MW Chapter 2128

Chapter 2128 – Marriage

On the Deep King Wheel, the dense rain of light subsided. From all around, many of the surrounding disciples and Elders of the abyssal influences had yet to respond. Then, many abyssals began to quietly discuss amongst themselves. To them, this scene was a dream they never would have imagined.

“Those from Deep King Road, are you ready to announce the end of the match?”

At this time the Great Elder of the Ancient Eon Sect stood up, drawing the gaze of many nearby abyssals.

Without a doubt, the Ancient Eon Sect had been able to feel proud and overjoyed, and even earned a great deal of face in front of everyone.

There were many Elders of large influences present who coveted the status of the Ancient Eon Sect. As they looked at Eon God, their complexions were filled with envy and unwillingness.

The Deep King Road Elder responsible for overseeing the competition awkwardly coughed. Then, he stepped onto the Deep King Wheel and loudly announced, “The battle has ended. The victor is the Ninth Elder of the Ancient Eon Sect!”

The stag remained silent. Many abyssals discovered that even until now, they didn’t know what the name of this Ancient Eon Sect’s Ninth Elder was.

“Then…concerning marriage, I believe that everyone from Deep King Road will not forget, right?”

Eon God spoke out once more, looking towards the Elders of Deep King Road before glancing over at Sheng Mei. At this time, the Elders of Deep King Road all had various emotions written on their faces, and as for Sheng Mei, her complexion was paler than normal.

In Lin Ming’s last strike, because of the Laws Lin Ming used, the strangely familiar aura, and finally Lin Ming suddenly holding back, a weird feeling began to surge in her heart. This was something that tickled her mind yet she wasn’t able to place a finger on it.

For a time, Sheng Mei thought she wanted to understand just where this strange feeling originated from. But after hearing Elder Eon God’s words, everything she felt towards Lin Ming suddenly disappeared.

In her pupils, Lin Ming’s demonic incarnation was reflected in them. This fierce black monster had shattered scales all over his body and the two bone blades that jutted out from his elbows had broken off. His entire body was covered and blood at it seemed that his injured were far more serious than her own.

At this time, his dark brown eyes were also gazing back at her.

By now, Lin Ming had already undone the Asura body metamorphosis and had returned to a normal size. Of course, this was in comparison to the life forms of the 33 Heavens. He was still towering and thickly built, and even though Sheng Mei was tall herself, she only reached just below Lin Ming’s chest.

Sheng Mei simply found this hard to accept, that this monster had defeated her and would soon obtain her.


At this time, Elder Deep Epoch laughed and his foots came hurrying forwards. He appeared atop the Deep King Wheel, right between Lin Ming and Sheng Mei.

“What Elder Eon God said is correct. Since your sect’s Ninth Elder has won then we will naturally fulfill our side of the promise and allow our Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness to marry your Ninth Elder in a grand dual cultivation ceremony!”

Elder Deep Epoch readily agreed, causing the Elders of smaller influences to be startled. As for the younger abyssals, they were despondent upon hearing this. Even if Sheng Mei didn’t marry Lin Ming, they were clearly aware that it still wouldn’t be their turn. But, upon knowing that the most perfect goddess in the entire Dark Abyss would be ravaged by such a towering and ferocious abyssal demon, they still found this somewhat hard to accept. This sort of feeling was like seeing the most perfect thing in existence being polluted.

As for Sheng Mei, her eyelids jumped up as she heard Elder Deep Epoch’s words. She looked at Lin Ming but didn’t speak. However, the light in her eyes clearly turned much colder…

“Elder Deep Epoch is truly refreshing!” Eon God laughed. “Then…tomorrow my Ancient Eon Sect will prepare a dowry gift to settle this marriage. How about it?”

“Haha! Elder Eon God is too courteous. We can discuss this wedding further, after all, this must be a grand occasion for all of us.”

Elder Deep Epoch didn’t oppose Lin Ming marrying Sheng Mei. In his opinion, this would also be something beneficial to Deep King Road.

“Then about the date of this marriage ceremony….” Elder Eon God continued to say. What he planned was to publically confirm a marriage date so that they could avoid future nights of headaches.

Although Lin Ming had seemingly appeared from nowhere, and his victory of Sheng Mei had left all the abyssals bewildered, in the end Lin Ming was still an Elder of their Ancient Eon Sect. If the Ancient Eon Sect could use Lin Ming to climb the big tree that was Deep King Road, then Elder Eon God would absolutely love for this to occur.

