Chapter 213 - Magnetic Birth Stone

Chapter 213 Magnetic Birth Stone.


Chapter 213 – Magnetic Birth Stone

As the sun gradually rose from the horizon, Lin Ming had finished zealously cultivating the entire night. When he stood up, he discovered that all of his clothes had already been incinerated into nothing but ashes. Throughout the whole night, Lin Ming had been shining and sparking with the power of thunder; normal fabrics like cotton couldn’t withstand the flaming sparks produced by the thunder.

As for the Thunder Soul in his Heretical God Seed that had taken on the shape of a steel needle, Lin Ming was filled with a sense of accomplishment.

Thunder Souls and Flame Essences were also divided into different grades. It was only because there were too few of them, thus, it was simply out of reach for most people. That was why the specific grade divisions weren’t well known.

Lin Ming guessed that the Heretical God Seed’s Thunder Soul had evolved, but he didn’t know just how much it had.

As he took out a new set of clothes from his spatial ring and hastily dressed himself, Lin Ming launched his movement technique and ran through the forest, rushing towards the cave where the woman in red was waiting.


At daybreak, the woman in red opened her eyes from a night of meditation. Her current condition was much improved from the horrendous state she had been...

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