MW Chapter 2148

Chapter 2148 – Sheng Mei’s Past Life (A)

“Holy Demoness, can you hear me?”

Lin Ming tried to send Sheng Mei a true essence sound transmission, but he didn’t obtain any response.

At this time, Sheng Mei’s complexion was pale and her eyes were shut tight. Her eyelashes quietly shivered; it was clear that Sheng Mei, as well as the many abyssals all around, weren’t able to resist that massive soul-tearing strength just now and their minds had fallen into illusion.

“This is…”

Lin Ming’s brows pressed together. If he hadn’t been for the Magic Cube then he feared that he too wouldn’t have been able to withstand that strength.

Lin Ming noticed that many abyssals had pained expressions, as if they were experiencing something terrifying.

At this time, as the vortex continued to spin, all of the abyssals were scattered farther and farther apart from each other.

Lin Ming watched helplessly as the abyssals of the Deep Alliance as well as Sheng Mei were all flung increasingly far in their entranced state.

As for deeper within, he could no longer see the abyssals of the Flood Alliance.

“Just what was that soul-tearing strength?”

Lin Ming grimaced. After a moment, he loosened the connection between his soul and the Magic Cube.

In that instant, the soul-tearing strength roared at him once more.

Lin Ming’s divine soul was held by the Magic Cube. Slowly, he allowed his consciousness to free itself.

Currently, Lin Ming could be said to be in a half-dream, half-awake state. As long as he wanted to he could plunge his thoughts into the Magic Cube to free himself from the condition, but right now he wanted to know just what mysteries were contained in this mystical soul-tearing strength.

Gradually, Lin Ming felt his body become increasingly light. The endless lake waters around him vanished, and in the next moment he arrived in a beautiful world lit up with dappled sunlight…

“This is…”

He was stunned. He could see a giant structure before him as well as the signboard above the complex that had the words ‘Seven Profound’ written on it in large, flowing characters.

Seven Profound Martial House?

Upon recalling the name of this martial house, Lin Ming felt as if everything that happened was a lifetime ago.

This was the beginning of Lin Ming’s road of martial arts. After tracing back to the start, this was something that happened over 12,000 years ago.

12,000 years. To long-lived martial artists that might live for hundreds of millions of years, 12,000 years was only an extremely short period in their life. For some, a long period of seclusion might take 10,000-20,000 years.

But to Lin Ming, these 12,000 years were an incomparably distant matter.

“Could what this soul-tearing strength be dragging back are dust-laden old dreams from deep in my memories? It wants me to relive these events?”

Lin Ming looked up at the signboard of the Seven Profound Martial House in this dream and began to walk forwards.

As he expected, he saw many familiar people from the past.

Zhu Yan, Lan Yunyue, Qin Ziye, Qin Xingxuan…

There were even some characters that were hidden deep in his memory and that he normally wouldn’t recall. For instance, that girl in the Seven Profound Martial House who he always had a favorable impression towards, but whom he had lost news of later, Bai Jingyun…

Lin Ming watched from the viewpoint of an outsider, calmly looking at the life he had lived.

He gradually understood that after entering this killing lake, the soul-tearing strength that acted on them perhaps might be some sort of test on a martial artist’s divine soul.

If a person’s mind wasn’t firm then it was easy to fall into this dreamland and never be able to disentangle themselves from it.

Lin Ming’s mind stirred. The scenes of the Seven Profound Martial House shattered and then the experiences from the South Sea Demon Region came flooding in.

Familiar characters, familiar locations, all sorts of scenes took the stage.

He saw Divine Phoenix Island, saw the invasion of the South Sea Demon Region.

He saw himself entering Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm, saw himself being mistakenly assumed as dead, saw that Ouyang Boyan who had a grudge with him move against Qin Xingxuan and try to have her killed on Blood Demon Island.

After emerging from that Divine Phoenix  Mystic Realm, he learned of this news and in his fury he rushed out on a vermillion bird, passing hundreds of thousands of miles to reach Blood Demon Island and save Qin Xingxuan.

This was one of Lin Ming’s deepest and most profound memories. When he successfully rescued Qin Xingxuan from the jaws of death, this allowed him to truly understand how happy he was to not lose someone he loved.

However, in these dreamland memories, what replayed itself was actually completely different.

He saw himself fly to Blood Demon Island. The moment he found Qin Xingxuan, a blood demon rushed at her, opening its ravenous jaws and biting down on her neck!

At this moment, the despairing Qin Xingxuan saw him. As she did, all sorts of emotion flooded her face. Love, joy, regret...

Lin Ming’s heart tightened and he found it impossible to remain indifferent. He wanted to move to save Qin Xingxuan, but he found that his speed became incomparably slow. From a True Divinity level of strength, he found that he had dropped down to that mere Houtian realm he had been at when he first saved Qin Xingxuan.

Like this, he could only stare blankly on as that blood demon bit down on Qin Xingxuan’s neck.

Blood gushed out. All the emotions on Qin Xingxuan’s face froze, as if time itself had come to a standstill.

The smiling Qin Xingxuan and the blood that dripped down from her formed a sharp contrast.

No –

Lin Ming cried out in alarm, in fear.

In the next moment, Lin Ming fiercely bit down on his tongue to sober himself.

“This is false!”

Lin Ming took a deep breath, violently gasping. He told himself this so that he could rid himself of that horrifying dream just now.