After all, the Ancient Eon Sect had suffered crisis after crisis and countless influences were eyeing them, waiting for them to break apart so that they could be replaced.

“Haha, Elder Eon God is quite impatient. However, there is still some time until the Demon God’s Tomb opens, so if we do hold the dual cultivation ceremony before then, although it may be a bit hastily done, I don’t see any reason why we can’t!”

Deep Epoch rubbed his chin and looked at Lin Ming. According to any logical reasoning, it would be best for Lin Ming to emerge from the Demon God’s Tomb before the grand dual cultivation ceremony was held, since the Demon God’s Tomb was filled with dangers and anything could happen within.

However, in Deep Epoch’s view, a peerless genius like Lin Ming would likely have a ridiculously tough life. At the very least, nothing should happen to him in the Demon God’s Tomb. If they could hold the grand dual cultivation ceremony ahead of time then this would be proof that Deep King Road trusted Lin Ming, and this would help them strengthen their relationship with Lin Ming in the future.

Deep Epoch and Eon God continued to agree with each other, seeming as if they would almost put the marriage on today’s agenda.

And by this time, Sheng Mei finally found it hard to remain calm. If she didn’t  say anything then she feared that within several days, she would have to marry Lin Ming in front of all these abyssals.

It just so happened that because of the Demon God’s Tomb, all of the influences that were connected to Deep King Road had gathered here. All of them had been sent written invitations.

She sent a sound transmission to Lin Ming, “I must speak with you…”

“What is there to talk about?” Lin Ming glanced at Sheng Mei. Seeing her pale face, a strange feeling stirred in his heart.

This was an extremely complex feeling, one that seemed to originate from dark feelings, from the pleasure of taking revenge. But inevitably, it also came from Lin Ming’s unclear feelings about Sheng Mei.

Lin Ming’s deepest impression of Sheng Mei had been her cold and callous actions as she took his Eternal Soul and left.

But, when he had lost his strength and was completely dried up, on the verge of death, it was in that moment that he felt the warmth and fullness brought about by Sheng Mei’s source soul force and life essence.

If it weren’t for those things she left him then he wouldn’t have been able to understand the samsara of life and death before he perished, and he wouldn’t have been able to comprehend the Grand Reincarnation Art and slowly restore himself.

Sheng Mei gave Lin Ming a life saving grace. However, Lin Ming couldn’t clearly see through her actions or reasons. This caused Lin Ming to subconsciously be on guard against her, not trusting her, but also caring for her.

Because of his actions and the upcoming promise of dual cultivation, Sheng Mei was unable to maintain the cold arrogance of her heart. Instead, she nervous and panicked due to the upcoming agreement and Lin Ming couldn’t help but take pleasure in this sort of revenge.

Even though Lin Ming had experienced so many things in his life, it was still hard for him to rid himself of this part of human nature.

“Who are you? Where did you come from? What’s your name?” Sheng Mei asked Lin Ming.

“Who I am, where I come from, those aren’t things you need to concern yourself with. As for my name, you can call me Ninth Elder.”

Lin Ming didn’t plan to tell Sheng Mei about his own status. Even if he inwardly wanted to believe in Sheng Mei, she was still someone that worked from the Soul Emperor and someone who had complicated relations with Deep King Road. There was even a chance that she was an abyssal demon, a mortal enemy to him.

In this sort of situation, Lin Ming couldn’t guarantee that Sheng Mei wouldn’t betray him if she were threatened by someone or tempted by something. For instance, if she were tempted by that peak of martial arts so longed for in her dreams.

Moreover, Lin Ming had a faint feeling that to a certain extent, Sheng Mei was being controlled by the Soul Emperor. At the very least, the Soul Emperor was aware of all her actions. In this case, if Sheng Mei were to know who he truly was then it would be far too dangerous.

After listening to Lin Ming’s words, Sheng Mei frowned, clearly unsatisfied with his reply.

After all, they would likely have to conduct the grand dual cultivation ceremony soon and he wouldn’t even tell her his name.

“I want to make a deal with you!”

Sheng Mei icily said. She was already disinclined to banter with Lin Ming. The brief spell of goodwill towards him that had magically appeared from nowhere had disappeared.

Even Sheng Mei couldn’t clearly explain why she would have even the least bit of favorable impression towards this barbaric abyssal demon that was brimming over with an evil aura.

“What kind of deal?” Lin Ming’s eyes rose, his attention suddenly stirring.

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