MW Chapter 2144

Chapter 2144 – Underground World

“It’s you…”

Sheng Mei never thought that Lin Ming would appear at this time. As she looked at him, a complex light appeared in her eyes. In a sense, this black abyssal standing beside her was her fiancé.

Although Sheng Mei couldn’t accept him, she still had to acknowledge that she held some sort of peculiar and special feeling towards this fierce-looking abyssal.

Strong winds howled. At this time, Lin Ming stood a bit ahead of Sheng Mei. From Sheng Mei’s angle she could see the towering back of Lin Ming as well as the gloomy and uncertain face of the Great Flood Crown Prince.

Currently, the Great Flood Crown Prince was estimating whether or not he could severely wound Sheng Mei and Lin Ming in an incense stick of time if he attacked now.

But at this time, the ruptured earth below began to shiver and whine once more. The edges of the cracked earth started to close in, as if the opening were about to seal itself away.

That massive tide of demonic energy spouted out from the depths of that abyss, like the terrifying aura of a demon god being born into this world once more. But now it drew back, closing in, like a great maw that had opened and was now biting back down.

From everyone’s positions, they could see an infinite abyss exposed beneath that massive crack. It was clear that this terrifying and world-shaking aura was being transmitted from this underground abyss.

The entrance to this underground abyss was this massive crack, but now, the entrance was soon to be sealed up!

The several abyssal masters present were stunned. If they didn’t enter now and waited until the crack closed back up then it would be impossible for them to find another chance. To forcefully open up the ground in such a powerful mystic realm required abilities that no one here possessed.

“Go down!”

The Great Flood Crown Prince ordered after seeing the mystic realm about to close up in a dozen or so breaths of time. At this moment, he and the others couldn’t bother with Lin Ming anymore.

“We’re going also!”

Sheng Mei cried out. Without hesitation, her body plunged downwards like an arrow.

Lin Ming followed behind her. With the True Divinity Elder from Deep King Road, three figures plummeted like meteors, instantly crossing the 100,000 foot distance.

During this rapid flight, the Great Flood Crown Prince looked at Lin Ming and the others. After a moment of thought he decided not to attack. The crack was far too large; it would be impossible for him to stop them from entering. Even if he managed to force Sheng Mei and the others back, they would eventually enter from another direction.

If they entangled themselves in some melee, then if things didn’t go well even he wouldn’t be able to enter.

On the contrary, if they entered this underground space together then he could rely on his absolute strength to control the absolute initiative!


After Lin Ming and Sheng Mei flew down, other abyssal Empyreans unafraid of death followed them.

Even though they were aware of how perilous this mystic realm was, with such a lucky chance before them there would always be a chance for them to leap to the heavens in a single bound. In the face of such opportunity, there would always be desperados willing to recklessly risk their own lives.

The figures of numerous abyssals sank into that endless abyss. From left and right, the endless rock walls slowly squeezed in.

It was unknown how deep these rock walls extended. If they didn’t manage to enter the mystic realm before these rock walls closed up and were pushed between them then that would truly be a pitiful fate. With how hard the earth was in the Demon God’s Tomb, even a True Divinity level abyssal would have to spend a considerable amount of time and effort if they wanted to somehow force their way out. As for an Empyrean level abyssal, they weren’t too strong to begin with. If they were buried underground then they might not be able to crawl out for dozens or hundreds of years. It was even possible they would perish underground.

The True Divinity abyssals and those with similar strengths like Lin Ming and Sheng Mei were calm. But, the Empyrean level abyssals all had foreheads dropping with cold sweat. They continued to accelerate downwards, in fear that they would be caught in the pressure of the rock walls.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

Abyssal after abyssal flew free from the underground crack. Then, infinite darkness flashed before them. In the next moment their field of vision suddenly widened and they saw that they arrived in a broad underground world.

Rumble rumble rumble!

Above their heads the earth began to close up; the entrance had been blocked.

During their hasty flight just then, after a brief estimation, everyone realized that this place was at least a thousand miles underground.

To suddenly be sealed in a mystic realm over a thousand miles belowground, many Empyrean abyssals felt their hearts racing. Such a mystic realm, it shouldn’t be inescapable right? If it were then that would truly be tragic.

