MW Chapter 2145

Chapter 2145 – The Lake of Death

Facing the Great Flood Crown Prince, all the abyssals of the Deep Alliance were tense.

The Great Flood Crown Prince was already at the pinnacle of a middle True Divinity. Moreover, he was a considerable deal greater than those older True Divinity abyssals.

Facing such an opponent, just Lin Ming, Sheng Mei, and Deep Echo weren’t enough to be his match.

If this were back in the above world then they could scatter out in all directions to escape. But here in this underground world, they were no different than turtles in a jar, without any place to hide!

Killing intent slowly spread out from the two abyssal alliances. The air seemed to coagulate into something solid, making it so that the weaker abyssals found it difficult to move.

Sheng Mei took a deep breath and grasped her bone sword. Her mind reached a state of unprecedented concentration. As she held the bone sword in her hands, her palms were slightly wet. Even she found it difficult to remain calm when facing an enemy like the Great Flood Crown Prince.

She was aware that this battle would be difficult.

“Hehe! Your Highness Holy Demoness’ sword is truly extraordinary. It seems crafted from the bones of ancient sages and its quality even surpasses that of a True Divinity spirit treasure! Unfortunately, that sword will not bring you any miracles today. Your Highness, why must you be enemies with me? If you are willing to pledge an oath to me and dual cultivate with me, then we can work together to seek out the secrets of eternal life. How about it?”

As the Great Flood Crown Prince finished speaking, he casually swept his eyes over Lin Ming, a sinister and cold light flashing deep in his pupils.

Sheng Mei was renowned for being the number one woman to exist in the entirety of the Dark Abyss. If one could obtain her and dual cultivate with her, then the benefits to one’s cultivation would be incredible.

As for Lin Ming, he was the fiancé Sheng Mei had chosen. If he wanted to become one with Sheng Mei, he naturally had to eliminate Lin Ming first.

No matter how talented Lin Ming was, what mattered in a life or death battle was one’s absolute strength. He was fully confident he could kill Lin Ming.

Lin Ming maintained his calm as he rapidly analyzed the strength of the Great Flood Crown Prince. If he were to face the Great Flood Crown Prince then once battle erupted he would be forced to reveal his true self and it would no longer be possible to hide his identity.

If that happened then the situation would become troublesome. It would mean that he would have to kill all abyssals here who saw his true appearance!

Moreover, there was Deep Echo; if Deep Echo saw his true self would he possibly help the enemy instead?

“You, follow close to me once battle erupts. In the last moment I will use a secret technique and you will need to cover me!”

Because Lin Ming hadn’t ever stated his name, Sheng Mei simply referred to him as ‘you’.

Hearing Sheng Mei’s sound transmission, Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred. Indeed, Sheng Mei followed the Soul Emperor all this time. In a crucial moment she should have some sort of life-saving card.

Unless it was as a last resort, Lin Ming didn’t want to reveal his true self because if he did there would be far too many new problems.

All sorts of thoughts raced through Lin Ming’s mind. And at this time, there was a far off cry.

Everyone was startled. They turned towards the direction of the sound and what they saw left their scalps tingling.

In the few breaths of time before now, two Empyreans that didn’t belong to the Deep Alliance or Flood Alliance wished to take advantage of the time they were engaged with each other to be the first ones to delve into the lake. They wanted to quietly search for treasure as well as avoid the slaughter between the two sides.

But when they stepped onto the shore of the lake, the seemingly ordinary swampy ground, one of the Empyrean abyssals stepped on something and a black fog rose up that enveloped him.

In just a short breath of time, while this abyssal was violently shivering, the scales on his originally fierce body began to fall off and his towering and strong body started dissolving into bloody water that splashed onto the ground.

The Empyrean abyssal melted away. All that remained was a head that stared wide-eyed into the skies, filled with panic. But soon this head also dissolved.

Up until the moment he died, this abyssal didn’t make a single sound; it was only his companion that cried out.

An Empyrean level abyssal had died in such an inexplicable manner, simply melting away into nothing. This was just far too macabre a sight.

“This… this is…”

The surviving Empyrean level abyssal mumbled with a paper-white face. He didn’t even dare to take a deep breath. Slowly, he cautiously stepped backwards, wanting to withdraw from this murderous swampy land that seemed as if it came from hell.

