MW Chapter 2146

Chapter 2146 – The Lake Shore of Dripping Blood

“Hey, the several of you come over here!”

The Great Flood Crown Prince and his party stood in front of this killing lake. Suddenly, he turned his head and beckoned towards several Empyrean level abyssals in the distance.

These Empyrean level abyssals came from small influences. They didn’t belong to the Flood Alliance nor were they part of the Deep Alliance.

As these abyssals saw the Great Flood Crown Prince wave at them, their complexions suddenly turned extremely ugly.

Because the great crack in the earth had opened and closed so quickly, many abyssals had rushed down in a hot-headed decision; they never expected that they would be faced with such a situation underground.

“I told you all to come here, didn’t you hear me!?”

The Great Flood Crown Prince’s voice turned chilly. The several Empyrean abyssals wore gloomy faces as they walked towards the Great Flood Crown Prince.

When facing True Divinity level masters like Lin Ming and Sheng Mei, the Great Flood Crown Prince still held a measure of wariness against them. After all, wanting to kill a True Divinity level master wasn’t easy at all.

But against these Empyrean level abyssals, the Great Flood Crown Prince could kill them in an instant.

Thus, the Empyrean level abyssals didn’t resist, because doing so would only mean that death approached them faster.

The several Empyrean level abyssals trembled as they walked in front of the Great Flood Crown Prince. They already guessed just what would happen.

“Heh, what sort of expressions do you all have? I just want to cooperate with you.” The Great Flood Crown Prince said with a lingering smile. “Come, we will move forwards together. If we find anything good then we will divide it according to the number of people; it is an absolutely fair condition.”

How could these Empyrean abyssals possibly believe such words? One of the abyssals dryly laughed and said, “Crown Prince Your Highness, please don’t joke with us. How could we dare to struggle with you for lucky chances? This lake is likely a secret land left behind from the ancient era 100 billion years ago. With such a mystical trove, how could the likes of us possibly have the luck to enjoy it? Only someone as wonderful and fortunate as Your Highness could possibly be worthy of such a thing. As for us, we only rushed down here in a moment of hot-headedness. We will immediately disappear from your sight!”

A clever abyssals said, bowing as he drew backwards.

The Great Flood Crown Prince’s complexion turned cold and killing intent flashed in his eyes. “You sure speak enough garbage!”

The Great Flood Crown Prince’s face changed as his manner turned hostile. Demon power erupted from his body as he stretched out a hand and ruthlessly caught the retreating abyssal.

The Great Flood Crown Prince’s strength was considered at the peak of middle True Divinities; he wasn’t someone that ordinary middle Empyreans could deal with.

This Empyrean level abyssal was an overbearing ruler of his own influence, but in the hands of the Great Flood Crown Prince he was as powerless as a chicken, simply unable to put up a struggle.

“Crown Prince Your Highness… you… ahh!”

This middle Empyrean cried out in alarm as he was flung forwards by the Great Flood Crown Prince. “You, walk with us. Stay 100 feet ahead of me! I will make an oath on my demon heart that if we can take away the treasures here and safely return then I will leave a part of it to you! But if you try to play tricks with me or defy me, then I will kill you! Now, choose which road you wish to take!”

The Great Flood Crown Prince icily said.

After the abyssal heard these words, his complexion turned as pale as a corpse that had been dead for three days.

Safely return? Leave a part of the treasures to him? Did this possibility even exist?

Currently, he had been tossed forwards as a stone to explore the path ahead. In this underground world where killing intent overflowed from all around, he was nothing but cannon fodder, and those two abyssal Empyreans who had melted away into bones and blood were the best examples!

“You!” Although this abyssal’s previous words seemed extremely undignified and servile, the truth was that he also had a fierce nature hidden in his bones. How could he endure such a humiliating death?

“Heh! Don’t be in such a hurry to refuse me. You should be an Elder from the Apocalypse Sect, right?”

Hearing the Great Flood Crown Prince suddenly mention his sect, the Empyrean level abyssal’s complexion changed. He was about to deny this when the Great Flood Crown Prince smiled and said, “There is no need to try and hide it. When I grabbed you just now I probed your cultivation method and noticed that you cultivate the Apocalypse Sect’s Apocalyptic Devil Arts! Your clan is also in the Apocalypse Sect. If you obediently listen to me today then even if you die, when I make it out of here someday I will surely compensate your Apocalypse Sect. But if you disobey me, I will annihilate your Apocalypse Sect instead!”

The Great Flood Crown Prince’s words were incomparably domineering. The Apocalypse Sect’s Empyrean Elder was so mad that he shook from rage.

