have nothing to do with her.

And at this time, in front of the woman, something appeared.

This was… a purple card.

The small card was only the size of a palm. And carved on this card were countless strange and indecipherable marks.

These marks were ancient and mystical. Just by looking at them, one felt as if their soul would fall within.

The card was like a fluttering butterfly, flying around this peerless woman.

The woman looked at this card. From within her bright eyes, infinite sorrow and regret seemed to appear…

However, all these complex feelings eventually returned to peace and serenity. There was no longer any waves in her mood.

The card fluttered about, slowly flying towards the peerless woman’s forehead.

Then… gently, gently, gently… it cut into the jade-like flesh of the woman’s forehead.

The nine petal red lotus was torn apart by the purple card, instantly fading…

Blood gushed out and all of it was absorbed by the purple card. Then, endless crimson light dyed this dark gray world…

In that moment, the world seemed to regain all its color. Infinite life essence recklessly gushed out from the woman. More and more light blazed from the woman’s body. Like a black phoenix burning itself, she dazzled with blinding brilliance!

Because of this woman’s brilliance, this dark world was filled with beautiful colors once more.

The woman burned everything she was without reserve. The final flash of brilliance of her life seemed to turn into eternity…

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