MW Chapter 2127A

Chapter 2127A – The Finale

On the Deep King Wheel, Lin Ming and Sheng Mei’s battle continued.

The two of them maintained their extreme speed. Every time they exchanged moves was like a collision of planets.

Sheng Mei’s wings stretched out. Howling gales wrapped around her body, her figure drifting in an unpredictably bizarre fashion!


The Black Dragon Spear cut through the void, savagely tearing towards Sheng Mei’s chest and piercing through!

In that moment, the hearts of many abyssals tightened. But in the next moment that ‘Sheng Mei’ vanished, leaving behind only the Black Dragon Spear; it had been nothing more than an afterimage.

The true Sheng Mei had already appeared behind Lin Ming. Her sword came falling down, sword light recklessly gushing out like a black tide, tumbling and roaring!

In that instant, from within the inner world of Lin Ming’s demon avatar, the Heretical God Tree appeared. The air filled with demonic energy as a bone tree drilled towards the heavens. Demonic fire and thunder howled out, tainted with the power of demons as it welcomed the turbulent sword light.


The sword light and Lin Ming’s demon power exploded and vanished together. Lin Ming didn’t even turn his head. The Black Dragon Spear came roaring out behind, the spear point drawing a full moon as he struck out in a circle!

Sheng Mei’s body was blown away like a flower petal by this horrific strength. Her protective demon essence violently shook and she couldn’t help but gather her wings together to resist Lin Ming’s strike.


Beneath the tremendous impact force, Sheng Mei was sent hurtling away like a meteor. She crashed into the Deep King force field’s light barrier. But, before the abyssals watching could even cry out in alarm, her figure instantly disappeared.

And in the next moment the Black Dragon Spear struck the area Sheng Mei had just vanished from. A terrifying explosion rang out once more!

The fierce intensity of this battle left the abyssals watching dizzy with wonder!

Most of the abyssals present were simply unable to see the fighting process between Sheng Mei and Lin Ming. Only the constantly shivering Deep King force field, and the flashes of shadows all around the light barrier reminded them just how cruel and savage this battle was.

Time marched on.

Two hours, four hours…

This intense fight continued for all this time without a single chance for anyone to catch their breath.

Every move was met head on with equally terrifying resilience. Lin Ming and Sheng Mei both relied on their potent restorative abilities to continue this battle.

As time passed, Sheng Mei felt more and more alarmed!

This battle had indeed gone as she had expected. It beat on with a rhythm of dragging on the battle with both parties being drained of energy.

But although this was the process she expected, it might not be the result she expected.

Lin Ming’s endurance was simply far too dreadful. If anyone were to consume energy at such a rate, then let alone an Empyrean level abyssal, even a True Divinity might have already been completely exhausted, like a dried up oil lamp.

But Lin Ming was able to continue onwards, even becoming increasingly brutal as the battle raged on!

Sheng Mei’s strength on the other hand was being weakened. Although the Holy Scripture Laws were heaven-defying, the so-called ‘endlessly growing’ still had its limits. If the battle continued like this then the first one to fall over might be herself.

Sheng Mei’s speed had already slowed down.

This scene fell into the eyes of all the abyssals watching. In terms of endurance, Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness was unexpectedly losing to the Ancient Eon Sect’s Ninth Elder.

Endurance was an important aspect of a martial artist’s strength.

In truth, from the very start, from feeling alone, Lin Ming consumed more energy than Sheng Mei did. This was because in terms of his size, the might of his moves, all of it used more strength than Sheng Mei.

Even so, the first one who wouldn’t be able to persist was Sheng Mei.


Another ray of sword light slashed down towards Lin Ming before being scattered by his strength. The moment the sword light shattered, the Black Dragon Spear in Lin Ming’s hands thrust out like a viper, straight towards Sheng Mei’s left rib!

This was an extremely tricky attack angle. However, Sheng Mei didn’t dodge. Her left wing suddenly spread out and cut down at the Black Dragon Spear!


The sound of a fierce collision rang out. From the surface of the Black Dragon Spear, chips of bone scattered out!

But Sheng Mei’s left wing had nearly been pierced through by the Black Dragon Spear and was now dripping with blood!

In that moment Lin Ming’s eyes flashed with surprise. Sheng Mei had relied on nearly just the strength of her mortal body to resist this strike, and didn’t use her demon power at all. Otherwise her wing wouldn’t have been torn by his spear strike.

But then, Sheng Mei stretched out her arm and grabbed hold of the Black Dragon Spear. Her delicate and exquisite jade-white arm wrapped around the thick Black Dragon Spear, clasping the shaft right beneath her arm!

Ka ka ka ka!

All around Sheng Mei, the void shattered. An Ice Phoenix howled out and threw itself onto the Black Dragon Spear. For a time, the Black Dragon Spear began to rapidly freeze over, and as for Lin Ming who was gripping it, he suddenly paused. Cold energy recklessly rushed into Lin Ming’s body from all directions.

Sheng Mei had released her deep ice force field once more, but this time the force field had been reduced to the smallest area possible, all of it compressed onto Lin Ming’s body. Without a doubt, she was risking everything on this move!

From between Sheng Mei’s eyebrows, the nine revolutions red lotus began to shine brilliantly.

The void seemed to overlap and shiver. The revolving lotus flower once again manifested into nine revolutions of worlds. When these worlds were joined together, one could see mountains and rivers within them, plants and beasts and birds, a million, a billion lives being born and destroyed.

Within each world sat a cross-legged Sheng Mei. This was the power of hope and desire of Sheng Mei’s nine reincarnations.

The nine Sheng Meis gathered their hands together in prayer, their expressions one of supreme reverence.

In that moment, their power of hope and desire gathered together, forming a golden river of stars that crashed down atop Lin Ming!

Was this the final move!?

Lin Ming’s pupils shrank. Sheng Mei didn’t hesitate to suffer injuries in order to seal away his movement. All of this was in order to keep him at a close distance where she could use the nine revolutions red lotus to engage in a final showdown with him. This was because she had discovered that in terms of endurance, she might not be able to overcome him.

This time, seeing the nine revolutions of worlds form into sword light that slashed down on him, Lin Ming’s heart and mind were as still as water. From his inner world, the blood of Asura began to burn.

Even Lin Ming’s three avatars of essence, energy, and divine poured their strength into the demon avatar without reserve.

A blinding radiance burst out from Lin Ming’s eyes. In his inner world, the Asura Wheel was fused with and covered by the power of demons. Then, the Asura Wheel turned into a giant demon wheel that rose up from behind Lin Ming.

Wild demon power filled the air. A peerless demon appeared, slowly pushing the wheel forwards. This was the demon phantom formed by the Asura phantom.

The wheel contained thousands and millions of great demons roaring within. Inside, there was also the flesh and blood essence of the totem level abyssal demon, Famine.

As this demon wheel revolved, Lin Ming used both his hands and pushed outwards.

Lin Ming had poured all of his strength into this demon wheel and now it welcomed Sheng Mei’s nine revolutions red lotus.

Ka ka ka ka ka!

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