MW Chapter 2130

Chapter 2130 - Doubt

“The Book of Eon! You actually have the Book of Eon!!”

Deep Epoch swept his eyes over Lin Ming and towards Elder Eon God.

At this time, Eon God had a complicated expression on his face but he clearly wasn’t surprised by the sudden appearance of the Book of Eon. Then Deep Epoch immediately understood what was going on. The truth was that the Ancient Eon Sect had the Book of Eon all along, and because they wanted the newly promoted Ninth Elder to struggle for more status, they then had him challenge Sheng Mei for marriage.

“Brother Eon God, to think you’ve been hiding this from me all this time!”

As Deep Epoch spoke, Eon God ruefully smiled. Deep Epoch likely thought that he knew Lin Ming was incredibly strong beforehand, thus he knew his chances of victory were most likely assured and was only pretending to not know.

This speculation wronged Eon God, but Eon God didn’t make any useless explanations. Rather, he looked at the Book of Eon in Lin Ming’s hand with some conflicted feelings.

Although Lin Ming was talented, if he were to bring the Book of Eon into the Demon God’s Tomb, no one knew what would occur.

He naturally hoped Lin Ming could pass the test of the abyssal ritual and become a totem level abyssal demon.

But if Lin Ming were truly to ascend and become Eon, what he would bring to the Ancient Eon Sect left Elder Eon God somewhat anxious. At that time, Lin Ming would rule over the entire Ancient Eon Sect and the lives of all the Elders would be in his hands.

“Elder Deep Epoch, I plan on bringing the Book of Eon into the Demon God’s Tomb. There shouldn’t a problem with this, right?”

Lin Ming asked. Deep Epoch fell silent for a moment.

At this time, Deep Epoch somewhat dreaded Lin Ming’s strength. This junior had already arrived at such heights, and if he were to bring the Book of Eon into the Demon God’s Tomb and pass the abyssal ritual then no one could imagine what might happen.

“There’s no problem at all.” Elder Deep Epoch solemnly said as he took in a deep breath.

At this time, Sheng Mei was also looking at Lin Ming, her gaze turning complicated. “So… you had the Book of Eon all along.”

“Yes…” Lin Ming glanced at Sheng Mei and saw her let loose a gentle sigh.

This light sigh left Lin Ming a bit puzzled; just what was she sighing over?

Sheng Mei fell silent for some time, as if she were hesitating in saying some words to Lin Ming. Eventually, she shook her head and said to him with a sound transmission, “Do you know the price you will have to pay for bringing the Book of Eon into the Demon God’s Tomb?”

“I will become the target of everyone. I am well aware of that.”

“And you won’t change your mind?” Sheng Mei asked.

Lin Ming smiled. “Aren’t you also planning to enter the Demon God’s Tomb with another ceremonial rites book? Since you haven’t changed your mind, why must I?”

“I…” Sheng Mei sighed once more. “I am different from you. I advise you to give up…”

“Why?” Lin Ming frowned. He was left confused by Sheng Mei’s words of warning because he felt that Sheng Mei wasn’t doubting his strength or talent, but had other reasons for saying so.

“That is as much as I can say. Whether or not you believe me, that is up to you.”

Sheng Mei no longer spoke. Her words had left Lin Ming feeling cold in his heart.

Perhaps… she knew something that he didn’t.


The competition between the three great influences ended.

And following that was a competition between the smaller influences. And, this also included some Empyrean level abyssals from the three great influences.

Those that entered the Demon God’s Tomb weren’t all True Divinities. There were also Empyreans, and their goals were to go to the shallower, outer layers of the Demon God’s Tomb and they would remove themselves from competing for the totem level abyssal inheritance.

The Ancient Eon Sect had brought some such disciples here and these disciples entered into the battlefield of the smaller influences.

Because there were many of them, the battles would continue for a month.

And during this period of time Lin Ming had calmly gone into seclusion.

His place of residency was only several dozen feet from Sheng Mei’s own courtyard.

In the Dark Abyss, the atmosphere was relatively barbaric and wild. Compared to the life forms of the 33 Heavens, abyssal demons were far more casual and often preferred to indulge in their primal, sensual natures.

Thus, whether it was the Ancient Eon Sect or Deep King Road, since Lin Ming and Sheng Mei were already engaged, living together and dual cultivating during this time period wasn’t a problem at all. So, it would be more convenient for their residences to be placed nearby.

If Lin Ming and Sheng Mei could dual cultivate and comprehend something then it would be highly beneficial to them during this venture into the Demon God’s Tomb.

