MW Chapter 2127B

Chapter 2127B – The Finale

The demon wheel cut down onto the nine revolutions red lotus. Celestial bodies would be grinded apart by it, and even the river of time seemed to shake.

During this fierce collision, the power of hope and desire from nine reincarnations and the great demon wheel began to wear away at each other.

The strength of all Laws, every ray of light, space and time, beneath the impact of these two great strengths, everything seemed to stir up, forming visible beams of energy that fell down upon the Deep King force field in torrents.

The Deep King force field’s light barrier wildly shook. Because of the extended battle, the energy saved within the 12 totem poles was insufficient. Underneath this final impact the Deep King force field wasn’t able to withstand the enormous destructive force and a tiny gap was ripped open!

Peng! Peng! Peng!

From all over the force field, the abyssal phantoms that covered the array formation’s light barrier began to explode together. Beams of Law lights gathered together, shooting out from Deep King force field and recklessly spraying outwards!

These light beams were energy blades formed by the collision of Lin Ming and Sheng Mei. Each one possessed a terrifying penetrating force, destroying wherever it went!

“Be careful!”

An abyssal cried out in alarm. To some of the weaker abyssals, any one of these light beams could easily pierce through them and take their lives!

The younger abyssals quickly retreated, even taking out their weapons to fend off these light beams.

But at this time, the True Divinity level Elders actually stepped forwards. They summoned protective shields of demon power that blocked all the light beams.

“They actually drained dry the energy from the totem poles. This is just defying the heavens!”

Deep Epoch frowned. The Deep King force field was the sect-stabilizing array formation of Deep King Road. With Lin Ming and Sheng Mei’s strength they shouldn’t have been able to break through it. However, they had actually managed to forcefully exhaust the energy contained in the array formation.

At this time within the array formation, Lin Ming and Sheng Mei were in the center of the collision, both of them covered in blood!

Sheng Mei’s clothes were torn in numerous places. Her battle armor was broken and her long hair fluttered wildly about her.

And Lin Ming was in an even more tragic state. His chest was smothered in blood. The nine revolutions red lotus had been broken apart by the demon wheel, but as the two halves passed by him it nearly split him in half.

Although Lin Ming’s wounds were heavier, he actually had more strength remaining. This was because within the inner world of Lin Ming’s demon avatar, his true self and his three avatars were continuously supplying the demon avatar with energy.

This was the source of Lin Ming’s trump card.

But in comparison, because Sheng Mei had already consumed a great deal of energy and the nine revolutions red lotus she used once more, her face was already pale white. She had used up all her strength!

Lin Ming roared out and grasped the Black Dragon Spear. From beneath Sheng Mei’s arm, the Black Dragon Spear crazily shook!


The cold ice that froze over the shaft of the black Dragon Spear shattered, and even the bone armor atop the spear began to burst apart!

Lin Ming violently dragged out the spear, pulling the Black Dragon Spear out from the wreckage of broken ice and bone!

Sheng Mei’s delicate eyebrows pressed together and a trace of blood dripped from the corners of her lips. The Black Dragon Spear had been pulled out from beneath her right arm, and because of the shattered bone cutting her as it was pulled out, her right side was covered in blood!

Lin Ming’s eyes flashed with a cold light. The power of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace boiled over from within him as he suddenly pierced out the spear. The spear point continued to tremble as the power of Laws billowed outwards, shooting forth like a river of stars and releasing a terrifying brilliance that submerged Sheng Mei.

Sheng Mei’s pupils shrank. At this moment she could feel death approach!

This scene was fixed in the eyes of those watching for eternity. The light of Laws that danced in the air was like faded flower petals fluttering downwards. As for Sheng Mei shrouded in light, she was a black butterfly that had transformed into a fairy maiden.

Her long hair danced about her and she barely managed to use her still movable left wing as a shield. Beneath this black wing, Sheng Mei’s peerless looks were as cold and arrogant as a mountain of ice.

Her eyes weren’t focused on the spear that thrust towards her with cold brilliance, but the approaching Lin Ming’s face.

In her bright pupils, the image of Lin Ming was clearly reflected.

This sight seemed to touch something in Lin Ming’s heart. Just as the Black Dragon Spear was about to stab into the point between Sheng Mei’s eyebrows, Lin Ming turned his arm, changing the trajectory of the spear slightly so that it passed Sheng Mei’s cheek and turned out instead.


Lin Ming’s spear light stabbed into the Deep King force field’s light barrier. The Deep King force field had originally been exhausted of energy and was now no longer capable of resisting Lin Ming’s strike; the Black Dragon Spear directly pierced through it.

Ka ka ka!

Atop the barrier of light, cracks began to spread out like a spider web, proliferating at a rapid pace.

In a mere moment, the egg-like light barrier burst apart! Energy fell down like rain, sprinkling down onto the world like the endless stars glittering in the skies.

And in the inexhaustible rain of light, Lin Ming and Sheng Mei stood in the void. The Black Dragon Spear’s point was only three inches away from Sheng Mei’s beautiful face, where it cut off a strand of her black hair.

Time came to a standstill.

Sheng Mei looked at Lin Ming, an indescribable look emerging in her eyes.

She had been defeated. In a frontal battle she had actually been defeated by a higher abyssal who had a lower cultivation than she did.

This truth was hard for her to accept. At this moment, an inexplicable feeling began to rise up in her heart. This abyssal that held the spear in front of her left her confused and muddled. Although he was close, she couldn’t see through him at all.

After the Deep King force field exploded and while the rain of light was still silently falling, all around the battlefield the entire audience had fallen silent. The winner and loser of this battle was already clear to all. In that last spear strike, if Lin Ming hadn’t held back then Sheng Mei wouldn’t even be able to stand there right now.

“He won… he really won?”

The Elders and disciples of the Ancient Eon Sect felt as if they were living a dream. Within the Dark Abyss, Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness was no different from a living legend, but now that living legend had been beaten by an Elder of their Ancient Eon Sect, and this Elder had even jumped ranks to do so.

Did this mean that their Ancient Eon Sect would develop a relationship of marriage with Deep King Road?

As the disciples of the Ancient Eon Sect thought of the numerous rumors concerning Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness and as they recalled the countless higher abyssals that chased after her, they couldn’t help but gulp. While they admired and envied Lin Ming at the same time, they felt that everything that just occurred was too fantastical.

But as for the other small influences around the Ancient Eon Sect, they were so envious that their eyes turned red.

However, none of them dared to speak out at this time. In the Dark Abyss, strength was the ultimate deterrence. Lin Ming had already proven his own strength. As long as he didn’t perish then in the future his accomplishments would even surpass those of Sheng Mei. Facing such a ruthless person, who dared make snide remarks?

In fact, the abyssals that taunted Lin Ming before began to feel weak at heart. They were all afraid that Lin Ming would remember their taunts.

“Her Highness the Holy Demoness really lost…”

A Deep King Road Elder said with deep emotion, unsure of what feeling was in his heart.

There was a bit of loss but also a bit of expectation. Who could say what would happen in the future?

“What do we do?” An Elder asked Deep Epoch.

Deep Epoch waved his hand, saying, “We do what we have to do and that is naturally to conduct the grand dual cultivation ceremony. But, this matter needs to be reported to the higher ups. The Sovereign is secretive in his movements, a dragon that cannot be seen, so the report shouldn’t be for him. Instead, report this matter to the Great Elder.”

In Deep King Road, above Deep Epoch was an upper True Divinity level abyssal Elder. Besides Deep, this Elder could be called the highest authority of Deep King Road.

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