MW Chapter 2139

Chapter 2139 – Lin Ming’s Strength

Before the Yin Yang Twin Ghosts could react, a heavy mist suddenly erupted from Lin Ming’s body. This mist carried with it a deep and powerful strength that proliferated through the air all around; this was Lin Ming’s grandmist space.

The grandmist spread within the ancient bronze bell, completely sealing up the already sealed battlefield.

Immediately, the Yin Yang Twin Ghosts raised their guards. An upper Empyrean was surrounded by two True Divinities in a sealed space, but not only did he not panic but he even laid down a force field to block off the area; it seemed he wanted to fight some sort of final battle.

If such a person wasn’t an idiot or crazy, then they were someone who had more than enough confidence in their own strength.

And, when recalling the fact that Deep King Road allowed Lin Ming to carry the Book of Eon into the Demon God’s Tomb, the chances of Lin Ming being an idiot were near zero.

“How interesting. We are going to kill you, but it looks like you want to eat us up instead. Are you afraid that we are going to run away?”

“A mere upper Empyrean actually wants to contend with us two brothers…”

The Yin Yang Twin Ghosts cackled, their voices gloomy and evil. They spread out, standing on both sides of Lin Ming. And at this time Lin Ming was continuing to bolster his grandmist force field, blocking out this space.

Lin Ming’s eyes swept over the arms beneath the voluminous robes of the Yin Yang Twin Ghosts. On each of their arms was a totem mark.

The Yin Yang Twin Ghosts’ totem marks were actually not much dimmer than Lin Ming’s was. Lin Ming possessed the Book of Eon so his speed in absorbing the power of demon gods should have been amongst the fastest of all, yet he wasn’t able to surpass the Yin Yang Twin Ghosts. This meant that the Yin Yang Twin Ghosts had killed a great number of abyssals from the Deep Alliance before this.

Only by killing other abyssals and plundering their totems could one rapidly accumulate the power of demon gods.

“After killing them, my first totem mark should be able to reach perfection, and it might even go a little beyond that… unfortunately, the Book of Eon draws the hate of others too easily so now I must fight True Divinities. If I were able to delay this for a few days and allow them to gather more power of demon gods before I killed them, then my harvests would have been even greater…”

As Lin Ming was thinking this, the Yin Yang Twin Ghosts had already begun to rush towards him!

They were skilled in coordinating their attacks. The moment they moved, they had already blocked out all of Lin Ming’s angles of avoidance!

Facing Lin Ming, neither of them held back. Lin Ming’s actions of sealing away the battlefield once more had caused them to become wary of him.

The black and white light of abyssals flooded the battlefield.

The Yin Yang Twin Ghosts struck out with an extremely cunning attack trajectory and also attacked from two sides at once. For a normal abyssal this would have been difficult to fend off.

However, facing such an attack, Lin Ming only sneered.

In this instant Lin Ming’s inner world opened and a raging and boundless energy wildly gushed out!

This sort of energy was drastically different from the demon energies within the Dark Abyss. That demonic abyssal energy was fierce and cold, filled with thick killing intent. But, this sort of energy was vast and broad, yet it didn’t lose its sharp edge.

This was the power of divinity from the 33 Heavens, and also the strength from unifying true essence, spirit essence, and astral essence!

Ho - !

Like a dragon roaring out into the horizon, an incredible hum rang through the ancient bronze bell, wildly reverberating all around.

Lin Ming’s true self rushed out from his demon avatar’s inner world!

Like a treasure sword being unsheathed from a thousand years of dust, divine light recklessly shot out, nearly piercing through the ancient bronze bell.


The Yin Yang Twin Ghosts were panic-stricken. In an instant, Lin Ming had become two.

Moreover, what shocked them the most was that this Lin Ming no longer had the appearance of an abyssal, but rather had the appearance of someone of the ancient races, or even someone from the dark angel race!

From looks alone it was impossible for them to determine whether Lin Ming’s true self was an abyssal demon or not. But, the vast power of divinity exuding from Lin Ming’s true self allowed them to instantly confirm that this person who suddenly appeared was neither an abyssal nor someone from the ancient races.

Rather, he came from… the 33 Heavens!

Thinking of this possibility, the hearts of the Yin Yang Twin Ghosts quaked. Someone from the 33 Heavens, how could they appear in the Dark Abyss?

Could this be some sort of great plot?

Before they could respond, Lin Ming’s true self suddenly attacked!

Lin Ming raised his spear and thrust outwards. Spear light howled, seeming as if it could overturn the universe as it pierced towards the white-robed abyssal.

