MW Chapter 2133

Chapter 2133 – Secret of the Demon God’s Tomb

After Lin Ming broke through to the upper Empyrean realm, events quieted down. He stayed in his seclusion chamber all day and focused on studying the black book of death.

Because he now possessed the systemic cultivation method of the black book of death, all of his comprehensions of the Death Laws and other accumulations suddenly experienced a dramatic explosion in a short few months.

Lin Ming’s Holy Scripture Laws progressed at an unbelievable pace, and with it, world-shaking changes occurred in his body.

The inner universe of his body became increasingly perfect and the strength of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace also became much more concise and profound.

Now, because Lin Ming had experienced 7000 years of suffering and reincarnation, in just the understandings of the Holy Scripture Laws, he even surpassed Sheng Mei.

It was only because of cultivation time that he was far inferior to Sheng Mei when it came to cultivating the Holy Scripture Laws to a deeper realm and also being able to apply them in actual use with ease.

Like this, the Dark Abyss finally welcomed the day upon which the Demon God’s Tomb opened.

The Demon God’s Tomb was located within the 18th layer of the Dark Abyss. Although it was called a tomb, the truth was that it was an amazingly broad world with complex environments and countless dangers.

Lin Ming rode Deep King Road’s bone boat on the path leading to the Demon God’s Tomb. Along the way, Deep King Road distributed jade slips concerning the Demon God’s Tomb which introduced detailed rules, approximate travel routes, and even information on the situation about the Abyssal Shrine. All of this was valuable information.

Lin Ming had obtained a great deal of information about the Demon God’s Tomb from the memories of the Demon Association Elder and was mentally prepared for anything. But as he read through this jade slip, he was inexplicably shocked.

This was because the jade slip contained information on not only the Demon God’s Tomb but also secrets of the Dark Abyss, including even some historical recordings of the universe that extended past 100 billion years…

According to this jade slip, the Demon God’s Tomb was the most ancient mystic realm in existence, whether it was in the Dark Abyss or the 33 Heavens.

It had existed for time immemorial. For other mystic realms it was already extraordinary if they had existed 10 billion years ago – in fact, they could even be called the oldest mystic realms of the 33 Heavens.

But, the period of time of which the Demon God’s Tomb existed was actually measured in 100 billion years!

There was even a possibility that it existed 150 billion years ago, or even 200 billion years ago.

The Demon God’s Tomb was a world left behind from the previous universe.

Lin Ming was aware that in the vast cosmos, everything, whether it was flowers and birds, beasts and insects, celestial bodies or even great worlds, everything had life.

But even the vast universe of the 33 Heavens had a lifespan, and there would come a day when it eventually collapsed and was destroyed. This was called the Shattering.

After the Shattering occurred, the era of a new universe would arrive.

Within this new universe, new things would evolve out of it, new lives, new races, a new martial arts civilization… this was the samsara of a universe.

It was now believed that the current vast universe of the 33 Heavens had been born 100 billion years ago.

And it was only tens of billions of years ago that the ancient races were slowly born. Their martial arts civilization developed rapidly and reached a golden age of prosperity. Gradually, they spread through the entire 33 Heavens, and that time was the zenith of all life in the 33 Heavens.

But according to this jade slip, before the universe of the 33 Heavens was born, there was another vast universe, and this universe had 18 layers.

The original residents of this universe called themselves the demons. And, their universe was also called the demon universe.

They were bloodthirsty and loved slaughter. They recklessly engaged in war, and they also flourished and had their own mighty martial arts civilization.

But, they were also well aware that there would come a day when their universe would collapse upon itself and be destroyed.

When the 18 layers of the demon universe were destroyed, there wouldn’t be a single demon lucky enough to survive. This sense of approaching death was like a sharp sword that hung above their heads.

But 150 billion years ago, or perhaps even longer ago, a peerless powerhouse was born within the demon race. This character was far too powerful. According to the records of the jade slip, there was no one that could compare to him in the past and he remained unprecedented in the future. He was the most powerful existence to ever exist, and even the Asura Road Master couldn’t compare with him.

He was the god of the demon race. He created an independent universe that could exist side-by-side with the 18 layered demon universe. This independent universe contained transcendent Laws and was equally as stable as the 18 layered demon universe.

