MW Chapter 2131

Chapter 2131 – Deep Child

Deep in the night, Sheng Mei sat cross-legged in her chambers, shrouded in an endless illumination of black light. Thousands of strands of hair fluttered about her, emitting a light and enchanting fragrance.

She seemed to be the source of all darkness in the universe. As long as a ray of light neared her, it would be cleanly swallowed away.

Sheng Mei was accumulating strength in order to prepare for attacking the True Divinity realm in the future. In truth, her current cultivation was incredibly close to True Divinity.

Like a pool of water at night, although Sheng Mei was sitting in her chambers, she could still clearly feel the flow of energy around her. She faintly felt that somewhere not too far away from her, the circulation of energy began to speed up, as if some storm were brewing.

“It’s him…”

Sheng Mei opened her eyes, looking at some direction in the dark room.

The direction she faced was the room where Lin Ming was.

Sheng Mei gazed on for a long time and then gently sighed. She was sighing not just for Lin Ming but also for herself. For these past years, she had shouldered far too many things, things that no one knew of. From the outside she seemed to be living an infinitely glorious and wonderful life, but at the same time she endured a fate of samsara that was beyond understanding…

At this time the abyssal Laws suddenly began to stir up in the dark room. The Laws and energy coalesced together, forking a small vortex, and within this small vortex was a simple bronze mirror.


With a loud sound, a black spatial gate appeared on the surface of the bronze mirror.

The spatial gate revolved, emitting a misty black light. It seemed like the maw of an ancient vicious beast, ferocious and cruel.

Seeing this, Sheng Mei frowned. She took back her wistful expression and returned to her heartless indifference.

“Junior-apprentice Sister…”

A sound echoed out from the spatial gate, thick and masculine, magnetic to the senses, one that was delightful to listen to.

With it, an abyssal demon wearing purple battle armor stepped out from the spatial gate.

As this abyssal appeared, the surrounding world seemed to resonate with him, beating in rhythm with the man’s steps as if true meanings of the abyssal Dao were appearing.

This abyssal was one of those that Deep King Road sent out to join the expedition into the Demon God’s Tomb this time – Deep Child!

When the three great influences of Deep King Road, the Ancient Eon Sect, and Nine Nether Palace held their competition of True Divinity masters, Deep King Road had sent out six True Divinity level masters, among which Sheng Mei was included. Of these six abyssals, only one of them had a middle True Divinity level cultivation – Deep Child!

Because of Deep Child’s high cultivation, neither the Ancient Eon Sect nor Nine Nether Palace had any Elders dare to challenge him. Instead, many of those Elders chose the one that seemed the weakest – Sheng Mei. But to their dismay they finally discovered that Sheng Mei was actually an incredibly ruthless individual, and all four abyssal Elders who thought to challenge her had been defeated.

“Junior-apprentice Sister’s strength is becoming increasingly fierce, soon to break into the True Divinity realm at any time. I fear that once Junior-apprentice Sister becomes a True Divinity, even I will not be a match for you.”

Deep Child chuckled, his tone gentle.

This voice didn’t seem like that of an abyssal demon at all. A tall and robust abyssal like Deep Child usually had a loud and resonant voice, one that rang like a bell, low and deep, a voice that caused the ears to hum.

But Deep Child spoke like a modest gentleman from one of the races of the 33 Heavens, with a voice that sounded like a cool spring breeze.

However, as Sheng Mei listened to him, a deep loathing and disgust flickered in the depths of her eyes. She said without expression, “The reason you came today is not to say this!”

“Mm… it isn’t…”

As Deep Child spoke he took out a black jade slip and flipped it around in his fingers a few times.

“There is a little more than a month until the Demon God’s Tomb opens. These are your orders and the division of duty between us all is explicitly clear. However, I also hope that Junior-apprentice Sister will cooperate with me.”

Deep Child tossed the jade slip into Sheng Mei’s hands, a playful expression on his face. Sheng Mei took the jade slip and swept through it. It only took her a breath of time to completely look through it.

Without any reaction, Sheng Mei crumbled the jade slip in her hands, “I understand.”

“Mm, very good!” Deep Child said, his face full of smiles.

Looking at the present Sheng Mei, he couldn’t help but twitch his nose several times and say with satisfaction, “Junior-apprentice Sister’s cultivation is rising higher and higher, and with your Grand Reincarnation Art having reached perfection, your aura is becoming that much more mesmerizing, haha!”

