MW Chapter 2138

Chapter 2138 – A Sealed Battlefield

The ash gray wilderness of the Demon God’s Tomb was filled with the pressure of a ubiquitous force field. And the further in one went, the more powerful this pressure became.

The ground here had reached an unimaginably hard degree.

The higher the level of a plane, the more stable the structure of the world was. If the Dark Abyss were compared to the 33 Heavens, the world structure was already at a step higher. But if compared to the Demon God’s Tomb, then the Demon God’s Tomb simply dwarfed all others.

In the middle of it, every rock, every inch of land, could be compared with divine iron. Upon entering the Demon God’s Tomb, even if a martial artist didn’t encounter any lucky chances, just digging out some ore would be enough to forge divine weapons.

Lin Ming crossed over a mountain as sharp as a sword. Across the mountain peak was a vast and deep canyon, an untamed land that seemed to have never seen strangers. Through the passage of countless years, a considerable amount of the power of demon gods had converged in this canyon.

The more power of demon gods there was, the more powerful a force field would be created. Lin Ming only needed to take a step in to feel this force field linger over his body, causing his breath to quicken and his movements to slow down a great deal.

Lin Ming could see a skeleton sitting in place on the canyon floor. This skeleton still maintained its complete shape, and its empty eye sockets seemed to be staring at him.

Lin Ming and this skeleton looked at each other. Then, a smile lit up Lin Ming’s face.

At this time, a purple-black demonic spirit suddenly flew out from the skeleton. This demonic spirit was incredibly fast and it flew straight towards Lin Ming’s forehead. From its stance, it seemed as if it wanted to break into Lin Ming’s spiritual sea.

However, Lin Ming had already been prepared. He punched out his fist!


A loud explosion filled the air. Lin Ming’s fist contained the intricate principles of strength training’s Flow like Silk and trillions of threads of the power of demons was condensed in it. The fierce vibrations sent the dark purple demonic spirit tumbling away!

The demonic spirit howled in pain. It seemed to discover that it wasn’t Lin Ming’s match and began to turn around to flee.

“Mm? It didn’t die?”

Lin Ming was a little surprised. It seemed that this was an extremely high quality demonic spirit, and the power of demon gods within its body was also much purer.

Lin Ming took a step forwards and his speed exploded. He appeared in front of the demonic spirit as if he had teleported there and then slapped out with his palm.


Energy recklessly blasted forward, shattering the demonic spirit into pieces!

Lin Ming reached out a hand and grasped all of the energy that was roiling through the air. Then, he gathered it and absorbed it into his body.

For a time, Lin Ming felt every pore over his body relax and open to swallow the power of the heavens and earth. This was an abnormally pleasant feeling, like a dehydrated wanderer who hadn’t drunk anything for several days finally finding a clear spring and taking big mouthfuls of fresh water.

“This power of demon gods is truly wonderful. If I cultivate for a hundred years in here then that will be the same as cultivating for thousands of years outside. Once I accumulate enough energy, it won’t be a problem for me to break into the True Divinity realm…”

In order to break into True Divinity, one first needed to accumulate enough energy and also solidify their foundation.

But in the world of the Demon God’s Tomb, the energy was simply far too pure. After absorbing this energy it was far too easy to integrate into one’s limbs and bones, acupoints and meridians; there just wasn’t a need to refine it. Like this, there wouldn’t be any problems with stabilizing one’s foundation.

If one had to find a reason then it was because this world had already refined this energy for 100 billion years. If a martial artist could absorb the energy here, it would vastly decrease the amount of cultivation time they needed.

This was a shortcut to raise one’s cultivation.

Of course, the premise behind such a shortcut was that one’s comprehension of Laws could follow correspondingly. Otherwise if one’s cultivation rose but the Laws couldn’t follow the pace, then there wasn’t any meaning in doing so.

But in terms of the comprehension of Laws, Lin Ming had cultivated two of the highest Laws and also cultivated essence, energy, and divine. These sort of accomplishments couldn’t be simply described as just the standard of a True Divinity.

Lin Ming glanced at the totem on his arm. With the energy he absorbed just now, the totem on his arm went from being a third complete to half complete. From this, one could see how high quality this energy was.

Then at this time, Lin Ming’s voice suddenly turned icy cold. “Friends that have been following me from behind. You’ve followed me for so long, I think it’s about time that you come out!”

As he spoke he calmly turned around, his eyes locking onto a part of the void.

In that originally empty void, an energy force field slowly revealed itself. Within this force field was a large bronze bell.