“I will give you one last chance. Not only can I destroy your Apocalypse Sect but I can also make you suffer pain worse than death. Even if you don’t submit to me I still have ways to replace you in exploring the path ahead, and it's only that it will be just a little bit more troublesome to me.”

The Great Flood Crown Prince’s voice became increasingly cold. It seemed he had reached the end of his patience.

Lin Ming listened from behind, quietly astonished. In the Dark Abyss, being weaker only meant to be freely oppressed.

That abyssal who had been grabbed was forced into a helpless situation and made to explore the way forwards.

The Great Flood Crown Prince and his group followed from a distance.

There were also some Empyrean level abyssals from smaller guilds that followed with aggrieved complexions. Without a doubt, once that abyssal in the front had the bad luck of randomly dying somehow, the next to stand in his place would be one of them.

The group quietly walked forwards. The atmosphere was so tense and constrained that it seemed as if someone could squeeze water from it.

“We will also go.”

Sheng Mei said after a moment of thought. She clearly didn’t want to give up on whatever secrets there were in this lake.

She looked at Lin Ming, asking for his suggestion. Lin Ming nodded, “We should release some of the power of demon gods that we absorbed and fully extend our senses. Since this energy comes from the same source, there should be a connection between it. If there really is danger we should be able to perceive some clues…”

“Good. Everyone be wary.”

Sheng Mei nodded and released some of the power of demon gods she absorbed. The abyssals around her followed suit.

At this time, the Great Flood Crown Prince’s group was now a mere 100 feet away from that killing lake.

At this distance the pressure was even more intense. Moreover, the abyssals could feel a rich death energy, one that was rank with the smell of blood, as if this lake they faced was a blood pond from hell.

“I… I…”

The abyssal leading the way turned paper white. With every step he took, it was like he walked over the precipice of death. His forehead was already dripping with sweat. This killing lake was simply far too strange and the ways one could die were too pitiful.

90 feet…

80 feet…

70 feet…

They approached a step at a time, each abyssal raising their guard as high as they could.

All the way to 20 feet, 10 feet, 3 feet… that abyssal leading the way would soon touch the lake waters.

Although he was frightened so badly his complexion was like that of a dying man, he had extremely good luck and still hadn’t died.

Could this so-called killing lake in truth only be dangerous in that part of the swampy ground? And in that swampy area there was some horrifying existence lying in wait, but the other areas weren’t dangerous?

This thought flashed through the minds of some abyssals. They even guessed that this killing lake had some guardian demon beast, and as long as they avoided it they might be able to safely enter the mystic realm left behind by the Demon God.

Soon, the leading abyssal reached the edge of the killing lake.

The abyssals following behind paused their steps. This was the crucial moment; they needed to test and determine whether or not this lake was dangerous in itself.

Perhaps this lake water was corrosive enough to melt away anything, and any abyssal that jumped in would turn into a pile of bones.

“Reach out your hand and test it!”

The Great Flood Crown Prince coldly ordered.

The leading abyssal clenched his teeth. Then, he first used a sword and gently dipped it in the lake water. Besides light ripples, nothing else happened.

After pulling out the sword, the blade also emerged unscathed.

The abyssal felt slightly relieved upon seeing this. After a moment of hesitation, he took out a container to remove a little water from the lake and analyze whether it was dangerous or not.

But at this moment, a miserable cry rang out from behind him.


In a situation where everyone was highly tensed, whether it was abyssals or humans, it was easy for anyone to cry out.

Several abyssals were originally standing stably on the ground. But then, they felt the earth soften beneath them and their feet plunged into the ground.

Then they felt a strength that none of them could resist suddenly pull down their bodies, dragging them below!


The Great Flood Crown Prince was enraged. The abyssal leading the way was fine, but the larger force behind had been ambushed instead! It seemed that this mysterious underground existence had purposefully let go of the little fish up ahead to catch the larger group behind!


In the Great Flood Crown Prince’s hand, the saber engraved with a ghost head rang out as it emerged from its sheath, roughly slashing down onto the earth.

Demon power swelled up like a raging sea tide.


With a loud explosion, the divine-iron hard lake shore was sundered by the Great Flood Crown Prince’s saber. Muddy stones blew into the air, and the four or five Empyrean level abyssals that were dragged into the ground were suddenly forcefully blown out again by this strength.

However, of those Empyrean abyssals that were dragged into the ground just now, one could see that their bodies had been melted away in multiple areas, leaving nothing behind but white bones.

Their deaths were only a matter of time!


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