MW Chapter 2140

Chapter 2140 – Executing the Twin Ghosts


The black-robed abyssal smashed the walls of the ancient bronze bell. The ancient bronze bell had already started to deform and the white-robed abyssal wanted take it back. However, because of the heavy grandmist force field pressing against the ancient bell and with Lin Ming’s three avatars diverting the white-robed abyssal, the white-robed abyssal was finding this impossibly difficult to do.

Seeing the black-robed abyssal about to die, the white-robed abyssal emitted a shrill, ear-piercing scream.

This scream was like the cry of a demented ghost. As the white-robed abyssal cried, blood red marks began to appear on his face. These marks burned like flames and grew like weeds, rapidly spreading all over the white-robed abyssal’s body.

In that moment, the white-robed abyssal had burned his blood essence.

And at the same time, the black-robed abyssal was also pushed to the edge by Lin Ming. His entire body shook and blood red marks began to spread on his face too; he was also trying to burn his blood essence.

Two True Divinity level abyssals were burning their blood essence together. When added to their joint attacks, their combat strength would rise to yet another level.

Weng –

The white-robed abyssal summoned forth a bone pagoda. This bone pagoda was only an inch tall, but when it appeared it began to wildly absorb the massive amount of blood vitality from the white-robed abyssal’s blood marks and then recklessly grew.

As for the black-robed abyssal, he brought out a ghost streamer. This ghost streamer whipped against the wind as trillions of malicious spirits rushed out from it. These spirits emitted wails that stung the ears as they sank into the bone pagoda.

The bone pagoda rapidly grew. With a loud rumbling sound, it rose higher and higher until it smashed into the top of the ancient bronze bell, like a pillar that supported it from within. And even then, the bone pagoda continued to grow, as if it would lift up the bronze bell at any moment!

Peng! Peng! Peng!

The ground beneath the bone pagoda started to crack apart. As for Lin Ming’s grandmist force field, as it was impacted by this tremendous strength it began to wobble. The overlapped layers of grandmist energy weren’t stable to begin with and now it seemed as if the entire force field would collapse.

Seeing this, Lin Ming’s eyes flashed with a cold light. His demon avatar rushed out and smashed a fist against the bone pagoda.


The bone pagoda had a hole smashed in it by Lin Ming’s demon avatar. The demon avatar thrust an arm into it like a viper, all the way into the bone pagoda!

Laws of Famine – Swallowing!

For a time, the arm of Lin Ming’s demon avatar turned into that image of Famine’s blood tentacles. The power of swallowing wildly poured into the bone pagoda and the devouring vortex that was created covered many of these malicious spirits, swallowing them up as they screamed in misery.

After breaking into the Twofold Dao Palace, the Swallowing Laws were able to harmonize with Lin Ming’s demon avatar even better and he was able to bring out more of its strength.

Hum - !

The bone pagoda violently trembled as if it were about to disintegrate. As for the ancient bell that lifted a little, it started to fall back down.


As the black-robed abyssal saw Lin Ming suck in all of the spirits he had refined with so much effort, he felt as if he would vomit blood from anger. He grasped the ghost streamer and a howling gale rose up. Layers upon layers of demon energy gathered together, forming into a giant demon claw in the air that grasped down at Lin Ming’s demon avatar.

The black-robed abyssal wanted to force away Lin Ming’s demon avatar, but at this time a blinding spear light flashed out, smashing into the giant demon claw.


With a loud explosion, the demon claw burst apart into a miasma of fog and black light. Lin Ming’s true self had attacked!


Seeing Lin Ming’s true self attack, the white-robed abyssal’s eyes turned blood red.

Lin Ming was simply too hard for them to deal with. Not only was he fighting one against two, but he could even divert both of them at the same time.

Although they stimulated their blood marks, this sort of secret technique couldn’t last too long. Once this secret technique faded away, their defeat would only arrive faster.

After breaking apart the demon claw, Lin Ming coldly sneered. Crackling sounds burst out from within his body and scales began to grow over his true self.

At the same time, the Asura war god phantom appeared behind Lin Ming; his true self had activated his Asura blood.

Not just that, but by using the Gate of Life’s ability to restore blood essence, Lin Ming even conveniently burnt some blood essence from his true self.

At this time, the superiority that the Yin Yang Twin Ghosts gained from burning their blood essence had disappeared.

Power of the Nine Stars!