Lin Ming looked at this underground world. He could not see where the end was and it wasn’t pitch black either; rather, there were shimmering sparks of light that overflowed from the rocks below, somewhat dimly.

But a True Divinity could still use their sense to perceive their surroundings in a completely pitch black world. Moreover, there was light here already, so it wasn’t any different from daytime to them.

Underground, rocky stalagmites littered the floor. And between many of these giant stone peaks there was a lake that was extremely eye-catching.

This lake was dark gray in color. It was around a hundred miles in diameter and covered a vast area.

The surface of this lake wasn’t calm. Fist-sized bubbles rose up and broke into the air, as if this were a pool of heavy and burning hot water.

As Lin Ming saw this lake, his heart skipped a beat.

He could faintly feel an inexhaustible essence of the power of demon gods condensed in this lake, as if all that vast energy that gushed out from before came from it!

Recalling the magma-like liquid gushing out from the ruptured earth, Lin Ming suspected that this was the ‘water’ from this gray lake.

Because the lake water had been stimulated for some unknown reason, it had pierced through the thousand some miles of rock and formed a tide of demonic energy. This was similar to the volcanic eruptions of the mortal world.

But, just how much strength would be required to break through a thousand miles of the Demon God’s Tomb rocky earth?

“This mystic realm should be related to the Demon God from a hundred billion years ago!”

Sheng Mei’s voice suddenly echoed in Lin Ming’s ears.

Lin Ming was startled. He looked at Sheng Mei.

Sheng Mei continued to speak in a sound transmission. “I’m not too sure of the specifics. Let us head down first.”


Sheng Mei, Lin Ming, and the True Divinity from Deep King Road all flew towards the lake. And behind them, several Empyrean level abyssals from the Deep Alliance followed at a distance. It was at this time that the advantage of being in an alliance appeared. If they were to come here alone then these Empyrean level abyssals would surely be swallowed up in the battle without any bits remaining. But now, they found a slim chance of survival.

The more they neared the lake, the more Lin Ming felt that every drop of this lake water contained essence of the power of demon gods as vast and irresistible as a sea.

Strange lines spread across the surface of the lake, beating in rhythm with the most profound abyssal Laws and forming an absolute force field that locked in this part of the world.

A thousand feet away, everyone could feel this formidable pressure. Everyone’s flying speed suddenly slowed down.

Lin Ming swept his gaze outwards. He could see a massive amount of broken bone fragments scattered all around the lake. These bones had been here for countless years and were already bleached white.

However, what was strange was that in between these scattered bone fragments there were also several intact corpses. These corpses hadn’t turned into fragmented bones, but still had withered flesh. This left Lin Ming surprised. He didn’t know how long these corpses had been here. If these were trial challengers from the most recent times, then this could be understandable. But, if these bones came from ancient times then that would truly be shocking. It was hard to imagine just how they managed to withstand the corrosive strength that pervaded this world.

Lin Ming didn’t think much on this, because at this time, he could see a group of abyssals running in his direction. The one at the head of these abyssals was the Great Flood Crown Prince.

And besides the Great Flood Crown Prince were the two True Divinity level abyssals of the Flood Alliance as well as about ten Empyrean abyssals. This was around the total strength of the Flood Alliance in this underground world.

All around Lin Ming, the complexions of the abyssals turned ugly.

The Flood Alliance had the Great Flood Crown Prince holding the scene, but they only had Sheng Mei, Lin Ming, as well as an Elder from Deep King Road called Deep Echo.

In terms of masters, they were clearly at a lower level.

The Great Flood Crown Prince swept his eyes out. As he didn’t see that Deep Child who stirred fear in him, he suddenly grinned.

Without Deep Child here he could confidently say that he could completely wipe out all the Deep Alliance abyssals present!

“Really, the road to heaven is wide open and yet you refuse, but you would rather burst through the gates of hell! Originally, if you stayed up above then you would have been fine, but you insisted on coming down here to die. Then, how could I disappoint you? Let me fulfill your wish!”

The Great Flood Crown Prince looked at Lin Ming and Sheng Mei, a mocking light in his eyes.

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