MW Chapter 2129

Chapter 2129 – Sheng Mei’s Conditions

Sheng Mei expressionlessly said, “I can hold the grand dual cultivation ceremony with you, but after our marriage then we will be river water and well water, not interfering with each other. I will not manage your affairs and you will not bother me.”

Lin Ming couldn’t help but feel humored by Sheng Mei’s words. He inevitably found himself thinking of a scene where his demon avatar shared a bed with Sheng Mei. With that sort of mental image, no wonder Sheng Mei found it impossible to accept.

Thinking of this, Lin Ming’s lips curved up in a smile. He slowly asked, “Why would I do that?”

Lin Ming’s words carried with them a slight playful and provocative tone, immediately rousing Sheng Mei’s anger.

Still, no matter how things were said, the reality was that she had lost to Lin Ming. Moreover, she was the one who had decided the rules. Only the heavens knew why she would encounter such an abnormality today and suffer such a great loss.

Thus, even if she was filled with disgust towards Lin Ming she couldn’t help but admit defeat and say in a softened voice. “Your talent defies the will of the heavens. Looking at the entire Dark Abyss, any beautiful women, succubus demons, goddesses, all of them are within hand’s reach. As long as you wish then countless beauties will be willing to dual cultivate with you, so what do you care if you are lacking one? I will not manage your affairs, and in fact I will even provide all sorts of assistance to you. As long as you do not bother me then I am even willing to pay a certain price for this!”

“Pay a price?”

Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred. When Lin Ming joined this competition, the original reason he did so was to prove his own value and strength so that he could earn the qualifications to take the Book of Eon into the Demon God’s Tomb.

The second reason was because he wished to compare his strength with that of Sheng Mei.

Upon reaching Lin Ming’s level, there were far too martial artists that were able to compete with him on the same boundary. Finding an opponent was far, far too hard. He and Sheng Mei were both born in the same era, like yin and yang. Between the two of them, their battle had already been decided by destiny.

As for taking advantage of someone when they were done…well, these were rules that Sheng Mei had laid down herself to begin with. And when it came to forming relations with Sheng Mei, Lin Ming hadn’t considered this at all. He and Sheng Mei weren’t lovers. Although they had come together once on the Sky Spill Planet, that was because he had been forced to due to the situation he had been in.

Lin Ming had feelings towards Sheng Mei, but it was impossible for his sentiments to be as deep as what he felt towards Xiao Moxian. And, he couldn’t take advantage of his past relationship with Sheng Mei to do anything out of the ordinary with her that an abyssal normally wouldn’t do.

But now, hearing Sheng Mei mention that she would offer certain conditions on her own initiative, Lin Ming was actually quite interested.

“First tell me what price you are willing to pay.” Lin Ming lazily said as he traced his chin. Although taking advantage of someone in dire straits wasn’t the actions of a gentleman, he and Sheng Mei were in opposing factions, thus he naturally had to do everything to fight for advantages.

“You can raise any conditions you wish. I will try to satisfy them as long as they aren’t overly excessive.” Sheng Mei relaxed as she heard Lin Ming agree to this and she didn’t care if Lin Ming might try to ask for too much.

Lin Ming chuckled inwardly. In truth, he already knew what he wanted. Still, he pretended to hesitate for a moment and then said to Sheng Mei, “Demon crystals, I have no lack of. Even if its top grade demon crystals, I have no interest. As for blood pills, medicines, I have more than enough. Weapons I have too, and you won’t necessarily be able to provide me with anything better. It seems that on your entire body, there isn’t anything that attracts me…”

Lin Ming’s words were said to establish a psychological superiority. But, as Sheng Mei heard them, they were somewhat grating on the ears.

In particular when Lin Ming said that there was nothing on her body that attracted him. If an ordinary woman were to hear this they would have already become enraged, but Sheng Mei’s expression remained unchanged, as if she were some glacier that had existed for a million years.

She frowned and said, “Stop playing games. Just state your conditions!”

“Mm, good!” Lin Ming smiled. “Although I don’t want to take advantage of you, you should also know that if I were to dual cultivate with you, the  regardless of whether it was you or me, it would greatly enhance our strength. The rules were set down by you but in the end you simply wish to go back on your promise. Then, I should obtain corresponding compensation. Your final nine revolutions nine lotus isn’t bad, as well as the dual Concepts of Endlessness and Annihilation in your sword. I am very much interested in them. My conditions are that I wish to borrow them to observe and perceive!”

Lin Ming had long since wanted to look at the whole and complete Holy Scripture. 12,000 years ago when Lin Ming obtained the Holy Scripture in the Soul World, the truth was that it was only a duplicate of the golden pages. As for the black book that recorded death within, Lin Ming had never even seen it before. He relied on the source soul force that Sheng Mei left within him to slowly perceive, joininig with it his understands he gained through the samsara of life and death to comprehend it a bit at a time.

Although the things he comprehended himself also most suited himself, he was still restrained by time. If it came to might alone, then it was impossible for his version to compare with the complete and original Holy Scripture.

Hearing Lin Ming’s request, Sheng Mei pressed her eyebrows together. According to all logical reasoning, the Holy Scripture simply wasn’t suitable for abyssals to cultivate. But, as she thought about had Lin Ming seemed to understand the Holy Scripture Laws to some extent that he was able to break through them, she actually suspected that if she were really to lend him the Holy Scripture then he would be able to perceive many things from it.

“You shouldn’t go too far! The dual Laws of Life and Destruction are the foundations of my cultivation. It is impossible for me to give them to you!”

