Chapter 214 - Life’s Most Unforgettable Experience

Chapter 214 Life’s Most Unforgettable Experience.


Chapter 214 – Life’s Most Unforgettable Experience

After listening to Lin Ming, the woman in red closed her eyes as if accepting her inevitable fate. Although she still looked incomparably tranquil, her slender eyelashes were actually gently trembling, as if reflecting the innermost turmoil and tension within her mind.

However, after waiting for a good while, the touch that made her feel so intensely nervous and fearful still hadn’t come. The lady in red opened her eyes in puzzlement, and was surprised to see that Lin Ming’s face was completely flushed red like a tomato, with his hand paused in midair, neither moving forwards or backwards.

The woman in red didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. She asked, “What are you doing?”

“I….” Lin Ming didn’t feel the least bit emboldened to take action. If it were Qin Xingxuan, Wang Yuhan, or even Bai Jingyun on front of him, then even though he would be a bit embarrassed and apologetic, he would never be so skittish. Instead, this woman currently in front of him was simply far too formidable. It was simply like a beggar that was given a single opportunity to violate and touch a pure jade princess; that tension would still be far less than this.

What Lin Ming feared the most was that after he touched her, she would have...

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