MW Chapter 2135

Chapter 2135 – Entering the Demon God’s Tomb

Deep Child and the Great Flood Crown Prince were old acquaintances. After they met, they exchanged some polite greetings and small talk. Although everyone knew they were just spouting empty wind, whether it was Deep Child or the Great Flood Crown Prince, their performance was perfectly on point, as if they truly were good friends.

At this time, more and more abyssals began to gather at the entrance of the Demon God’s Tomb. Besides the two great alliances, there were also many small influences trying to survive in the seams who also caught up.

Deep King Road and the Great Flood Demon Kingdom had especially left behind a small portion of the spots for these influences, and didn’t completely eliminate them from entering.

To share some of the benefits, this was how a true ruler survived.

And at this time the Demon God’s Tomb finally began to open.

From all around the quiet wilderness, energy began to stir, turning chaotic. Icy storms of energy emerged from the void, sweeping through the world.

The groups of Elders sent by the large sects stood around like towering mountain peaks, their eyes electric as they looked at the void.

When the storm was at its zenith, they lifted their hands up together and summoned six thick totem poles. These totem poles were engraved with images of demons; the totem poles were passed down from ancient times and were the easiest and most convenient method to open the Demon God’s Tomb. In fact, these six totem poles were the keys required to open the Demon God’s Tomb.

The six totem poles flew into the dark starry space, forming a hexagonal star design. With this star design the starry space began to ripple like waves in a stormy sea, distorting. Gradually from within the swirl of stars, a tear split open and dazzling black light gushed outwards.

This black light seemed like the source of all darkness. Profound and ancient, it fell down like a roiling black sea, shrouding the numerous powerhouses of the wilderness within.

For a time, Lin Ming felt his spatial ring violently shake, as if something were about to howl out!

He knew that this was the response of the Book of Eon.

When the Demon God’s Tomb was about to open, the strength of the Book of Eon connected with the power of the world, nearly breaking Lin Ming’s spatial ring to pieces.

This was why it was impossible to hide the ceremonial rites book, and why when everyone entered the Demon God’s Tomb it would be perfectly clear how many books there were and whose hands they were in!

In order to prevent his spatial ring exploding, Lin Ming took out the Book of Eon.


A forlorn energy shot out from the Book of Eon, blasting towards the dark and raging skies, shooting into the vortex of energy and fusing together with it!

And at this time, from not too far away from Lin Ming, two more divine lights shot into the skies!

These two divine lights naturally came from two other ceremonial rites books.

Lin Ming already knew that these two books were the Book of Nether and the Book of Evil.

The Book of Evil was in Sheng Mei’s hands, and ‘Evil’ was the ruler of the Demon Association.

Lin Ming once heard some rumors that Evil was still alive somewhere in the world, but it was only afterwards that he learned that these rumors were purposefully spread out by the Demon Association. Evil had truly died, but he didn’t die in the great war 10 billion years ago when the Dark Abyss fought with the 33 Heavens.

However, after that, Evil had been injured and its life essence slowly faded away until it perished.

The Demon Association intentionally hid this information behind a screen of rumors and fog in order to consolidate their own status.

The Book of Evil was in Sheng Mei’s hands but the Book of Nether was in the hands of the Great Flood Demon Kingdom. From this, one could see the feud between the six totem level influences; they each took the books of other sects to enter the Demon God’s Tomb.

The six ceremonial rites books had a mysterious connection with the world within the Demon God’s Tomb.

Abyssals that held a book of ceremonial rites would obtain an advantage. That was that the person who held one could absorb the power of demon gods at twice the effectiveness and half the effort!

This was also a reason why abyssals who held onto a book of ceremonial rites would be hated and targeted by all.

Without grasping true strength, to hold a ceremonial rites book was no different from seeking death.

Thus, when the Book of Eon in Lin Ming’s hand began to bloom with divine light, all of the abyssals in the Flood Alliance looked towards Lin Ming.

They had long since become aware that Sheng Mei had the Book of Evil, thus they didn’t find it strange at all. But, Lin Ming’s Book of Eon was information that had only been recently spread out. Although everyone knew that another ceremonial rites book appeared in the Deep Alliance, they thought that this newly appeared book should be in the hands of Deep Child.

But, it was in Lin Ming’s hands.