In the depths of his mind, Lin Ming knew that what he saw wasn’t real. Moreover, his divine soul had always been stabilized with that faint connection with the Magic Cube. Even so, when Lin Ming saw that scene just now it was like he had personally experienced it, and in his anger and sorrow he had nearly fallen into illusion, unable to drag himself out.

“What a terrifying dreamland…”

Lin Ming was bewildered. Even he had barely managed to avoid falling into illusion. Then, what about the other abyssals here?

Lin Ming still didn’t withdraw himself from the dreamland.

He wanted to take a good look for himself and what this strange soul-tearing strength was going to do.

Then, scenes continued to replay themselves.

These scenes were all things that Lin Ming had truly experienced in the past. However, instead of how they had truly ended, everything took a turn for the worse.

When competing for the Nirvana Dragon Root in Demon God Imperial Palace, Lin Ming saw his schemes be seen through by Xuan Wuji – as a result, he was executed where he stood.

In the bronze temple facing Yang Yun, Lin Ming saw his body being seized by him. From that point on, his body was possessed by Yang Yun and that strange and sinister smile hung on his face from then on.

Then, facing Tian Mingzi in the Asura Road, Lin Ming saw himself being the one that was killed.

Halfway through his life adventures, he saw the Magic Cube being discovered. He fled through the world but eventually he was discovered by someone and his soul was pulled out and refined.

He even saw the Good Fortune Saint Son defeat him and take Xiao Moxian for his own.

He saw the Good Fortune Saint Son brutally ravage Xiao Moxian. In that moment, Lin Ming’s soul nearly fell into illusion once more.


Lin Ming punched out at the scene before him and the diabolically grinning Good Fortune Saint Son shattered into fragments. Lin Ming gasped for breath. The scenes in this dreamland were of things he feared the most!

If he weren’t for the Magic Cube, Lin Ming didn’t know if he would have been able to withstand all of this…

“What a fierce dreamland. I have the Eternal Soul so I should be fine for now, but what about the others? For instance Sheng Mei…”

Lin Ming remembered Sheng Mei, this woman that he wasn’t sure was a friend or enemy. As he thought of her he inevitably worried.

If Sheng Mei didn’t have any heart demons then it would be good.

But if she did have a heart demon, then she would be incredible danger in this soul dreamland!

Lin Ming could be called someone with a firm will and iron determination. But, even he didn’t dare say he didn’t have any heart demons.

The so-called heart demons were things that a martial artist longed for the most, or feared the most.

The stronger these obsessions were, the stronger the heart demons were.

Moreover, the more powerful a martial artist the more formidable these heart demons would become. Once these types of dreamlands appeared, or in a critical moment when trying to make a breakthrough, these heart demons might appear to haunt the martial artist and cause problems. If they suddenly manifested, it was possible that a martial artist could go crazy or fall into depravity.

“Sheng Mei, would she have heart demons?”

Lin Ming mumbled. He didn’t know why, but a foreboding premonition suddenly rose in his heart…


In the dark gray lake waters, the vast vortex continued to wildly spin about. A peerless woman in black clothes was being spun about in these lake waters. Her thick and luscious hair fell about her, fanning out in the lake waters like a black rose in full bloom but also wilting.

At this time, Sheng Mei’s complexion was pale white, without the least bit of red remaining…

After experiencing the complete nine reincarnations and tempering her divine soul for all this time, she had become incomparably formidable in this aspect. In fact, when it came to the soul, she wasn’t much worse than Lin Ming.


Her heart demons were also incomparably powerful.

In her divine soul, there were far too many things she longed for and feared…


In a giant circular building similar to an area, a seven or eight year old little girl was standing in the center.

She had bright black eyes and her little arms seemed carved from jade. Her face was fresh and cute like a ripe apple, a completely lovable little child.

On her face, if one searched carefully, they could find shadows of the current Sheng Mei.

Such a lovable little girl actually had a face stained with blood. Her arms were also covered with blood. Her small jade-like arms were grasping a large sword.

This sword was longer than the little girl was tall. She only barely managed to hold onto it with both hands.

Along the sword’s thick hilt, blood continued to drip downwards. On the ground around the little girl was scattered pieces of flesh and puddles of blood. Organs, incomplete corpses; this area resembled a slaughterhouse.

The little girl lowered her head and supported herself on the large sword. She gasped for breath.

“Are you ready to continue?”

At this time, a faint voice echoed out.

The little girl was startled up. She looked up and from beneath her bangs, a doll-like face was revealed. From between her eyebrows, a single vertical red mark appeared, like the petal of a flower.

“I… am tired…”

The little girl muttered with difficulty. But at this time, from not too far away, an old man appeared.

This old man was thin but his build was naturally tall and wide. His face was deep and profound and he emitted a majestic aura. He wasn’t a spiritas nor was he a saint – he was someone of the primal god race.

“On the battlefield, the enemy will not give you time to rest…”

As the old man spoke he gently waved his hand. From not too far away, an iron gate was opened.

From behind this iron gate, black life forms wrapped in chains appeared.

These were… abyssals!

Moreover, because of some sort of reason, these abyssals had lost their minds and had turned crazy.

Roar - !

Dozens of abyssals roared out together. As they looked at the little girl, their eyes were filled with bloodthirst and killing intent.

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