And at the same time, Lin Ming’s demon avatar also attacked. He grabbed a thick bone spear and pounded down at the black-robed abyssal!

Without a need to hide his strength any longer, without a need to hide his Laws, in this moment, seven great stars from the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace suddenly appeared above Lin Ming’s head. Endless starlight poured into the bodies of Lin Ming’s true self and his demon avatar, causing their strength to rise to a new limit.


The Yin Yang Twin Ghosts simply weren’t able to resist the raging impact at all. The two of them miserably coughed as they were sent tumbling away.

Bang! Bang!

With two loud rings, the Yin Yang Twin Ghosts smashed into the ancient bronze bell, causing it to thunder out loud.

“What… what is going on!?”

The Yin Yang Twin Ghosts were bewildered. From this short glance, they faintly realized that this person from the 33 Heavens who suddenly appeared had a cultivation inferior to that of a True Divinity, but, how could someone who hadn’t reached True Divinity possess such a freakish level of strength?

One abyssal, one life form from the 33 Heavens, could they have been one body to begin with?

“Take away the bell!”

The black-robed abyssal shouted out loud. The situation had undergone heaven-shaking changes. They had already lost all control of what was occurring. This life form from the 33 Heavens had mixed itself into the Dark Abyss, and not just that but their strength was incredible and they obviously had dark intentions. This sort of important discovery needed to be reported!

“You want to escape? Keep on dreaming!”

Lin Ming’s true self sneered. At this time, the inner world of Lin Ming’s true self also opened.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Three more figures flew out!

These were Lin Ming’s avatars of essence, energy, and divine. Now that Lin Ming didn’t need to hide his strength any longer he could finally go all-out!


The cry of a dragon echoed from Lin Ming’s inner world. The little black dragon that had been hiding in Lin Ming’s inner world throughout his entire time in the Dark Abyss finally joined the fray!

Little Black had long since reached the limits of an Empyrean. Although its strength still fell short of that of a True Divinity, it could rely on its powerful vitality and potent body to act as a deterrent in battle.

Within the ancient bronze bell, even though Little Black had shrunk its body to an infinitesimally small portion of its original size, it still took up nearly half of the available space. It immediately became crowded inside!

Little Black was like a giant wall of meat. When combined with the grandmist space, it blocked the ancient bronze bell from opening.

Thick killing intent flashed in Lin Ming’s eyes. He had planned from the very start to reveal all cards in his hands, because he could not allow a single one of these abyssals to leave.

He had to cut down the Yin Yang Twin Ghosts here, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable!

When Lin Ming was at the middle Empyrean realm and hadn’t yet opened the Twofold Dao Palace, he had used all means and had managed to slay a lower True Divinity. Now, in this sealed space with his strength greatly enhanced, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to eliminate these two lower True Divinities.

“The power of Yin and Yang!”

Lin Ming’s true self and his demon avatar moved together. Their four hands moved as one, drawing a primal chaos diagram with their hands. Endless power of divinity and demons rushed out from Lin Ming’s true self and his demon avatar, fusing together to form a yin yang wheel.

This giant wheel sliced down onto the black-robed abyssal!

The black-robed abyssal was panic-stricken. At the same time, the white-robed abyssal was diverted by Little Black and the three avatars, completely unable to help.

The reason that the Yin Yang Twin Ghosts were known to be powerful was because the two brothers could coordinate without the slightest gap. But once they were split apart, their combat strength would drop precipitously.

When they faced Lin Ming it had been two against one, but now it had become two against six; the sudden change in disparity could be imagined!

The black-robed abyssal’s complexion rapidly changed. He opened his lips and a small green fork came spinning out.

Countless evil spirits lingered atop this small fork. They emitted pained hisses and wails, causing the small fork to seem extremely fierce!

Facing this small fork, Lin Ming’s true self and demon avatar simply disregarded it. They savagely pressed down the yin yang wheel.


With a loud explosive sound, the small green fork was sent flying away!

The yin yang wheel flew down without slowing. At the same time, the faint phantom of a black Phantom appeared behind the wheel.

In this crucial life or death moment, the black-robed abyssal wildly roared. He summoned all the demon power in his body and smashed out his fist onto the yin yang wheel.

In the next moment, a wild vortex of energy swirled through the entire sealed space. Beneath Lin Ming’s suppression, the explosive energy didn’t sweep outwards so that the ancient bronze bell wouldn’t break.

Rather, these energies all swept towards the black-robed abyssal.

The black-robed abyssal spat out a mouthful of black blood as he was sent flying away!


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