MW Chapter 2137

Chapter 2137 – Tracked

The terrain within the Demon God’s Tomb was extremely dangerous and cruel.

Some mountain peaks pierced into the skies, like great swords thrusting into the heavens.

Some places had cracked land, revealing fathomless black abysses.

In some other places one could see bones scattered all over the ground. These shattered bones were small and large and glittered like cracked black crystals.

Upon approaching these bones, one could feel a faint force field. In truth these bones had already been exhausted of their energies, and yet they still maintained a light force field that continued onwards, leaving one sighing with emotion.

Without a doubt, after the owners of these skeletons died, the energies in their bodies were similar to those Empyrean abyssals that had died, and had been absorbed by this world.

All that was left over were their broken bones and a light force field that lingered upon them. They would forever be buried here.

Thinking of this, Lin Ming felt something unusual.

Every time the Demon God’s Tomb opened, countless proud abyssal elites would converge towards this land.

These abyssal elites could absorb the unimaginably pure energy that had been refined over 100 billion years in the Demon God’s Tomb. But at the same time, over 80% of the abyssal elites would perish here.

The demon energy in their bodies and the strength of their blood vitality would be cleanly absorbed by this world.

Like this, energy went in and out, forming a particular balance that sent a chill down one’s spine.

This meant that the abyssals took the eliminated dead as fertilizer so that powerhouses could soar to even greater heights.

Thinking of this, Lin Ming sighed. The brutality and laws of the jungle that existed in the Dark Abyss weren’t as simple as that. Rather, they were the true laws of the jungle – laws where the strong ate the weak.

At this time, an amazing demon aura swiftly passed in front of him. A black ray of light flashed through the world, the intensity of the impact causing the earth to shake in waves.

From where the vibrations appeared in the void, the vague phantom of a fierce demon appeared in the black light. It slowly condensed, its demon energy gushing out into the world.

The demon roared, its voice echoing through the heavens and earth.

“The power of demon gods.”

Lin Ming narrowed his eyes. According to the jade slip, the power of demon gods had wandered about the Demon God’s Tomb for over 100 billion years, slowly forming a spiritual wisdom of its own. If one could smash these energies apart, they could obtain their essence.

The power of demon gods was one of the most important lucky chances of the Demon God’s Tomb. Many proud abyssal elites entered the Demon God’s Tomb specifically for this reason.

Lin Ming stepped forwards and his body vanished in the sky. Facing this flying demon, he punched out with his fist.


With a loud shattering sound, the demon cried out in misery before disintegrating into smoke and dust. It turned into a stream of black energy that began to dissipate into the world.

Lin Ming reached out a hand and slowly gathered this energy.

“It really is pure…”

Lin Ming was shocked. In fact, describing this power of demon gods with the word ‘pure’ really wasn’t enough. Lin Ming had seen all sorts of lucky chances in his life, but solely in terms of the quality of energy found in mystic realms, nothing could compare with this power of demon gods in front of him.

This was because out of all the mystic realms that Lin Ming had seen in his life, even the one that existed the longest wasn’t even a tenth of the age of the Demon God’s Tomb.

The energy within the Demon God’s Tomb had been purified and refined for all this time, like wine brewed from heavenly materials. After being fermented for 100 billion years it had become a peerless vintage.

Every abyssal that entered the Demon God’s Tomb was a lover of such a wine, and the taste of it was difficult to put into words.

Lin Ming used his soul force to control the wisps of demon energy that gathered in his palm. He formed it into the phantom of a small demon, and this demon phantom seemed incredibly lifelike, as if it were alive.

Lin Ming clenched his fist tightly and directly absorbed this demon phantom.

In the next moment, a blurry mark appeared on his arm.

This mark was a faint demon tattoo; this was the so-called totem.

For every abyssal that entered the Demon God’s Tomb, there would be a limit to the number of totems they could form from the power of demon gods.

Some could form eight, some could form ten, some could form 15. But, once they surpassed their limits this number wouldn’t increase anymore.

The limiting number of totem tattoos that formed would depend on an individual’s own martial talent and potential.

