MW Chapter 2134

Chapter 2134 – Great Flood Crown Prince

The giant bone boat continued to break through the void like a lightning bolt.

In the 18 layers of the Dark Abyss, the Laws, the energies, everything was flooded with the wild aura of ancient times. This was true ancient times, a time that surpassed ten billion years and even a hundred billion years…

Lin Ming stood at the bow of the bone boat, looking down at the wild earth below him.

Those that lived in the 33 Heavens were enemies of the abyssal demons; this was destiny.

The abyssals’ ancient Demon God had used a heaven-defying method to find a road for the demon race whose destiny had been exhausted, and whose fate should have been to perish in the great Shattering that ended their universe. Now, after the birth of the new universe, they were doomed to fight a life and death war with each other.

For the 33 Heavens, abyssals were intruders and destroyers.

But to the abyssals, the 33 Heavens were trapped in a cage with a wild beast, and for a beast to eat the meat in front of them was perfectly natural and justified.

To discuss the rights and wrongs of this war was no longer meaningful. The only meaning to this war was… to completely annihilate the opponent!

As the bone boat flew through the 18th layer for 10 days, he finally saw vast wild plains appear at the end of his field of vision. And on one side of the plains was a giant cliff that seemed as if it had been cut out by the great axe of a divine god. Beyond this cliff was nothing but the endless starry skies!

This was the entrance to the Demon God’s Tomb. The Demon God’s Tomb was located in the center of the abyss’ 18th layer, and its entrance was this massive maw that led deeper into the world.

Beneath the earth lay the starry space.

And at this time, Lin Ming could see dark purple fortresses floating above the distant plains.

These fortresses resembled giant jellyfish. They floated hundreds of thousands of feet above the ground, with hundreds of tentacles that fell down to the earth.

“Those are the flying fortresses of the Great Flood Demon Kingdom. It looks like those fellows arrived earlier than we did.”

The one who spoke was Deep King Road’s Elder Deep Epoch. As he gazed outwards, there was a thoughtful light in his eyes.

“Great Flood Demon Kingdom…”

Lin Ming muttered to himself. The abyss had six great influences, and these influences had split into two groups of three that then joined with smaller influences to form an alliance.

These two alliances respectively took Deep King Road and the Great Flood Demon Kingdom as their heads; each was opposed to the other.

If this were the abyss’ 17th layer, then they could give face to each other and live peacefully alongside one another, occasionally even cooperating on the surface.

But in the Demon God’s Tomb, if these two hostile forces met then there would only be a single outcome – kill!

Because the Demon God’s Tomb contained many lucky chances and advantages.

One of the most desired aspects of the Demon God’s Tomb was a type of unique energy that existed there. The essence of this energy was spread down from the previous universe, and was the purified energy of demons that had existed 100 billion years ago.

This demon energy had once been in the bodies of peerless Demon Kings that existed 100 billion years ago.

This energy had been carefully refined and purified by these Demon Kings, and they even fused in their own lifetime’s worth of knowledge and the essence of the endless Laws they understood.

These energies had been accumulated over billions upon billions of years, constantly fusing and brewing in the Demon God’s Tomb. In terms of quality it reached inconceivable heights, and in the outside world just a single wisp would be considered a supreme treasure.

The abyssals called it – the power of demon gods.

When an abyssal entered the Demon God’s Tomb, their most important task was to refine this power of demon gods.

The power of demon gods had a spiritual intelligence of its own. When enough gathered, it would temporarily manifest on the surface of an abyssal in the form of a tattoo. Every abyssal would develop different tattoos, but the images they formed were all shared a similar design; the pattern of a fierce demon.

This design was called a totem by the abyssal demons.

Nether, Evil, Deep, Eon, Flood, Famine, the reason these six super abyssals were called ‘totem level abyssals’ was because of the totem of the power of demon gods.

In the Dark Abyss, this sort of totem was considered the symbol of a powerhouse at the limit of True Divinity, or even one that had stepped Beyond Divinity.

When an abyssal entered the Demon God’s Tomb, having a greater number of totems appear on their body represented that they absorbed more of the power of demon gods, and thus their cultivation had also risen higher.

After this abyssal left the Demon God’s Tomb, these totems would slowly fuse into their body and vanish from sight. The totems would subtly transform into true strength, giving them astonishing benefits.

All abyssals that entered the Demon God’s Tomb hoped to obtain more power of demon gods from within.

Because there was a limit to the speed at which abyssals could absorb the power of demon gods, and because they wanted to obtain more, they chose another method; that was to kill other abyssals and steal away the power of demon gods that they had already absorbed.

