MW Chapter 2147

Chapter 2147 – Storm

“This is…”

Looking at the several abyssals blown back up that were soon to die, the Great Flood Crown Prince’s complexion turned as cold as a 10,000 year old glacier.

Right beneath his nose, his subordinates had been killed by some unknown existence and from beginning to end he never realized just what had done it.

The several abyssals that were blown back up by the Great Flood Crown Prince’s saber continued to howl in pain and misery. However, their bodies seemed to be stained with some corrosive liquid that continued to melt away at their bodies. Soon their voices were utterly silenced.

The several abyssals had turned into a pile of bones, and the bloody pus that formed from their dissolved bodies also sank into the ground…

Lin Ming watched all of this with a frown. He had spread his sense underground, yet he also didn’t discover just what existence had killed those Empyrean abyssals.

“How strange!”

Sheng Mei muttered. For a time, she looked at the lake with hesitation.

Perhaps rashly rushing in wasn’t a wise choice. Even if there was some world-shocking lucky chance it still might be a thoroughly planned dead-end trap…

Would the Demon God’s Tomb have such a trap?

What would be the goal of the one who established such a trap? It shouldn’t be to intentionally kill off any successors that came here, right…?

All these thoughts raced through Sheng Mei’s mind. She couldn’t imagine just what matters occurred in the years when the Demon God’s Tomb was being formed.

Perhaps this used to be a mystic realm with lucky chances, but afterwards a trap evolved from within it…

“Let us wait a moment and see if that Great Flood Crown Prince retreats or advances… we still haven’t managed to find out anything about this underground existence…”

As Sheng Mei spoke, the several Empyrean abyssals beside her wiped off their dripping sweat. “Waiting is also good, waiting is also good…”

These abyssals were well aware that their side was far weaker than that of the Great Flood Crown Prince. Even if there was some world-shocking lucky chance in the lake, the most likely conclusion was that the Great Flood Crown Prince would take the greatest benefits. As for abyssals that might die, it would most likely be them…

At this time, Lin Ming suddenly said, “Perhaps… there isn’t anything underground at all…”

His words left everyone stunned.

“Mm? What do you mean?” Deep Echo asked.

“Perhaps this world itself can devour life and swallow flesh and blood… those abyssal Empyreans that were eaten were not ambushed by some underground monster, but by the earth itself… and that killing lake is similarly part of this world, or even the center of this world…”

Lin Ming spookily said, his words quiet and chilling.

The world itself could swallow the life and flesh and blood of others?

“Why would you say that?” Deep Echo’s tone changed. In the face of such a speculation, even a True Divinity would find it difficult to remain relaxed.

“It’s just my personal feeling, there isn’t any actual basis behind it…”

Everything Lin Ming said had only come from his own feelings. He always thought that there was something off with this world, something evil about it.


Sheng Mei took a deep breath and quietly traced the bone sword in her hands. She also felt this entire situation was ominous.

But now, they could only continue forwards. The original entrance to this mystic realm had been sealed away, and wanting to find another wouldn’t be easy.

The Great Flood Crown Prince also seemed to realize this point. Without any hesitation he ordered the Empyrean level abyssal leading the way, “You, enter the lake!”


Hearing this order, the Empyrean abyssal was incensed. This was the same as ordering him to his death!


The Great Flood Crown Prince was already in a poor mood. Seeing that this Empyrean abyssal seemed as if he wanted to revolt, the Great Flood Crown Prince grasped out at the void and formed a giant demon claw.

This demon claw grabbed the Empyrean abyssal and picked him up.


The abyssal wailed out loud. The Great Flood Crown Prince’s demon claw contained a profound and exquisite force field that imprisoned the Empyrean abyssal’s energy and movement. Without any ability to resist, the abyssal was tossed into the lake waters like a sack of grain.


The lake water blew open, like a dumpling being tossed into a pot of boiling water.

The abyssal cried out loud. He tumbled about in the lake, struggling to rise up.

All the watching abyssals held their breath as they looked on intently with supreme concentration. If this abyssal were melted away into bones by the lake waters, or if there was some unknown existence that rushed out from the lake all of a sudden and dragged this abyssal below, or perhaps even eating the abyssal whole, then no one would be surprised.