After all, this Empyrean had survived many life or death situations in his time. He was well aware that if he didn’t maintain his calm but instead turned tail to run, then his death might come that much sooner.

One small step, another small step… just as he was about to leave the edge of the swampy ground, his foot seemed to step into some pit and he tumbled backwards.

With a cry of alarm, something seemed to grab onto his ankle from below and savagely pull him down!


This Empyrean level abyssal emitted a miserable shout. But soon his body sank into the swamp, and in just a breath of time his horrified shouts were also submerged.

After a little bit more time, bones began to slowly float up.

These bones still maintained the shape of someone struggling; they were the bones of the Empyrean level abyssal that just died.

This sort of feeling was like someone had been instantly eaten up with only bones remaining, leaving one frightened beyond compare!

“What is that!?”

Seeing this scene, all the abyssals present, even the inordinately arrogant Great Flood Crown Prince, couldn’t help but feel their hearts racing in their chests.

They had just probed whatever this underground existence was, but they still didn’t manage to discover just what it was that silently ate up two Empyrean level abyssals.

And, these Empyrean level abyssals were both proud elites of the Dark Abyss. But from start to finish, they were eaten and spit back out as quickly as cherries.

 That mysterious underground existence absolutely possessed strength above that of a True Divinity level abyssal. As for what the exact rank was, no one could confirm.

All abyssals present held their breath for a time. In their minds, this calm underground world was becoming a dark land filled with horrifying terrors.

In particular, the abyssals with Empyrean levels of strength regretted their impulsiveness to fly into the underground crack.

Some abyssals gulped and subconsciously drew back from the direction of the lake. If it was them who rashly approached the lake just now, then the ones who turned into bones and bloody water would have been them.

The Great Flood Crown Prince’s complexion darkened. Even he felt pressured in such a situation. This was only near the shores of the lake and yet such a terrifying existence was here. Then, what would be at the bottom of the lake?

Even if a dreadful existence appeared from the bottom of the lake that could easily slaughter him, the Great Flood Crown Prince would still not be surprised.

After all, this hidden land had existed for over 100 billion years.

Moreover, the one who left this land behind was likely the Demon God of legends. As for what would evolve in this land through a span of 100 billion years, no one knew.

Thinking of this, the Great Flood Crown Prince and other abyssals didn’t dare to fight Lin Ming and Sheng Mei yet.

Even if the Great Flood Crown Prince was confident that he could slay Lin Ming and Sheng Mei, it would still require him to use up a considerable amount of energy. If several monsters leapt out towards him once he was weakened, he would simply become their dessert.

Moreover, a fight between several True Divinities would surely affect the surroundings. The two Empyreans just then had only reached the lake shore to alarm one of the monsters.

If their fight caused the heavens and earth to shake then perhaps even the monsters at the bottom of the lake would be stirred up. If a crowd of enraged monsters suddenly rose up, then their fates could be imagined.

“You still want to fight?”

Sheng Mei coldly stared at the Great Flood Crown Prince, her eyes shimmering and her voice decisive. The bone sword in her hand glittered. If there was a fight then she would naturally accompany them until the end.

The Great Flood Crown Prince frowned. He coldly snorted and finally said, “Consider yourselves lucky. I will allow you to live this time, of course, the premise is that you all don’t turn into bloody water!”

The Great Flood Crown Prince waved his hand and brought the others behind him to leave.

“Your Highness the Crown Prince, what are we to do…?”

A True Divinity level abyssal asked from beside the Great Flood Crown Prince.

“Let them live for now. At a key moment we might be able to use them as shields. First we will search the area for lucky chances and potential dangers. Once we have determined our situation then it still won’t be late to destroy them.

“And that lake…”

“We certainly must go in to take a look. There is at least a 70-80% chance that this mystic realm is related to the Demon God. If we enter a mountain of treasures and return empty-handed then what is the point of cultivating martial arts!”

Hearing the words of the Great Flood Crown Prince, many abyssals felt a chill run down their spines. They looked at the dark gray lake and to them it now looked like the jaws of a wild beast that were opened wide, alarming to the mind. As for the lake waters, they blocked out their sense; no one knew just what lay inside.


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