MW Chapter 2126

Chapter 2126 – The Finale

For a time, the atmosphere on stage turned solemn.

All the abyssals had fallen silent. Lin Ming and Sheng Mei stood apart from each other, their gazes steady.

Lin Ming’s mortal body began to slowly regenerate.

The abyssals present stared blankly on as Lin Ming’s arm wound nearly stitched itself back together and they couldn’t sit still anymore.

“What is her Highness the Holy Demoness doing? How come she’s not doing anything and is just watching that fellow’s body repair itself? What use is there in talking about any sort of martial arts honor? Then again, this was a fair battle to begin with and that Ninth Elder was injured by the Holy Demoness so attacking him while he’s down is completely justified, so how come the Holy Demoness hasn’t attacked?”

A young abyssal anxiously asked. Most of the abyssals here were Sheng Mei’s supporters and only a few of them wished that Lin Ming could win.

“It isn’t that her Highness the Holy Demoness doesn’t wish to attack but that she cannot attack. The Holy Demoness consumed a considerable amount of energy just now, so how could she fight again so soon?”

An older abyssal said. By this point, the battle had reached a burning hot stage.

Lin Ming and Sheng Mei’s battle just now had exchanged wound for wound!

If they continued to fight, if this battle became any more brutal, then there would be dire combat techniques that came out next, such as someone burning their source soul force or blood essence as the price for greater strength.

And in this competition, this sort of behavior was against the rules. After all, this was only a mere comparison of skills to begin with and not a life or death slaughter. Any moves that caused permanent losses or where both sides were forced to perish together were forbidden. Because if one person used such a technique then everyone else would too, and the gains simply weren’t worth the losses.

As the older abyssal spoke, everyone looked towards Sheng Mei. At this time a continuously growing strength rose up within her, slowly supplementing her strength.

Just now she had used her nine revolution red lotus, fusing together the power of hope and desire from nine reincarnations. This was tantamount to nine Sheng Meis attack together, and thus the amount of demon power that she consumed was nine times that of her all-out attack!

If an ordinary martial artist or abyssal were to use such an attack then they would nearly exhaust themselves to nothing.

However, Sheng Mei had only slightly paled and her strength was slowly recovering. This was because with the power of life from the Holy Scripture Laws, Sheng Mei’s blood vitality and physical strength were able to last much longer and restore themselves faster than those of a martial artist of the same level.

As this scene fell into the eyes of the abyssals present, they were all numb with amazement.

Lin Ming’s regenerative abilities were astonishing, but so were Sheng Mei’s!

Lin Ming and Sheng Mei, they were nothing but two monsters. Not only did they possess terrifying strength, Laws, and speed, but their endurance was also at abnormal levels!

If one wished to fight against such freaks then one couldn’t have any weakness at all, because these two had no weakness and any weakness one possessed would become the reason for defeat!

In the entire Dark Abyss, just who would dare compete with them?

“I will not lose here!”

Sheng Mei glared at Lin Ming, her icy eyes shimmering.

Whoever could defeat her at the same boundary could dual cultivate with her. These were words spoken by her own mouth and confirmed by Deep King Road. It was impossible for her to go back on her words.

She didn’t wish to compromise with Lin Ming, and compromise was likely useless to begin with. She could only put forth everything she had in this battle and use the endlessly growing strength within her body to drain Lin Ming dry of strength.

And coincidently, Lin Ming also had such a plan.

Sheng Mei’s killing move was the nine revolution red lotus, and this was something that Lin Ming simply wasn’t able to deal with right now. Once they fought then he would surely be injured. The only positive part of this was that Sheng Mei couldn’t utilize this move multiple times because it consumed too much energy.

Thus, Lin Ming prepared to use his strength to outlast Sheng Mei and achieve victory in the end.

Lin Ming knew that Sheng Mei had the Laws of Life to rely on. But, Lin Ming was even more confident in what he relied on, because he still had his true self within his demon avatar!

Lin Ming couldn’t use his true self to fight, thus he couldn’t do anything to Sheng Mei right now because he couldn’t display his peak strength.

However, Lin Ming’s true self resided in his demon avatar’s inner world and he could continuously transmit strength into his avatar’s body. In terms of endurance, who could compete with him?

This was the same as two fighting against one. Moreover, the two of them had abnormal levels of endurance!

As long as the fight continued at a steady pace then he would emerge victorious in the end.

After an incense stick of time passed, Lin Ming could feel that his wounds had more or less healed. Then, he moved!

When he moved this time he didn’t even use the Black Dragon Spear, but simply punched out with his fist.

His fist was like a meteor, thundering down onto Sheng Mei’s chest!

Weng! Weng! Weng!

Abyssal Laws condensed into a vortex of runes around Lin Ming’s fist, forming an all-swallowing black hole. Several blood dragons rushed out from this black hole, roaring and snapping their jaws at Sheng Mei!