The Great Flood Crown Prince looked at Deep Child, a smile touching on his face. “Brother Deep Child, you’re more humble than you appear. You actually gave two ceremonial rites books to your junior-apprentice brother and junior-apprentice sister. What, are you lacking the courage to take a ceremonial rites book into the Demon God’s Tomb? Or, could it be said that this is only a smokescreen that you sent out, and after you enter the Demon God’s Tomb the book of ceremonial rites will be handed to you and this fellow will only be made into your shield?”

The Great Flood Crown Prince pointed at Lin Ming, a glint of ridicule in his eyes.

Deep Child laughed with confidence, “Treasures are for those who are able to hold onto them. Although my cultivation is a bit higher, it is only because I have been training for longer, so, my talent can only be considered decent at most. I actually cannot compare to my Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness nor can I compare to the Ancient Eon Sect’s Ninth Elder. Since my talent is inferior to others’, it isn’t strange if I give way to them!”

Deep Child’s words were all naturally spoken and caused the surrounding abyssals to be bewildered.

They all knew about Deep Child’s talent and it was rumored that he had incredible hidden depths; his true strength was terrifying.

The Holy Demoness was understandable. She had been famous for a long time, but Deep Child actually spoke honestly and said that he was inferior to this obscure Ninth Elder of the Ancient Eon Sect…

Thinking like this, many abyssals secretly paid attention to Lin Ming, all of them with different thoughts in mind. Some of them believed Deep Child’s words and were wary of him, but some of them saw Lin Ming’s upper Empyrean cultivation and killing intent started to flash in their eyes.

Lin Ming openly greeted all the gazes cast towards him. Deep Child’s words had pushed him directly onto the crest of the wind and waves.

However, Lin Ming knew that even if he didn’t say anything, he would still end up here because the Book of Eon was in his hands.

Compared to Sheng Mei who had accumulated fame and renown over all these years, it was far easier for Lin Ming to become the target of others!

And at this time in the endless starry skies of the wilderness, after the six totem poles absorbed the strength from the three ceremonial rites books, they began to hum and shake!

This shaking became increasingly fierce, until even the wild plains that everyone stood on began to tremble.

Large chunks of rock cracked open from the plains, rolling upwards as they were sucked into the endless starry skies.

More and more black light rose up all around the totem poles, filled with infinite mystical meanings. Trillions of Law runes floated within. With a loud cracking sound, space collapsed and a profound and infinite world slowly presented itself in the eyes of the abyssals present!

This world was the mysterious and ancient Demon God’s Tomb.

In order to open the Demon God’s Tomb, one first had to have the qualifications to enter it.

In the past when the demon race overcame the great Shattering and established the Dark Abyss, the Demon God’s Tomb became the smelting trial for the peerless children of heaven amongst the abyssals.

This mystical land could be called the reason for which countless powerhouses were born amongst the abyssals during all these years, the reason they were able to stand above the 33 Heavens in strength!

For all these years, at least 90% of the True Divinity level abyssals that were born in the Dark Abyss had entered the Demon God’s Tomb when they were at the Empyrean level.

During a trip into the Demon God’s Tomb, many Empyrean level abyssals would perish. But those that survived would soar into the skies.

Sometimes the Demon God’s Tomb wouldn’t open for 600-700 million years, and this would cause the number of True Divinities in the Dark Abyss to rapidly drop. From this alone, one could see the heaven-defying cultivation effects of the Demon God’s Tomb!

This valuable pressure naturally couldn’t be wasted on the bodies of mediocre trash. Thus, before entering the Demon God’s Tomb, these rippling black lights were the first test that those who entered faced.

The black light contained a pure demon energy. Only those with extraordinary talent, a solid foundation, and a tremendous amount of demonic energy within their bodies could cause this demon energy to resonate with them and finally enter.

As for those abyssals with lower levels of talent, they would be flushed out by the impact of this demon energy.

The surging demon energy was like a massive tide of the heavens and earth that swelled outwards. The wilderness shook, and for a time the entire underground starry skies were obscured.

Many Empyrean level abyssals stood in front of this tide and profoundly felt just how small they were. Compared to the countless ancient Demon Kings buried with the Demon God’s Tomb, they were insignificant.

“Let’s enter!”

Deep Child’s voice spread over the Deep Alliance. Many abyssals from the Deep Alliance grit their teeth, their bodies turning into beams of light that flew towards those horrifying waves of energy.


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