But in the end, regardless of whether it was Sheng Mei or Lin Ming, they went into their rooms and no longer spoke to each other.

Their only meeting was three days ago. Lin Ming, under Sheng Mei’s supervision, read a black book from beginning to end, recording all the runes, writings, and Laws in his mind.

The black book of death was originally profound and esoteric in its knowledge. But to Lin Ming who deeply understood the Laws of Death, it wasn’t difficult to remember it in its entirety.

The opening of the Demon God’s Tomb was coming closer and closer.

As Lin Ming perceived the black book of death, he also mulled over Sheng Mei’s advice.

During these days, besides perceiving the Laws, Lin Ming also looked up information concerning the Demon God’s Tomb.

The Demon God’s Tomb opened at random intervals. Sometimes it would open after ten million years, sometimes every few hundred million years, or sometimes even every billion years.

And the main reason for this was because finding one of the ancient ceremonial rites books wasn’t easy at all.

But in the past several billions of years, the Demon God’s Tomb had been opened dozens of times. Yet, how many totem level abyssals had been born from this? This was what Lin Ming cared about the most.

If the Demon God’s Tomb contained some hidden dangers that even Sheng Mei would believe would make it too dangerous for him to pass the test of the abyssal ritual, then perhaps in the last several billion years there might not have been any abyssal demons that were truly capable of passing the abyssal ritual and transcending from a True Divinity level abyssal to a totem level abyssal.

However, when he truly searched through the ancient texts, he actually discovered the information concerning abyssals who entered the Demon God’s Tomb in ancient times was pitifully lacking.

This wasn’t normal at all. It was clear that some information was sealed away so that future generations wouldn’t be able to find out.

As for things concerning the several totem level abyssals, that information was shrouded in layers of secrecy.

There were those that had gone missing, those that had died, and even those that were alive but were rarely seen, as if they would simply stay hidden until the end of time.

For instance, the Demon Association’s ‘Evil’. There were some abyssals who believed that Evil had died and some abyssals who believed that Evil was alive. No one was able to come to an agreement.

As for Deep King Road’s ‘Deep’, it was truly living. However, there were some True Divinity Elders who had never seen Deep even in their entire lives.

There was also Great Flood Demon Kingdom’s ruler – ‘Flood’. This was the last of the six totem level abyssals that Lin Ming was aware of.

Flood had established the Great Flood Demon Kingdom that occupied an incomparably broad domain. This was a super Divine Kingdom, and its strength actually surpassed that of Deep King Road!

In fact, Great Flood Demon Kingdom was renowned as the number one influence of the entire Dark Abyss. With it as the lead, there were two other totem level influences beneath it as well as a number of smaller influences gathered around it. The alliance they formed was the greatest opponent of Deep King Road’s alliance.

As for this ‘Flood’, according to the sparse historical records, it had passed the abyssal ritual 2 billion years ago to ascend and become the newest totem level abyssal from the Demon God’s Tomb.

From this alone it could be seen that the Demon God’s Tomb wasn’t an absolute death zone. In the last several billions of years, although there were only an extremely small number of totem level abyssals born, they still appeared.

The existence of Flood left Lin Ming with even more doubts. If totem level abyssals could emerge from the Demon God’s Tomb, then what was the meaning behind Sheng Mei’s warning?

Sheng Mei shouldn’t know that he was a human. She believed he was an abyssal demon. In other words, if there was danger then this danger was aimed towards all abyssals.

Lin Ming would enter the Demon God’s Tomb as an abyssal and the dangers he would face would be no different from those of other abyssals.

Dangers that were aimed at all would always be relatively better. At the very least, the Dark Abyss wouldn’t produce a mystic realm of absolute death where they abyssals would send the strongest and those with the greatest potential to die.

Lin Ming couldn’t understand so he continued to investigate information about Flood. Flood was the youngest of all the totem level abyssals, but it was also incomparably mysterious; it rarely appeared, even in the Great Flood Demon Kingdom.

It seemed that Deep and Flood were mortal enemies. Legends said that these two supreme powerhouses of the abyss fought once in the 16th layer, and the surrounding area for billions of miles had turned into desert and countless lives had been lost.

Lin Ming shook his head as he read through this information. The Dark Abyss and the Demon God’s Tomb seemed to be hiding some secret. But, no matter what dangers there were lurking about, Lin Ming still had to explore it.

He couldn’t give up such a chance because he didn’t have much time remaining…

Lin Ming went into intermittent seclusion, perceiving the Laws.

Training continued without a sense of time. The day of the opening of the Demon God’s Tomb approached.

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