MW Chapter 2132

Chapter 2132 – Upper Empyrean

At this time, within Deep Child’s sensory field, demon power began to wildly gather in the world, forming a massive black vortex in the skies.

It seemed as if countless demons were howling from within this vortex, emitting a heart-shaking aura.

More and more energy flowed towards this vortex. As the energy condensed into thick strands, they were like chains that blocked out the skies.

Deep Child’s complexion darkened. He knew that although this vortex was above his head, the true center was in a room not too far away – in other words, the room of the Ancient Eon Sect’s Ninth Elder.

At this time he had made a breakthrough in his boundary!

“This brat!”

Deep Child knew that the Ancient Eon Sect’s Ninth Elder was a long distance away from the boundary of True Divinity. This breakthrough was only one that was within the Empyrean realm.

But, for a breakthrough of a small boundary to galvanize such a tremendous phenomenon, this left Deep Child feeling uneasy in his heart.

At this time, in the surrounding residences, the abyssals of other small influences also noticed the changes occurring in the skies.

Upper Empyrean level abyssals were in a much more fortunate situation. As for lower Empyreans and World King level abyssals, they felt an enormous pressure as they faced the demonic clouds in the skies, a horrifying feeling that left them frozen in place.

As for Holy Lord level abyssals, it was already difficult for them to stay close. They couldn’t help but draw back again and again, otherwise this massive pressure would have crushed them to the ground and forced them to crawl.

“What is going on?” An abyssal disciple asked. Some young disciples couldn’t figure out where this pressure came from or what it meant.

“A higher abyssal is making a breakthrough.”

An Elder from a small influence replied.

“A higher abyssal? Is it one of the True Divinity level Elders from the three great influences?”

In the eyes of the low level abyssals, if there was such pressure from a breakthrough phenomenon then it was likely that a lower True Divinity Elder was rising to a middle True Divinity Elder.

If one of the younger True Divinity Elders of the three large influences was able to break into the middle True Divinity realm before entering the Demon God’s Tomb, then they had really hit the jackpot.

This meant they would have a higher chance of surviving in the Demon God’s Tomb and it also meant that they would be able to struggle for more advantages.

“It isn’t. It is the Ancient Eon Sect’s Ninth Elder…”

An Elder of a small influence said, his face thick with envy. He had determined the epicenter of this vortex and knew that the location of the breakthrough was where Lin Ming was! This Lin Ming was incredibly strong to begin with, and if he were to make another breakthrough then it was unknown what heights he would reach.

“The Ancient Eon Sect’s Ninth Elder, so it was him!”

Many low level abyssals had an extremely deep impression of Lin Ming. To them, not only was he the number one proud son of heaven, but he even married Sheng Mei, the most perfect goddess to exist in the Dark Abyss.

Thinking of this, many abyssals looked at the giant demonic vortex in the skies and their faces turned sour.

This Ninth Elder, at the Empyrean boundary, was able to stand on par with a True Divinity – whether it was strength, comprehension of Laws, or phenomena that would appear during a breakthrough. In fact he even surpassed a number of True Divinities. With such an existence amongst them, how could other True Divinity abyssals compare?

If an Empyrean could match up to the standards of a True Divinity, then their greatest advantage would be in their potential.

For other True Divinities, reaching the upper True Divinity boundary was the end of their road.

But once Lin Ming broke into the True Divinity realm, he would reach the top standards of the True Divinity realm.

In the future he could even cultivate and step Beyond Divinity. This was a boundary that countless abyssals couldn’t hope to compete with.

The demonic vortex in the skies didn’t last for long. From the vortex, a giant funnel began to form and extend downwards.

Billowing waves of demon energy flowed down from this funnel in surging waves, as if there was a waterspout appearing in Lin Ming’s courtyard.

This small courtyard was extremely tranquil and Lin Ming didn’t show up either. This formed a sharp contrast to the grand scene occurring all over the surroundings.

The scene of this energy reversing downwards continued onwards and became increasingly wild with time. From afar, it was like a massive tornado was dangling down from the clouds above.

As the energy flowed downwards, that overwhelming pressure also began to weaken.

Like a water basin with all the water drawn out, all of that demon power was sucked dry by the courtyard Lin Ming was in.

