MW Chapter 2141

Chapter 2141 – Cultivating

To kill others and wrest away their power of demon gods, this would forever be the fastest method.

The Demon God’s Tomb had only opened several days ago so the Yin Yang Twin Ghosts had accumulated a limited amount of the power of demon gods. Even so, after killing them, Lin Ming’s first totem marked directly reached perfection.

Not just that, but the second totem mark also started to slowly appear. Lin Ming could feel that even though this second totem mark appeared slightly different from the first one, if he wanted to completely manifest it then it would require much more power of demon gods.

The Demon God’s Tomb would remain open for a long time. Lin Ming absolutely had the option of slowly gathering the power of demon gods and didn’t need to be hurried. However, he was worried that if he stayed in the Demon God’s Tomb for too long then he might find that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had already left seclusion.

At that time, humanity would once more fall into dire peril!

As for contending with the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, it would all depend on Divine Dream’s leadership. But no matter what happened it was sure to be a difficult and blood-filled battle.

All of these thoughts flashed through Lin Ming’s mind. He shook his head, placing these worries in the back of his mind. These were inevitable matters to begin with, and all Lin Ming could do now was do everything he could to increase his own strength.

There were far too many enemies he had to face.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, the unfathomably deep Soul Emperor, and even the entire Dark Abyss!

Each one of these enemies was stronger than the last. They pressed down on Lin Ming’s shoulders, but with his current strength he wasn’t able to shake any one of them.

Still, Lin Ming didn’t give in. This pressure on him was also his great lucky chance.

And if he wanted to reach the peak of martial arts, he needed such a lucky chance.

Since ancient times, peerless powerhouses often required more than just heaven-defying talent and destiny; they also needed the momentum of the world to be pushing them towards greater accomplishments.

10 billion years ago, the Asura Road Master and Immortal Sovereign had been in such a situation when they faced the invasion of the abyssal demons.

100 billion years ago, the Demon God also experienced such a situation facing the great Shattering of the demon universe.

This is what others meant when they said situations made the hero.

The current Lin Ming also stood atop this wave that swept over the world.

He was pushed to his current position, and if he could stand proudly where he was then he would become a legend that would be passed down for over a hundred billion years!


The earth was boundless and barren. In the world of the Demon God’s Tomb, besides demonic spirits, there was no other life. The only lives that stood out were the other abyssal trial challengers.

But, they were enemies that could kill you at any moment.

This was a world of deathly stillness, but also a world where dangers pervaded every corner. To stay in such a world for dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of years and withstand endless loneliness, infinite slaughter, and desolate cultivation, even someone with powerful nerves and tenacious willpower would find it hard to bear.


Amongst the midst of scattered demon bones, a brilliant light suddenly burst out like fireworks in the night sky, dissipating between the heavens and earth.

With it, a miserable cry echoed out. An abyssal demon tumbled onto the ground in distress, his body covered with blood.

Lin Ming grasped a bone spear and quietly followed him from behind, like a devil emerging from the depths of hell.

“Stretch out your arm!”

Lin Ming’s voice was cold and brooked no resistance.

The abyssal he struck down from the air came from the Flood Alliance and only had an Empyrean level cultivation. Facing Lin Ming’s pressure, this abyssal nearly suffocated.

It was impossible for the abyssal to resist Lin Ming’s aura. He obediently stretched out his arm, and then Lin Ming reached out sharp claws to wrap around this arm. With a bit of strength in his fingers, five sharp nails pierced into the abyssal’s body.

Laws of Famine – Swallowing!

Lin Ming revolved the Swallowing Laws, savagely sucking out the pure power of demon gods within this abyssal’s body.

A moment later, the abyssal lay splayed out on the ground like a dead dog, his entire body soaked in a cold sweat. In that instant just now he had felt as if his entire bloodline had been sucked out by Lin Ming.

However, he didn’t die and Lin Ming didn’t seem to have any intention of killing him.

Lin Ming waved his hand and said, “You can screw off!”

Hearing these words, the abyssal was dazed, in disbelief that he could survive this.

“Are you not leaving?”

A cold light flashed in Lin Ming’s eyes and the abyssal quickly scurried away.

Lin Ming took a deep breath, drawing in every wisp of the power of demon gods into his body so that he didn’t waste even the tiniest bit.

He opened his eyes, slowly turning towards a position somewhere in the void and faintly said, “Since you’ve come, you might as well come out.”