Lin Ming punched out a fist. Seven stars floated up behind him, the power of infinite starlight pouring into Lin Ming’s body, condensing onto his fists.

The white-robed abyssal raised up a demon claw to block this fist!

“Support me!”

The white-robed abyssal roared at the black-robed abyssal. At this time, neither of them could bother with the bone pagoda.

However, before the white-robed abyssal’s voice fell, his complexion changed.

Lin Ming’s fist contained an all-annihilating corrosive strength. The white-robed abyssal’s demon claw was rapidly melted away by this fist, and even his blood vitality and life force started to quickly dissipate!

This was one of the moves that Lin Ming had come up with after obtaining Sheng Mei’s black book of death and unifying it with his comprehensions of the samsara of life and death.

Such an attack was already extremely close to Sheng Mei’s attack.

In the blink of an eye, the white-robed abyssal’s arms turned deathly gray, as if they had lost all life!

The black-robed abyssal was panic-stricken. He grabbed a small green fork in his hand and hurried to help the white-robed abyssal. But in this moment, Lin Ming’s demon avatar temporarily gave up on swallowing the bone pagoda and grasped a bone spear as it smashed down at the black-robed abyssal.


The Demon God’s Tomb’s hard earth was blown apart by the spear strike of Lin Ming’s demon avatar. The black-robed abyssal was forced away.

At the same time, Lin Ming’s three avatars of essence, energy, and divine began to gather around the edges of the white-robed abyssal. They held Asura Wheels in their hands as they rushed towards the white-robed abyssal and ruthlessly cut down.


The white-robed abyssal’s face twisted as he fiercely struggled. After burning his blood essence he was like an enraged wild beast on the verge of death. He forcefully broke apart the Asura Wheels of Lin Ming’s essence avatar and energy avatar, but in the end he was cut through the neck by Lin Ming’s divine avatar!


Blood flew out.

Horror and unwillingness flashed in the eyes of the white-robed abyssal.

And at this time, Lin Ming’s true self also punched out.


This fist solidly smashed into the white-robed abyssal’s chest. The powerful impact force tore the white-robed abyssal’s clothes to shreds.

The white-robed abyssal spat out a mouthful of blood as the light began to fade away from his eyes.

Lin Ming’s fist contained the dual Laws of Life and Death. The endlessly growing power of divinity and demons broke into the white-robed abyssal’s body, even as the Laws of Death rapidly wasted away his vitality.

The two continuous attacks had caused the white-robed abyssal to lose nearly all his combat strength.

And in a battle where a great disparity existed to begin with, to lose so much combat strength meant that the end result was already decided.

The white-robed abyssal forced himself to create a demon claw, wanting to counterattack Lin Ming one final time. However, his body suddenly shook. A ferocious bone spear pierced through his back and out of his chest. Bone spikes twisted and grew and tore apart the abyssal’s body, causing his blood to rain down to the floor.

The white-robed abyssal struggled to turn his head to see Lin Ming’s demon avatar standing behind him, holding a thick bone spear in his hands.

The white-robed abyssal had already lost all strength to resist.

“Second Brother!”

Seeing the white-robed abyssal die, the black-robed abyssal felt his heart fade away like dying embers. He realized that with his own strength, it was impossible for him to stop this monster from hunting him down.

He roared out loud and threw the small green fork in his hands at Lin Ming with all his strength. Then, the demon power in his body rose to the limit and his skinny body began to inflate.

“You want to self-implode?”

A cold light burst out from Lin Ming’s eyes. His true self and demon avatar attacked at the same time, and his three avatars blocked out the void.


The small green fork was sent flying away by a strike from the demon Lin Ming’s spear.

And at the same time, the fist of Lin Ming’s true self crashed into the black-robed abyssal’s chest!

The power of life and death savagely burst into the black-robed abyssal’s body.

The demon power that the black-robed abyssal gathered and wanted to use to explode was suddenly neutralized by the power of death. Like cold water splashing onto heated iron, the black-robed abyssal began to rapidly lose strength; it was no longer possible for him to blow himself up.

“It’s over.”

Beneath the suppression of absolute strength, the black-robed abyssal wasn’t able to display his greatest heaven-destroying strength. Together with the white-robed abyssal, the two of them died with deep grievances, only able to nurse their hatred in the afterlife as Lin Ming killed them in their own ancient bronze bell.

After the Yin Yang Twin Ghosts died, the totem marks on their arms faded away, turning into pure power of demon gods that slowly fluttered towards Lin Ming.


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