The moment all that demon power was absorbed, a black light burst out from Lin Ming’s courtyard!

Some abyssals with weaker cultivations started to subconsciously retreat, as if they couldn’t withstand the sharpness of the black light. As this light shined onto them, it was like someone pointed towards their heads with sword fingers.

Before they could steady themselves, they saw a giant Asura demon phantom within this black light rush out towards the clouds. It stood 10,000 feet high, towering above Lin Ming’s residence like a mountain!

This Asura demon phantom had curved horns jutting out from its head, and its entire body was covered in ferocious plates of bone armor and thick chains, its muscles bulging outwards like dragons.

It had six arms and each of its six elbows had long and vicious bone spikes that extended for 2000-3000 feet. Behind it, a giant pair of demon wings unfolded, blocking out the heavens!

This was the Supreme phantom within Lin Ming’s inner world. However, with him using his demon avatar to make an avatar, this Supreme phantom had taken on the image of a demon. As it fused with a wisp of the Asura war god’s aura, it caused an astonishing aura to develop, as if a demon god were being born!

This grand and immense pressure was nearly unbearable for the surrounding abyssals.

Even Great World King level abyssals felt their blood freeze in their veins and their hearts nearly stop beating.

This was a horrifying feeling, as if that giant demon phantom only needed to glance at them to cause them to disintegrate into ashes.

No one liked this feeling where it seemed as if their destiny was no longer in their control. But fortunately, this situation didn’t last much longer. After several breaths of time, that giant demon phantom rapidly shrank before it finally disappeared into Lin Ming’s courtyard, vanishing from sight.

Many abyssals finally let out a long breath of relief. Some of those with weaker cultivations fell to their knees as this pressure vanished and started to heave in great gulping breaths.

Before this, although they knew that Lin Ming was strong, what they felt towards him had been envy. It wasn’t until now that they became deeply aware just how great the disparity in strength was between them.

Just the demon phantom that appeared during a breakthrough of his boundary produced enough pressure to kill them all!

This giant gap made them understand how laughable their envy had been. This was the same as ants envying humanity. Although they lived in the same world there was simply no comparison between them, thus envy was meaningless.

To put it bluntly, they didn’t possess the qualifications.

After the giant demon phantom vanished, the skies returned to calmness. Even in the distance, there were several clouds fluttering about, as if nothing had ever occurred.

“He broke through. Upper Empyrean…”

A True Divinity level Elder looked towards Lin Ming’s courtyard from afar. As he felt the aura emitting from the small house Lin Ming was in, a complex light lit up his features.

“It seems that he wasn’t an upper Empyrean before, but only a middle Empyrean… one that was infinitely close to becoming an upper Empyrean…”

As the Elder spoke, many young abyssals were left speechless. So it turned out that when he defeated Sheng Mei, he had only been a middle Empyrean…

So if he were to cultivate to the limits of an Empyrean, what then?

At this time, in Sheng Mei’s training chambers, Deep Child was looking towards the house Lin Ming was in, his gaze seeming to pierce through the layers of barriers.

“This fellow! His origin is too inexplicable!”

Deep Child’s face darkened. It was impossible to tell what he was thinking.

Beside him, Sheng Mei remained silent. The information that Deep Child had told her about the 33 Heavens left her feeling a bit disheartened. Although she didn’t think it was possible, she always held onto a faint hope for all these years that the seeds of hope she had taken a risk to leave behind in the past might bring about a miracle.

As for this Ancient Eon Sect Elder that appeared out of nowhere, Sheng Mei only felt some concern and regret for him because of the strange intuition that tickled at her mind. Yet, she didn’t think too much of him.

Although she hoped that Lin Ming would become stronger, and perhaps become a destabilizing factor in the end of the world, she also understood that no matter how strong he became, it would be impossible for him to change anything. Because the true master manipulating things behind the scenes was a nearly invincible existence…

Deep Child remained silent for a long time. Then, he turned and looked at Sheng Mei.

“Junior-apprentice Sister, remember the orders given to you. You should know the price of disobedience!”

Sheng Mei remained silent as before. Deep Child smiled and turned into a dim ray of light that vanished from the room.

In the darkness, only the Laws danced in the air, with nothing left behind…

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