Of course, the more totem tattoos that one could form the better it would be. However, in truth, because the Demon God’s Tomb was a land filled with frigid slaughter, the more totems one formed the more one became a delicious plump sheep in the eyes of others. For the weaker and smaller abyssals that entered this mystic realm, they were already thanking the heavens and earth if they could form three or four totems and survive to leave.

To them the totem limit wasn’t too meaningful.

By this time, Lin Ming could see that at the ends of the horizon there seemed to be abyssal demons already beginning a scrambling massacre due to the struggle for the power of demon gods.

But this was only a small fight. Once more and more treasures appeared then the slaughter would escalate until the entire Demon God’s Tomb turned into a bloody hell.

Lin Ming didn’t pause here for long.

According to the jade slip he reviewed, the number of lucky chances was much smaller on the edges of the Demon God’s Tomb, and the quality and density of the power of demon gods was also lower. The truly precious treasures were located deep in the Demon God’s Tomb.

Of course, there were more dangers there too.

Lin Ming flew towards the depths of the Demon God’s Tomb. Its space had an extremely great difference from that of the outside.

The Demon God’s Tomb was a mysterious great world built to resist the great Shattering of the past universe. Here, the intensity of space and had been tempered for 100 billion years and flooded with the flesh and blood of countless Demon Kings, and had now reached a nearly indestructible state.

Even with Lin Ming’s absolute strength and his comprehension of the Space Laws, he still couldn’t freely utilize the power of space nor could he distort space.

And he definitely couldn’t break through space and hasten his pace with great void shifts.

Thus, whether one was a True Divinity or Empyrean, they would have to honestly and simply fly. And because of the omnipresent force field, the speed of all abyssals was suppressed.

But although Lin Ming was only flying along and didn’t pause much, the power of demon gods that he condensed was actually no less than that of other abyssals.

Lin Ming seemed to possess appeal to these demonic things.

Many abyssals would search in all directions for the power of demon gods, spending several hours before finding a little. As for absorbing it, there might even be conflict in doing that, because if other abyssals were there then there would be a battle to decide ownership of the power of demon gods.

However, Lin Ming only flew forwards and yet demonic spirits formed the power of demon gods and approached him on their own initiative.

In fact, they were not actually looking for Lin Ming, but for the Book of Eon that he carried with him.

This mysterious and ancient demon book possessed a strange aura and special energy fluctuations. In the Demon God’s Tomb, the Book of Eon was like a bright light that attracted moths, or a fresh dewy flower that attracted honeybees, constantly drawing in demonic spirits condensed from the power of demon gods.

These demonic spirits weren’t too strong. Lin Ming easily struck them down, and soon, over time, Lin Ming’s first totem on his arm was already a third completed.

In forming totems, the further one went the more difficult it became. But, Lin Ming wasn’t in a hurry. This opening of the Demon God’s Tomb would continue for a long period of time. At the shortest it would be seven or eight years, and it might even go on for dozens or hundreds of years.

In the history of the Dark Abyss there were times when the Demon God’s Tomb opened for one or two thousand years.

The longer the Demon God’s Tomb was open, then the more time the abyssals that entered would have to seek out lucky chances and the power of demon gods. Thus when they emerged, they could also have large benefits.

But at the same time, there would be a longer period of slaughter so fewer abyssals would be able to walk out alive.

Lin Ming didn’t look for trouble, but that didn’t meant trouble wouldn’t come knocking on his door.

Two days later, Lin Ming felt threads of light killing intent waft over his back like a cool spring breeze.

His thoughts stirred; an abyssal had targeted him!

His pace didn’t slow down in the least but he did release his sense in all directions. However, what was amazing was that he didn’t find who it was that was following him. This surprised him. It meant that this person who was hiding was at a level that surpassed his expectations.

“It shouldn’t be the Great Flood Crown Prince…”

This thought immediately flashed through Lin Ming’s mind and he calmed his mood. He began to fuse the soul force of his true self into his sense.

Lin Ming’s true self contained the Eternal Soul, and the strength of his soul force wasn’t something that common abyssals could compare with. And after investigating the situation, his thoughts stirred once more; it seemed things were different from what he had thought.

He fell into thought for a moment and then slowly changed directions, flying towards a far off direction of the Demon God’s Tomb…


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