MW Chapter 2136

Chapter 2136 – The First Kills

Weng! Weng! Weng!

Energy vibrated. The abyssals that flew into the tide weren’t devoured or torn apart by the terrifying energy. Rather, they resonated with the demon energy. The black light flowed into their bodies and flowed back out, forming natural channels around them.

The abyssals passed through these channels and into the Demon God’s Tomb.

Then, more and more abyssals flew into the energy tide.

The more solid one’s foundation, the more demon energy an abyssal possessed, the more the power of the Demon God’s Tomb would resonate with them.

Lin Ming also flew into the tide of energy. The appearance of his figure immediately drew the attention of many abyssals.

Lin Ming wasn’t particularly fast. But, when he submerged into the crazily surging demon energy, the power of demons all around him was drawn towards him as if he were a true Demon King and the power of demons all over was groveling at his feet, utterly subservient to him.

Seeing this scene, many abyssals were startled. This was a natural reaction brought about by one’s strength without a need to think about it.


Lin Ming vanished into the tide of energy. He only felt an irresistible suction force released from the black light before him, pulling him forwards at an ever-accelerating pace.

All sorts of chaotic and disorderly images flashed through Lin Ming’s mind, as if a torrent of time was rapidly flowing all around him. It seemed as if a mere flash of time passed and also seemed as if thousands upon thousands of years passed. Then, the chaos in Lin Ming’s mind suddenly vanished and he arrived in a strange and incredibly vast space.

“This is the Demon God’s Tomb?”

Lin Ming muttered as he looked at his surroundings.

In his life, Lin Ming had entered far too many extraordinary mystic realms. But none of these mystic realms could compare with the Demon God’s Tomb in terms of rank. Even the Asura Road was far worse than the Demon God’s Tomb.

After all, the Asura Road was something that was only created by the Asura Road Master. As for the Demon God’s Tomb, there were countless ancient demons buried here, and with their flesh and blood they had forged this world together!

The Demon God’s Tomb space was broad and ancient. Looking up, one could still ephemeral and gorgeous stars suspended high overhead, tens of thousands of miles away.

Every star emitted tremendous waves of demon power, as if true demonic gods were slumbering within. The pressure was suffocating, like being pressed down and caged to the floor, deep enough to shake the heart with fear.

“Mm, these stars…”

Lin Ming suddenly discovered something unusual about this land. In truth, when Lin Ming was in the wilderness, he found it weird that the starry space was buried beneath the ground, and this starry space also contained a massive number of stars. It seemed extremely out of place.

It was only when Lin Ming entered the Demon God’s Tomb himself that he discovered the truth. These incredibly gorgeous and multi-colored stars were in truth demon relics!

When peerless Demon Kings died, they would leave behind their own demon relics, just like the demon relic that Lin Ming had obtained in the Asura Road’s final trial.

The countless demon relics in the skies were left behind by the super demons of ancient times. They had existed for over 100 billion years and still sparkled brightly in the vault of the heavens.

As they connected together in mysterious ways, they actually formed a terrifying array formation!

This array formation wrapped around the entirety of the Demon God’s Tomb. It was hard to imagine just what degree of formidability it had reached.

By this time, it wasn’t just Lin Ming, but the other abyssal who entered the Demon God’s Tomb also discovered these demon relics that had turned into stars in the skies.

Each and every demon relic contained the inexhaustible essence and strength of Laws from before the death of the super demons that formed them; they were unsurpassed supreme treasures.

This caused some abyssals to be unable to help flying towards these stars. Although they didn’t have any hopes of obtaining these demon relics, observing them from a distance and perceiving the Laws that were concentrated inside was also good.

However, before they approached, a terrifying pressure fell down upon them like a torrential waterfall, causing those abyssals to crash down from the skies.

These abyssals weren’t injured. But, because of the sudden impact of pressure their blood vitality tumbled in their bodies, causing their faces to whiten.

“How fierce… these ancient Demon Kings have been dead for countless years already and still have such pressure and presence. If they were alive, I simply cannot imagine what degree of strength they would reach.”

An abyssal sighed deeply. With those other abyssals teaching them a lesson, these abyssals didn’t try probing those demon relics anymore.

“Mm… hey, isn’t that fellow the one from the Deep Alliance that has the Book of Eon?”

Some abyssals saw Lin Ming and their eyes lit up.

“It’s him!”

