MW Chapter 2143

Chapter 2143 – World Phenomenon

After pillaging this squad of abyssals from the Flood Alliance, Lin Ming continued in this set pattern. For half a year he continued to strike out repeatedly, recklessly stealing the power of demon gods from abyssals as he carried out this large-scale farming.

And after every harvest Lin Ming wiped away the memories of these abyssals.

There was never a moment that he would fear he would be discovered by others. Not to mention that the abyssals of the Flood Alliance wouldn’t necessarily realize what happened to them, even if they did they wouldn’t be able to do anything to him.

In this Demon God’s Tomb, Lin Ming’s strength already stood at the highest tier.

Besides the Great Flood Crown Prince and the mysterious Deep Child, Lin Ming was confident that there wouldn’t be anyone else who was his match.

Like this, the power of demon gods in his body rose rapidly in a short period of time. This strength was incredibly pure, able to perfectly fuse with Lin Ming’s meridians and body without creating a single problem from different types of energies mixing together.

Time passed. Into the fifth year of the Demon God’s Tomb, Lin Ming had already formed 12 totem marks on his hand.

Lin Ming didn’t know what the limit of totem marks was, but he knew that according to the jade slip of the Demon God’s Tomb, some ordinary abyssal elites would have a limit of totem marks in the dozen or so, and some would have even fewer.

Lin Ming had used a mere five years to reach this point. If this were to be known by other abyssals they would be completely dumbfounded.

Lin Ming looked at his arm. The 13th totem mark was clearly in its rudimentary state.

He was planning to completely manifest this totem mark in the next ten months. Then, in this Demon God’s Tomb, he would break through to the limits of an Empyrean and perhaps even touch upon the threshold of True Divinity.

But at this time in the distant horizon, the earth began to shake and rumble. Great plumes of black fog rose up, gathering in the skies.

This black fog contained a horrifying aura. It transformed in the skies, twisting and struggling, like a demon that was growling at the world.

Looking at this black fog, Lin Ming felt his mind shake. In the next moment, he felt a terrifying pressure from this far off black fog, as if he were gasping for breath.

This caused Lin Ming to be even more wary. He already possessed a True Divinity level of strength, yet this energy was able to leave him suppressed to the point of gasping; this was too dreadful.

But at this time, the earth began to crack apart, rupturing open. The Demon God’s Tomb was an extremely stable world and the strength required to tear apart the earth like this was simply unimaginable.

There were abyssals who weren’t too far away that were also attracted by these strange and wondrous images.

For such a world phenomenon to occur, that likely meant that something extraordinary was being born.

Lin Ming’s thoughts moved. He used his sense to probe for a moment, and then he flew towards the area where the phenomena appeared at an unhurried pace.

And at this time, there was a loud explosive sound like the eruption of a volcano. Waves of magma swelled forth from the cracked earth, soaring into the heavens. A team of abyssals was caught in this torrential wave and were sucked in like a tiny boat in raging seas, immediately disappearing.

This sudden change caused the abyssals rushing here to pause for a moment. For a time, no abyssals dared to move forwards.

There were perils and risks littered throughout the Demon God’s Tomb, and many places where even True Divinities had a high chance of dying. Without a doubt, there were lucky chances in these places, but to an Empyrean abyssal, maintaining their life was the most important point of all. Without their life, they had nothing.

After Lin Ming saw this team of Empyrean abyssals being swallowed up, he also moved with even more caution.

His pace also slowed by a great deal. At the same time, he radiated his sense outwards to investigate the situation around the phenomenon. Soon he found someone familiar.

In the midst of howling winds, within waves of energy surging in the skies, a beautiful figure stood against the gales, her long dress flapping around her; this woman was Sheng Mei.

At this time, Sheng Mei held a bone sword in her hands, her long hair fluttering in the wind.

And not too far away from Sheng Mei, there was also a True Divinity abyssal from Deep King Road in full battle mode, ready to fight.

Lin Ming had some impressions towards this True Divinity level abyssal. This abyssal had also appeared in the intra-alliance competition but it was only that he hadn’t fought. Lin Ming wasn’t sure what his true strength was, but if Deep King Road was willing to send him out here then his strength likely wasn’t too bad.

And what Sheng Mei and this Deep King Road abyssal Elder faced were three True Divinity level abyssals from the Flood Alliance. The one leading these three abyssals was the Great Flood Crown Prince.

“Hahaha! Your Highness Holy Demoness, if seems if fate wishes it, we will meet after all. The Demon God’s Tomb is so broad and I have been here for so long and yet this is the first time I have run into Your Highness. I surely must thank this world phenomenon for this!”