But, this abyssal continued to struggle for a long time and was completely alright. Let alone dying, his scales hadn’t even fallen off.

“He’s still fine after falling into the lake?”

Some abyssal commented.

“Wait longer.”

The Great Flood Crown Prince was extremely calm. Just because something didn’t happen at the start didn’t mean nothing would happen later. He kept his force field locked onto the abyssal, making it so that he couldn’t rise back up from the lake.

But after several breaths of time, he still wasn’t satisfied. He grabbed another Empyrean abyssal from a small influence that was standing beside him and tossed him into the lake waters.

With another cry of fear and alarm, two abyssals flailed in the lake.

The lake waters churned and the waves grew larger and larger.

But, nothing happened to the two abyssals and one of them even loudly cursed out at the Great Flood Crown Prince.

This abyssal vented his anger with curses and the Great Flood Crown Prince’s complexion darkened. But at this time, he couldn’t be bothered with the babblings of cannon fodder. He wanted to toss more Empyrean level abyssals into the water, but just as he was about to do so, something seemed to bubble up from the center of that dark gray lake.

Gudong! Gudong!

Giant air bubbles rose up from the bottom of the lake at an ever-increasing pace, becoming increasingly dense, as if some super monster was about to rush out.

All of the abyssals felt their hearts tighten. As for the two abyssals in the lake, their faces were paper white.

If a monster were to come from this lake then the first ones to suffer disaster would be them. They wouldn’t even be enough to work as an appetizer.


With a loud explosion, a giant column of water split upwards from the lake. Then, a storm stirred up on the surface of the lake, causing raging waves that swelled out in all directions.

“This is…”

Many abyssals were shocked. Such a storm covered the skies and earth, seeming as if it would swallow them all.

Without a need for words, all abyssals started to rapidly retreat from this storm.

But at the same time the storm suddenly intensified in strength. An irresistible tearing strength emerged, and in the center of this lake space violently trembled as if it couldn’t resist the strength.

“This is…!?”

“Space is trembling?”

Many abyssals looked at the space trembling in the center of the lake, panic-stricken. It had to be known that the space within the Demon God’s Tomb was incredibly stable, so how could it possibly tremble like this?

Then, just as they thought this, a horrifying scene occurred.

The trembling of space grew even stronger. Then, a small hole was torn open. Although this opening was only the size of a fist, it was still torn open!

A terrifying strength had ripped open the space within the Demon God’s Tomb!

“How is this possible!?”

This thought flashed through the minds of all abyssals watching. And then, without any time to react or think, an irresistible vortex swept out from that torn space and all abyssals were sucked into it!


The surface of the lake blew open. The Great Flood Crown Prince, Lin Ming, Sheng Mei, all abyssals sank to the bottom of the lake…

In that moment, Lin Ming could feel whistling in his ears. The high speed he was being drawn in at caused his body to form friction with the lake water, making him extremely hot.

This lake was far deeper that he had imagined.

Although he was sinking at such a speed, he still couldn’t see the bottom of the lake.

Slowly, Lin Ming discovered that his consciousness seemed to be separating from his body. For a time, the surroundings turned blurry.

“This is…”

Lin Ming was startled. If his consciousness were to leave his body at this time then it would undoubtedly be incredibly dangerous. But, beneath the pull of that massive tearing strength, he felt as if his soul would be torn apart; it was simply unbearable.

If this were to continue then his spiritual sea would fall into illusion!

Lin Ming’s mind quaked. He possessed the Eternal Soul and thus he always had full confidence in the intensity of his soul. Even so, he couldn’t resist this force, proving just how horrifyingly formidable it was.

“Magic Cube!”

Suddenly, a bright light dazzled in Lin Ming’s mind.

He immediately connected his divine sense with the Magic Cube. Suddenly, the mystical and ancient aura of the Magic Cube poured into his spiritual sea.

Lin Ming’s consciousness gradually woke up a little. He barely managed to move his eyes and look all around him.

The surroundings were pitch black, but this couldn’t block Lin Ming’s vision. Still, what he saw left his heart sinking to the pit of his stomach.

Beside him, the Empyrean abyssals, as well as Deep Echo and Sheng Mei, were already in an unconsciousness condition…

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