Clang -

Clang -

The great bell thundered and grew larger. Two figures, one black and one white, flew out from it. From appearances, these two figures seemed like ghosts.

“You actually discovered us?”

The black figure said with surprise. His voice was ethereal and sharp, making one shudder.

These two abyssal demons had extremely strange appearances. They were short, even shorter than the average height of a human male. Their bodies were thin and emaciated and they were wrapped in billowing robes. One wore black robes and the other wore white robes.

These two abyssals were covered in a dim mist, just like the White and Black Impermanence of mortal tales, deities responsible for rewarding the good and punishing the bad.

“You two are the Demon Association’s Yin Yang Twin Ghosts?”

One of Lin Ming’s eyebrows arched upwards. When he killed the Demon Association’s Elder and read his memories, he had familiarized himself with the high level figures of the Demon Association.

These Yin Yang Twin Ghosts were high level Elders of the Demon Association. They were two brothers and their cultivations were at the lower True Divinity level. If they were alone then their strength wouldn’t be considered much. But together, they could display a terrifying combat strength.

“You actually recognize us… hehe, hand over the Book of Eon and the power of demon gods you absorbed, and we will leave you be!”

The white-robed abyssal cackled.

Lin Ming chuckled. “Are you still spouting nonsense at a time like this? Just make your move already!”

Lin Ming directly drew out the Black Dragon Spear, his eyes shimmering with a brilliant fighting spirit. With the Book of Eon in his possession, he was sure to draw the hatred of others.

And these Yin Yang Twin Ghosts were the best indicator with which to test his current strength.

He had intentionally looked for a remote area to face his opponents, all in order to test just what level his strength had reached after opening the seventh palace of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace and also breaking into the upper Empyrean realm.

“You are courting death!”

The Yin Yang Twin Ghosts sinisterly sneered. With a loud humming sound, the great bronze bell in front of them suddenly shivered and floated above their heads. It released a continuous force field that locked in the surrounding space.

And after this, the bell came falling down.

Lin Ming glanced around and shot his sense onto this bell. He hesitated for a moment, actually not trying to dodge the bell.


With a loud rumble, the bell completely covered Lin Ming and the Yin Yang Twin Ghost within.

The space inside the bell was a circle 200 feet in diameter. To a True Divinity realm martial artist, 200 feet couldn’t even be considered a distance at all. With Lin Ming and the Yin Yang Twin Ghosts in such a tightly confined space, it was no different from hand to hand close-body combat.

Seeing Lin Ming not trying to avoid from start to finish, the Yin Yang Twin Ghosts were stunned.

They originally believed that Lin Ming might be a True Divinity level master. Otherwise, Deep Child wouldn’t have given him such exaggerated praise and the Deep Alliance wouldn’t have allowed him to take the Book of Eon into the Demon God’s Tomb.

Against a True Divinity level master, while defeating them was easy, killing them was difficult. After all, if this other party discovered their presence and exhausted their skills to escape, it would take a good period of time to overtake them, not to mention that Lin Ming also had companions with him in the Demon God’s Tomb.

If other abyssals of the Deep Alliance were drawn here then their plans to hunt down Lin Ming would fail.

Thus, they wanted to use the large bronze bell to trap Lin Ming within. If they sealed off their opponent’s escape routes then it would make it much easier to kill him. They originally thought that Lin Ming would struggle and wouldn’t let them cover him in the bell so easily. But, when they easily managed to achieve their goal, they actually felt something strange in their hearts.

And at this time, within the sealed space of the large bronze bell, Lin Ming was checking his surroundings, utterly composed.

This bronze bell was a high quality True Divinity spirit treasure. And with the force field covering the area, wanting to break out from within wouldn’t be easy at all.

As for the ground beneath his feet, it was the land of the Demon God’s Tomb, land as hard as divine iron.

In other words, once the bell fell down and sealed off the surrounding space, then not only would it be difficult for those inside to leave but it would also be difficult for those outside to enter… moreover, it would be impossible to find out what was occurring within.

This was a completely sealed off battlefield.

Thinking of this, Lin Ming smiled. For himself, this was a surpassingly good opportunity!

“What are you smiling about?” The Yin Yang Twin Ghosts frowned.

Lin Ming lazily shook his head, “Nothing, it’s just that I… haven’t come out for exercise for a long time so I’m a bit out of sorts. And you two… just gave me this perfect opportunity.”

Lin Ming’s words left the Yin Yang Twin Ghosts perplexed. Just what did he mean by not coming out to exercise in a long time? Just who and what was this person before them?

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