Deep Child frivolously commented. Sheng Mei didn’t respond. Instead, her icy cold eyes remained locked on Deep Child.

“Cheh, too heartless!” Deep Child said, a bit bored. He continued, “That Ancient Eon Sect’s Ninth Elder has a bit of skill. To think that he nearly managed to obtain you! But what a pity, he has missed his chance. In the future I fear he won’t have another opportunity!”

Sheng Mei couldn’t be bothered to care about Deep Child’s nonsense. She said, “I know you’ve been investigating the Ninth Elder’s status for these past days. Have you found anything?”

“I haven’t.” Deep Child shook his head, a suspicious color in his eyes. “His talent is at a higher level than yours, and that itself is inconceivable. But… there will always be surprises in this world, just like how he managed to somehow find the Book of Eon that had been missing for so long. It should be when he found the Book of Eon that he stumbled onto his fortuitous encounter. However, that doesn’t matter, because no matter what he encountered it is the same to us.”

Deep Child said with confidence. Sheng Mei remained silent. Not only had Deep Child not managed to find any information concerning the Ancient Eon Sect’s Ninth Elder, but Sheng Mei discovered that not only was she not disappointed, but faint threads of hope and joy were inexplicably appearing in her heart instead.

She was originally worried that this mysterious Ninth Elder might have some troubling identity. If Deep Child had really found anything he would have already taken action ahead of time.

As for that strange hope in her heart, even she couldn’t explain where it came from. However, Sheng Mei felt that when the end of the world was arriving, there would always be unanticipated and extraordinary outliers that would appear. And these outliers would always make others feel as if a favorable turnaround was possible…

“I asked you before about the situation in the 33 Heavens. Have you investigated it?”

The Dark Abyss was isolated from the 33 Heavens. Even transmitting information just once wasn’t easy at all.

Sheng Mei wasn’t an abyssal demon to begin with so she could leave the Dark Abyss if she desired. However, her freedom was limited so she hadn’t left the Dark Abyss for a long, long time.

If she wanted to find out anything concerning the 33 Heavens, she would have to ask Deep Child.

Deep Child also couldn’t leave the Dark Abyss. But, he had some unique methods with which he could obtain information about the 33 Heavens.

Deep Child chuckled, “The 33 Heavens? It’s the same old story, nothing has changed!”

Hearing Deep Child’s words, Sheng Mei fell silent for a moment. “The war between the saints and humanity, is it still continuing?”

“Mm, it is…”

“There hasn’t been some favorable turn?”

“Just what favorable turn can there be? Humanity is still hiding away in the wild universe. If it weren’t for the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign having gone into seclusion then humanity would have long since perished. But, their extinction is likely rapidly approaching.”

Deep Child’s words were somewhat grating as they fell on Sheng Mei’s ears.

She deeply looked at Deep Child as if she wanted to find something from his eyes or expression. However, Deep Child’s brown eyes only held mockery and ridicule.

Sheng Mei didn’t want to believe Deep Child’s words, but, she knew that what Deep Child said was the most reasonable and also most likely situation.

If there was some reversal in the war then that would be a miracle.

Sheng Mei shook her head, no longer thinking about it.

Seeing Sheng Mei’s reaction, Deep Child smugly smiled. He said, “Is junior-apprentice Sister worrying about someone in the 33 Heavens, or perhaps some matter there?”

Sheng Mei didn’t reply. Instead, she closed her eyes and returned to her meditation.

“You may leave.” Sheng Mei’s voice resounded in the air.

But Deep Child continued to say, “Hahaha! Junior-apprentice Sister, there is no need for you to continue daydreaming! All you need to do is be obedient and complete the orders you were given! You should know that regardless of what happens in the 33 Heavens, none of that matters because there is no significance to any of it at all! Everything that occurs is nothing but a farce playing out before the end of the world arrives. In the future, we will become legends, we will become eternal, and the entire 33 Heavens will belong to us. The lives of some ants or even many ants are meaningless to us. When a mountain floods, the ants will all drown, and even the strongest ants are no exception!”

Deep Child said, his words seeming to contain other meanings.

However, Sheng Mei seemed to not hear him at all as she continued to sit calmly in meditation.

Deep Child sneered, a wild and greedy light in his eye as he stared at Sheng Mei.

But at this time his expression froze. He could feel that the demon power in his surroundings had become chaotic!

This is…

Deep Child spread out his sense in all directions. Then, he was somewhat alarmed. Someone was making a breakthrough at this moment!

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