From the silent void, loud laughter suddenly echoed out. “Hahaha! Ninth Elder’s senses are truly sharp!”

With this voice, a hand suddenly appeared and ripped open the barrier of a concealing array formation. An abyssal walked out – this was Deep Child!

After being in the Demon God’s Tomb for a long time, this was the first time Lin Ming encountered Deep Child.

Lin Ming didn’t know how much power of demon gods Demon Child had absorbed. Facing Deep Child, Lin Ming was deeply wary of him. He could feel that this Deep Child was like a cold and ruthless wild beast, hiding his fangs until the moment came to reveal them.

“Interesting, you actually let that Flood Alliance abyssal go.” Deep Child said, a thoughtful light in his eyes as he stared at the fleeing abyssal from the Flood Alliance.

“But… you shouldn’t be some kind of blindly benevolent fool.”

As Deep Child spoke he looked towards Lin Ming. Lin Ming didn’t reply, instead glaring back at Deep Child and coldly asking, “Just what are you looking for me for?”

He was already prepared for a fight. Although those in the Deep Alliance had made an oath, such an oath likely wouldn’t have any binding force on Deep Child.

Deep Child chuckled. “This is just a chance encounter. Since you don’t wish to talk to me much, then… let us meet once again in the deepest depths of the Demon God’s Tomb!”

As Deep Child said this, he turned and left.

From start to finish he never attacked Lin Ming and didn’t even reveal a bit of killing intent.

Lin Ming frowned and watched as Deep Child slowly disappeared from sight.

He didn’t know what tricks Deep Child was playing at. Deep Child clearly possessed formidable strength and yet he restrained himself this entire time.

Deep Child didn’t try to take his ceremonial rites book nor did he seek out the Great Flood Crown Prince for some sort of final showdown. In these past months, the Deep Alliance and Flood Alliance had come into conflict numerous times, but there had yet to be a great battle with deep losses yet.

Lin Ming shook his head, no longer thinking about it. His time in the Demon God’s Tomb was extremely precious; he needed to grasp every moment he could to raise his strength.

As for whatever traps or secrets were in the Demon God’s Tomb, or whatever plots Deep Child was planning against him, only when he had sufficient strength could he deal with these things.

Lin Ming’s figure flickered and he flew away. He searched for his next target, whether it was a demonic spirit or more abyssal prey.

This was already Lin Ming’s tenth month in the Demon God’s Tomb.

The Demon God’s Tomb was extremely broad. In these ten months, Lin Ming travelled, spending the majority of his time in quiet cultivation.

Slaughter and cultivation, this was the entirety of the Demon God’s Tomb.

Lin Ming didn’t want to involve himself in the great war between the Flood Alliance and Deep Alliance. But, as long as he met someone from the Flood Alliance he would attack them without hesitation.

They were his prey.

This venture into the Demon God’s Tomb was meant to be a grand slaughterfest to begin with. Since Lin Ming joined in, he naturally would make use of these rules.

As for things like mercy or morality, to talk about such things now was foolishness.

During these ten months, Lin Ming’s name also spread out. There was no longer an abyssal stupid enough to consider Lin Ming as a mere upper Empyrean abyssal.

Because no one knew Lin Ming’s true name and only knew of him as the Ninth Elder, slowly, the abyssals of the Flood Alliance gave Lin Ming a new name – the Ninth War Demon.

These days, in particular the Empyrean level abyssals of the Flood Alliance, they all shivered upon hearing the name of the Ninth War Demon.

But no matter how infamous Lin Ming’s exploits, he didn’t kill every Flood Alliance abyssal that he saw. He discovered that by using Famine’s Swallowing Laws, he could easily draw out the power of demon gods from the bodies of other abyssals.

Thus, as long as some abyssals were willing to offer him their power of demon gods, he would mostly let them live.

This was no some act of mercy, but because Lin Ming had his own plan. He did this because he wanted to raise his cultivation speed up as fast as possible.

Lin Ming had his own ambitions. He wanted to accumulate his totem tattoos to the limit in the shortest time possible.

According to the jade slip, the more power of demon gods that a trial challenger possessed, the greater their chances of withstanding the inheritance of totem abyssals and passing the abyssal ritual.

Moreover, once he succeeded in receiving this inheritance, then this power of demon gods would also be perfectly absorbed by the trial challenger during the process, sublimating into a part of their strength.

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