Each of these blood dragons contained the power of swallowing. In truth, they were similar to Famine’s tentacles!

“Swallowing Laws!?”

All of the abyssals watching could see this clearly. In the Dark Abyss, only a small minority of higher abyssals could grasp this tyrannical and overbearing Law which allowed one to swallow the strength of others for one’s own use, to swallow the flesh and blood of others as one’s own nourishment.

This was an extremely cruel and evil Law, one envied by all abyssals!

“This brat, how can he understand the Swallowing Laws!? Everything good has been taken by him!”

At this time, no one doubted Lin Ming’s bloodline. For him to possess the Swallowing Laws was well within reason, because the Swallowing Laws were one of the signs of a higher abyssal.

Facing these blood dragon tentacles, Sheng Mei didn’t dodge. Her delicate eyebrows furrowed together and the sword in her hands came slashing down, severing all the tentacles!


Sword light radiated outwards. Blood flew out into the air!

Sheng Mei had already planned to engage Lin Ming in a battle of endurance. Thus, she naturally wouldn’t let go of any chances to exchange attacks with him. She believed that with her Laws supporting her she would eventually be the one to persist until the end.

Lin Ming was truly abnormal, but in this aspect he might not be able to compare with her!

Moreover, when comparing endurance, the truth was that it was also a battle of willpower. If one possessed great willpower, this often allowed them to surpass their own limits.

Sheng Mei was confident in her own willpower, because no matter what she could not lose this battle!

She no longer had an escape path left open to her. She didn’t dare to imagine herself being pressed down beneath the gigantic body of this abyssal and just how disgusting and stomach-retching that would be.

Rumble rumble rumble!

The intense collision stirred up raging waves of energy and caused the light barrier of the Deep King force field to violently tremble. In a breath of time, Lin Ming and Sheng Mei exchanged over a hundred moves.

They fought speed with speed and didn’t pause their onslaught against each other. They tried to preserve as much strength even as they tried to use up their opponent’s strength.

This was a short but furious battle that was extremely taxing on their energy!

At this time, both Sheng Mei and Lin Ming naturally discovered each other’s plans; they had come up with the same idea to win.

Sheng Mei’s eyes lit up with blazing fighting intent and the corners of her lips curved up in a smile.

And while Lin Ming’s eyes remained indifferent, his heart was filled with confidence!

They both brimmed with confidence because they both believed in their secret cards that gave them endurance!

As the fight heated up it became increasingly intense and savage.

Many abyssals only saw a great storm rise up within the Deep King force field!

But as for the exact process of the fight, none of them were able to clearly see what was occurring!

“They are comparing endurance… it seems that the difference in strength between the two of them is too minor so neither can do anything to the other, thus they have decided to use time to settle victory and defeat!”

An abyssal Elder said on the side of Deep King Road.

“Her Highness the Holy Demoness possesses a horrifying level of endurance… let alone abyssals at the same level, even True Divinity level abyssals might not be able to compare with her. But her opponent is also a monster. From him, it seems anything is possible. Her Highness the Holy Demoness might not be able to win!”

Another Elder of Deep King Road said.

In Deep King Road, the status of the members present was decided by strength.

This Elder’s status was below Sheng Mei’s, thus when he spoke of her he had to use a respectful tone.

But at this time, Deep Epoch chuckled. He said, “The battle has already gone this far, and I’m beginning to see things differently. Perhaps losing might not be a bad thing at all…”

“Oh? You are meaning…?”

“The Ancient Eon Sect doesn’t know where the Ninth Elder comes from either. After this battle, we will look up more information on him. The truth is that if the Holy Demoness doesn’t marry for the rest of her life, that isn’t a plan at all. Although she might not care about it, her bloodline is so excellent. If it isn’t inherited by her descendants then wouldn’t it just be wasted?”

“We have to find a way to marry her off. And if my Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness were to marry, then if we look through the entire Dark Abyss, just who can match up with her? This Ninth Elder came out of nowhere and although I might not like him too much, I have to acknowledge that he is the best possible candidate…”

As Deep Epoch spoke, the other Elders nodded in agreement.

Indeed, this was true.

In their eyes Lin Ming was truly an indisputable top choice. The Dark Abyss was a land that revered powerhouses above all, and if a higher abyssal like Lin Ming wished to choose someone to marry then there would be countless abyssal women who would desperately flock to him.

In the abyss, powerful and rugged abyssals, those with towering and thick builds, if they possessed enough strength then they were far more welcomed than the pretty and handsome male incubuses amongst the succubus demon race. And, Lin Ming’s strength, his ferocious and bulging muscles, all of that was perfectly aligned with this point.

However, they never imagined that Sheng Mei was simply unable to accept the aesthetic sense of the abyssal demons. She absolutely could not!

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