Sheng Mei flat out refused. Lin Ming fell into thought, no longer speaking. Sheng Mei felt a bit afraid but didn’t speak either. If neither of them could come to an agreement then she really didn’t know what she would do.

The truth was that if they didn’t share a bed even after marriage then that would be equal to breaching her promise. If this matter were to spread out then it would be on the same level as breaking an engagement.

“I will take a step back. Concerning the Laws of Life and Destruction, I only want the Laws of Destruction. I have confidence in my own endurance so I have no need for the power of endlessness. Rather, destruction suits me more.”

Lin Ming put forth his earliest desire at this critical moment. He had already seen the golden pages so he didn’t need them. What he truly wished to see was the black book of death.

In fact, when Lin Ming first entered the Dark Abyss he had found the skeletal remains of the mysterious woman from 10 billion years passed who resembled Sheng Mei. Atop these bones were engraved the Law runes of the Holy Scripture.

However, bone runes were in the end bone runes. They were symbols condensed from the Laws after a martial artist’s cultivation reached large success, and not the earliest step for cultivation. Lin Ming still had flaws in his understanding of the Holy Scripture and he wished to make up for these faults with Sheng Mei’s assistance.

Sheng Mei looked at Lin Ming and bit her lips. “Three days! I will give you only three days, and the amount you can comprehend will depend on you!”

This was Sheng Mei’s final concession; three days to look at the original text. No matter how high Lin Ming’s perception was the most he could do was crudely memorize the Laws, and he might not even be able to finish the entire book.

And without the original text, he could only cultivate by himself and it would also be impossible for him to leak anything outwards. Moreover, without the Laws of Life, it was impossible for Lin Ming’s attainments to reach any high boundary.

Of course, these were Sheng Mei’s thoughts. But, they were exactly what Lin Ming wished for.

He smiled, “Good, then its three days.”

Three days was more than enough. This was because from Sheng Mei’s memories, his own comprehension, and the bone runes of that woman who seemed like the previous life of Sheng Mei, he already had a deep understanding of the Death Laws. What he wanted now was to use the black book to thoroughly fuse his understandings together.

“Remember what you said!”

Sheng Mei warned Lin Ming.

As the two were secretly making a deal with sound transmissions, Elder Eon God and Elder Deep Epoch were still discussing the date of the marriage.

Without Sheng Mei needing to remind him, Lin Ming directly said, “Two Elders, I apologize for the disturbance but I would like to hold the marriage after the trip into the Demon God’s Tomb!”

Lin Ming’s words left Eon God and Deep Epoch startled.

“Mm….time is of the essence. I want to take advantage of the time before the Demon God’s Tomb opens to cultivate as much as I can. I don’t wish to distract myself with the dual cultivation ceremony.”

Lin Ming’s words finally caused Sheng Mei’s eyes to soften a little. If the dual cultivation ceremony could be delayed a bit longer then that was naturally a good thing.

Deep Epoch looked towards Sheng Mei and saw Sheng Mei nod her head in agreement.

Deep Epoch opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something but eventually didn’t. As the two parties of the wedding, Lin Ming and Sheng Mei naturally had the authority to decide the date of the wedding.

The truth was that Deep Epoch wanted to say that if they could hold the grand dual cultivation ceremony before the Demon God’s Tomb opened, then the two could start immediately dual cultivating, and that might even benefit their cultivation more!

Deep Epoch didn’t say much and Eon God also tactfully remained silent.

At this time, Lin Ming suddenly said, “Elder Deep Epoch, I remember that before my match with the Holy Demoness, we agreed that if I were able to defeat her then I would obtain treatment at least on the level of a core disciple like the Holy Demoness?”

Deep Epoch thought that Lin Ming would originally talk about matters concerning the marriage, but he didn’t think he would bring this up instead. “Yes, that’s right. This is the foundational rules behind the alliance that by Deep King Road established. Whoever was strength will obtain more benefits! Moreover, you are already engaged to my Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness so you are now half a disciple of my Deep King Road. The promise that I made before will naturally be one that I keep.”


Lin Ming gently smiled. And beside Lin Ming, the Ancient Eon Sect’s Great Elder let out a sigh of relief. He knew that Lin Ming wanted to bring the Book of Eon into the Demon God’s Tomb…

Lin Ming turned his hand and the Book of Eon appeared in his palm.

The mysterious black book carried with it a profound and ancient abyssal strength. As it appeared, Elder Deep Epoch’s eyes widened and his heart shook.

“This…this is!?”

“The Book of Eon!”

Lin Ming’s voice reverberated through the entire audience.

The Book of Eon could not be concealed. As long as someone brought it into the Demon God’s Tomb then others would discover it. Since that was the case then he might as well take it out now and reveal it to the public, and then follow the rules established by Deep King Road to decide who would manage it.

With Lin Ming’s current status, with the strength he just proved in battle, and along with the fact that he was the one who originally found the Book of Eon, then by all reasoning he should be the one to hold it!

The Book of Eon’s appearance threw the entire audience into an uproar.

Many abyssals stood up, staring at the black book in Lin Ming’s hand with disbelief. The Book of Eon that had gone missing for billions of years was actually found today!?

Didn’t this mean that the originally declining Ancient Eon Sect would revitalize the destiny of their sect!?

And with this Lin Ming who had come from nowhere, the Ancient Eon Sect would undergo earth-shaking changings overnight.

The originally dispirited Ancient Eon Sect was now filled with infinite hope!

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