Not just that, but he had taken 18 lesser world seeds and used them to recklessly absorb the strength of the universe from the 18 layered demon universe. He wanted to use the Demon God’s Tomb as the foundation to create a copy of the 18 layered demon universe.

This god of the demons was called the Demon God.

The universe he established was called the Demon God Universe.

The Demon God’s original intention when he formed the Demon God Universe was to create a refuge against the Shattering.

But even the Demon God and the great world he created were unable to resist the Laws of Annihilation of the Shattering.

Thus, at the Demon God’s request, all the super powerhouses of the demon race would have to enter the Demon God Universe before they died and leave their bodies within, evolving into something else.

After they died, the energy within their bodies would fuse into the boundaries and space of the Demon God Universe, constantly reinforcing it.

The Laws that dissipated from their bodies would also be incorporated into the Laws of the Demon God Universe, making them constantly stronger and more perfect in order to resist the impact of Laws that would arrive with the destruction of the 18 layered demon universe.

Like this, through billions upon billions of years, more and more super demons died in the Demon God Universe. That was a true graveyard of countless demons. In addition to its creator being called the Demon God, the Demon God Universe was eventually called the Demon God’s Tomb.

The Demon God’s Tomb could be called a cornerstone forged from the flesh and blood and souls of countless ancient demons. It was the foundation upon which its world stood!

The Demon God’s Tomb grew increasingly strong and stable. And then, the Shattering descended.

In the final hundred years, in order to have the Demon God’s Tomb achieve the peak of strength, the demon race began to uphold a rule of sacrifice.

Throughout the entire 18 layered demon universe, vast batches of low level demons were killed and their blood was used to water the world.

As for the remaining higher demons, they entered the Demon God’s Tomb. And in their final moments, they used their strength and joined forces with the Demon God’s Tomb to resist the Shattering.

They succeeded.

In the final moments of the Shattering, over 90% of the higher demons were unable to withstand the impact of the Laws of the heavens and earth and died. The demon strength and demon Laws in their bodies were also gathered into the Demon God’s Tomb where they became a part of it.

As for the remaining higher demons, those that were fortunate enough to survive were able to rest and restore their strength in the Demo God’s Tomb.

The 18 secondary world seeds were also bred by them one at a time, finally forming the 18 layered Dark Abyss.

The surviving members of the demon race continued onward and became the abyssal demons.

The demons could be called a single race, but in truth, after experiencing an incomparably long period of evolution, the countless branches that extended outwards made them hundreds and thousands of times more complicated and diverse than the ancient races.

There were low level abyssals, higher abyssals, unintelligent abyssals, wise abyssals, all these different sub-races numbered in the tens of thousands.

Because they came from the previous universal era, they already had the accumulations of a martial arts universe. Thus, the strength of the Dark Abyss was incomparably formidable. Due to this they certainly weren’t willing to resign themselves to being frogs that resided in the well of the Dark Abyss.

The truth was that in the past, when the Demon God created the Demon God’s Tomb, he had already thought of this.

The demon race, after passing the great Shattering, could rule the new universe. All they had to do was exterminate the indigenous inhabitants of the new universe, thus taking control of it.

However, after the great Shattering occurred, although the Demon God’s Tomb was able to maintain itself, it was still sent flying away like weeds in the wind by the raging energy. In the boundless chaos that came from the destruction of the universe, they became lost.

The Dark Abyss was like a super battleship of the demon race. They struggled to push this battleship forwards, traversing through the boundless chaos until they finally found the newly born universe of the 33 Heavens.

They broke past the God Lamenting Wall of the 33 Heavens.

This also set the stage for the great war 10 billion years when the Dark Abyss fought against the ancient races of the 33 Heavens.

The process of this war was not recorded in the jade slip.

However, Lin Ming could approximate that this war was likely the most brutal and frigid war that the 33 Heavens had ever experienced.

It was unknown how many ancient proud elites of heaven died in battle, how many ancient God Kings perished.

The participants of this war included the Asura Road Master, Immortal Sovereign, the one that seemed like Sheng Mei’s previous life, and all sorts of unknown and confusing characters that Lin Ming didn’t know of…

They had died on the battlefield, or perhaps they had gone missing, or perhaps no one knew what happened to them…

In the end, the intelligent beings of the 33 Heavens won. The price paid was the demise of the ancient races as well as the downfall of their glorious martial arts civilization.

Over half of the 33 Heavens was destroyed, becoming death zones and wilderness…



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