The Great Flood Crown Prince smiled, his fake words a veneer of civility. And at this time, the two True Divinity level abyssal behind him moved forwards, encircling Sheng Mei and the Deep King Road Elder.

The Great Flood Crown Prince’s strength was clearly above Sheng Mei’s. And with the two True Divinities from the Flood Alliance added on, it was clear which side was weaker.

Sheng Mei furrowed her eyebrows. She looked at the tumbling black fog behind the Great Flood Crown Prince as well as the phantasmal forms that faintly condensed in the fog, and she formed speculations in her heart.

The energy that was dissipating from this mystic realm faintly resonated with the power of demon gods that she had absorbed, as if it were the source of the power of demon gods.

In addition, the energy contained a terrifying pressure that even caused True Divinities to quiver. Sheng Mei suspected that this mystic realm was likely related to the Demon God from 100 billion years ago!

Just what sort of existence was the Demon God? He could be called the founder of the entire Dark Abyss, and if it were a lucky chance that he left behind, just what sort of lucky chance would that be like?

It was unknown just what trigger had activated this mystic realm, but for it to suddenly appear from nowhere, it was clearly a great stroke of good fortune for the high level abyssals that entered the Demon God’s Tomb.

Such good fortune, who wouldn’t want to have sole possession of it?

The Great Flood Crown Prince had clearly also approximately guessed this. Thus, he gathered up two other True Divinities from the Flood Alliance to prepare to fight Sheng Mei. He wished to severely beat up Sheng Mei or at least force her to draw back.

Sheng Mei’s eyes flashed with a cold light as she rapidly analyzed the current situation.

The Demon God’s Tomb was far too broad and the Space Laws here were too stable. Even a True Divinity level abyssal couldn’t step through the void and could only fly, without any tricks.

Now, for this mystic realm to suddenly appear here, although the aura of the energy was incredibly vast, it was simply too far away. Many True Divinity level abyssals had yet to discover it but they would soon enough.

Presently, Sheng Mei was clearly unable to contend against these three True Divinity level abyssals from the Flood Alliance. But if she could delay for time and wait for more True Divinity level abyssals to catch up, then perhaps a favorable turn might appear.


Layers of the power of demon gods erupted from Sheng Mei’s body, completely covering her.

Beside her, the Deep King Road Elder also moved. His joints and body released explosive crackling sounds as layers of scales appeared on his body; he had utilized a body metamorphosis unique to the abyssal cultivation system.

Seeing this, the Great Flood Crown Prince diabolically grinned. “You want to delay for time and wait for reinforcements? Do you think you can last that long?”


The Great Flood Crown Prince flipped his hand and drew out a saber engraved with the image of a ghost head; he pointed the saber straight at Sheng Mei.

“Force this battle to a quick conclusion!”

The Great Flood Crown Prince ordered the two other abyssal Elders. However, just as he finished speaking he suddenly paused, frowning.

He turned and saw that several miles away, an abyssal wearing black battle armor and holding a thick bone spear was flying towards them like a ghost.

This abyssal was Lin Ming.

“This boy!”

The Great Flood Crown Prince scowled. In these past years it was clear to everyone just how strong Lin Ming was. Now, the Great Flood Crown Prince fully believed Deep Child’s words that Lin Ming’s talent surpassed his own.

He synthesized all sorts of information together to estimate that Lin Ming had the strength of a peak lower True Divinity.

He wouldn’t have worried about this level of strength to begin with, but now, if Lin Ming were added together with Sheng Mei and that Deep King Road Elder, this battle would be three against three. Although he still maintained the advantage as before, wanting to end the fight in a short period of time would be far too difficult.

And if this battle dragged on then more and more True Divinity level abyssals would arrive.

At that time, the battle to enter the mystic realm would become even more ruthless and bloody, and getting the opportunity to swallow this lucky chance by himself would be less likely.

In particular, the Great Flood Crown Prince felt a deep sense of dread towards Deep Child.

If he were to catch up then the consequences would be dire.

“You are courting death!”

The Great Flood Crown Prince glared at Lin Ming like a beast eyeing its prey; he completely unleashed his killing intent.

Lin Ming flew forwards without changing direction. He seemed slow, but he flew several miles in a mere moment.

Silently, he appeared next to Sheng Mei like a spirit, facing the Great Flood Crown Prince and the two other True Divinity Elders of the Flood Alliance beside her.

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