Those that spoke all had Empyrean level cultivations. They looked at Lin Ming with some dread but couldn’t hide the avarice in their eyes.

They weren’t part of the Deep Alliance but were from the Flood Alliance. They were Empyreans from small influences.

Lin Ming’s strength was a secret that only the abyssals of the Deep Alliance knew of. The flow of information had been blocked by Deep King Road and as for the small number of rumors that spread out, it was impossible for others to tell if they were true or fake. After all, seeing with one’s own eyes was always better than believing random hearsay.

These small influence Empyreans simply didn’t know what boundaries Lin Ming had reached. However, Deep Child had said that Lin Ming’s talent surpassed his own.

Even if Deep Child was lying, at the very least Lin Ming wouldn’t be weaker than they were.

“We shouldn’t be able to deal with him. Should we contact Elder Senior-apprentice Brother and have him join forces with us to kill him?”

An Empyrean abyssal said in a hushed voice. The elder senior-apprentice brother they spoke of was a True Divinity level abyssal.

“It’s too early… everyone has just arrived at the Demon God’s Tomb and no one has had time to gather the power of demon gods nor have they been able to pick up any lucky chances… as for the Book of Eon, I don’t dare to take it, otherwise we will just draw a fatal disaster upon our own heads!”

“Let us wait for now and fatten up this fellow. When the timing is right, we will contact Elder Senior-apprentice Brother and attack him. There should be many good things on this fellow!”

Several Empyreans discussed with sound transmissions. But at this time, their eyes widened and all their hairs stood up!

A towering black abyssal had appeared in the middle of them like gods and ghosts.

This abyssal was Lin Ming, and as he looked at the three surrounding Empyrean level abyssals, a fierce smile lit up his face. He hadn’t heard the sound transmissions of these three abyssals, but with his keen sense how could he not sense their hostility and killing intent?

Even if they were weaklings, as long as they were hostile to him Lin Ming didn’t plan to let them off, regardless of whether the Demon God’s Tomb had just opened and regardless of whether there were any advantages to doing so.

He would strangle all dangers while they were in the crib.

In the Seven Profound Valleys, this was the most important lesson that Ouyang Boyan had taught him.


The abyssal that just started speaking felt his heart skip a beat. He could feel that as Lin Ming appeared, an invisible force field had locked down the area around them so that they couldn’t even move!

Even his thoughts had slowed down to a standstill. Before he could distinguish what had occurred, he saw a black light flash towards them and his protective demon energy tear apart like paper.

Like this, three heads flew into the skies!

Blood spray upwards like a fountain.

Lin Ming grasped the Black Dragon Spear and drew a killing circle, instantly cutting down the three Empyrean level abyssals.

The cold spear point wasn’t even tainted with a drop of blood. Lin Ming put away the Black Dragon Spear. These three dead Empyrean abyssals all had a cultivation that wasn’t even as high as Lin Ming’s, and the resulting massive difference in strength led to this overwhelming ending.

The abyssal demons were natural mortal enemies of the life forms of the 33 Heavens. Lin Ming had no intention of holding back or showing mercy, much less to these abyssals that had revealed killing intent towards him.

This venture into the Demon God’s Tomb would inevitably become a grand feast of slaughter!

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Three headless corpses plopped to the ground and their blood splashed onto to the ancient wild earth. Then, a startling scene occurred.

This fresh blood was like water falling into a sea, quickly absorbed by the wild land.

Even the energies within the bodies of these three Empyreans was slowly being drawn out and submerged into the void, fusing together with the surrounding world.

Lin Ming even felt that these three corpses were slowly decaying.

Originally, the corpses of Empyrean level abyssals shouldn’t decay even after several hundred thousand years. But now they were rotting away at a speed faster than a mortal’s corpse would.

For this sort of situation to occur, it could only be because… their powerful blood vitality was being continuously sucked out.

After losing the power of one’s blood vitality, the mortal body became nothing more than a rotten bag of skin.

“So things actually happen like this…”

Lin Ming faintly frowned. The abyssals that died in the Demon God’s Tomb would have their strength rapidly sucked out. This caused Lin Ming to feel that there was an evil nature to the surrounding space.

The Demon God’s Tomb was like the maw of a giant wild beast. Out of all the abyssals that came here, over half would die. And the fates of those that died would be to have their bodies slowly absorbed by the world itself.

Such an ending left one’s back shivering with cold.


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