This was a kind of shortcut.

This also meant that after entering the Demon God’s Tomb, there was doomed to be a great slaughterfest!

But besides the power of demon gods, there were also many inheritances and treasures left behind in the Demon God’s Tomb by ancient peerless Demon Kings.

To the abyssals, all of these things were a tremendous fortune and lucky chance!

Not just that, but because the Demon God’s Tomb was nourished by the incomparably pure power of demon gods, all kinds of miraculous medicines would be bred, as well as strange and precious beasts, heavenly materials, and all sorts of lucky chances. If one managed to somehow pick up a world-shocking treasure, it wouldn’t be strange at all.

Treasures, the power of demon gods, inheritances, and even the final qualifications for the test of the abyssal ritual, all of this combined together meant that there was inevitably a fight to the death!

“You’re about to go down shortly. After entering the Demon God’s Tomb, there is no need to show mercy to any abyssal from the Flood Alliance that you see. Just kill them off.”

Elder Deep Epoch coldly said. The Flood Alliance he referred to was the alliance organized by the Great Flood Demon Kingdom.

“As for the abyssals in our Deep Alliance, if you encounter each other than do not kill the other party, otherwise you will have to pay a corresponding price.”

As Elder Deep Epoch spoke these second words, warning flashed in his eyes.

The Deep Alliance didn’t exist in just name and word alone. When the numerous abyssals left for the Demon God’s Tomb they had already formed a vow through a Deep King Contract. If those in the same alliance slaughtered each other then they would be punished by the Deep King Contract.

However, this so-called Deep King Contract in truth couldn’t be considered too well devised, and the punishments were also bearable to an extent.

Thus, if one truly came across world-shocking lucky chances, then even abyssals in the same alliance could rely on each other. One had to consider whether or not those lucky chances were worth paying the cost of the penalty.

Thus, all members of the Deep Alliance that entered the Demon God’s Tomb this time had varying thoughts in mind. All of them knew the unspoken rules of the alliance – if they encountered the hostile alliance then they would first work together to eliminate the forces of this hostile alliance. Then, they would consider how the benefits would be distributed internally. If they could come to a peaceful resolution then that would be for the best.

Otherwise, everything would be decided by force.

At this time the giant bone boat slowly descended.

The Deep Alliance’s station was separated from the Flood Alliance’s station by a hundred miles. Each side looked at the other as they swung about in the air.

Several hours later, both sides sent out their leading Elders as well as the numerous higher abyssals that would enter the Demon God’s Tomb. They arrived at the cliff in the wilderness and the endless starry skies located deep underground.

Within the crowd of people, Lin Ming silently judged the abyssals from the Flood Alliance.

If Lin Ming didn’t consider himself, then the Flood Alliance had brought 12 True Divinity abyssals here, the same number that the Deep Alliance had brought.

These 12 abyssals were clearly the elite forces of the Flood Alliance!

At the front of these 12 abyssals stood a towering abyssal in purple armor. He had a human face and could even be considered extremely handsome. However, his entire body was covered in lizard scales and he had a thick tail extending from behind.

This human-faced abyssal was the current Crown Prince of the Great Flood Demon Kingdom.

“Middle True Divinity level…”

Lin Ming instantly thought as he looked at this Great Flood Crown Prince. However, he felt that there actually wasn’t any good reference value for knowing this Crown Prince’s cultivation level.

He could feel a dangerous aura from this Great Flood Crown Prince’s body. It was clear that this person’s strength was far more horrifying than what he estimated.

“Hehe, Ninth Elder is quite perceptive.”

A light voice suddenly sounded out near Lin Ming’s ears. He turned and saw that the one speaking was Deep Child.

Lin Ming felt his heart turn cold. His minor mental thoughts hadn’t appeared on his face and yet had been realized by this Deep Child.

Lin Ming remained quiet. He had always been wary of this Deep Child. In these past days he often saw Deep Child together with Sheng Mei, and he could also feel a dangerous aura coming from Deep Child. In fact, this aura was even somewhat heavier than the Great Flood Crown Prince’s…

“Rest easy.” Deep Child chuckled. He turned his head, no longer looking at Lin Ming. “If you are compared against this Great Flood Crown Prince, then I think the current you should try to avoid him as much as possible…”

Deep Child passed out this advice and them smiled as he walked towards the Great Flood Crown Prince. “Crown Prince Flood, I haven’t seen you in such a long time!” Deep Child’s rich and magnetic voice echoed through the air.

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