MW Chapter 2125

Chapter 2125 – Nine Revolution Red Lotus


Life and death runes shattered, causing a rain of light to fall from the skies!

Sheng Mei had condensed the Holy Scripture Laws onto her sword. Now with her sword strike broken by Lin Ming, the Black Dragon Spear continued to push forwards, thrusting straight towards the point between Sheng Mei’s eyebrows!

Sheng Mei had already been forced into a dead end of the Deep King force field without any way to retreat. And, the powerful energy that Lin Ming released also locked down the surrounding void so that the Space Laws couldn’t be used.

In this moment Lin Ming suddenly slapped the Black Dragon Spear in his hands, crazily pouring demon energy into it.

A bone dragon formed from demon energy formed on the ferocious spear shaft. It wildly roared and hurtled towards Sheng Mei with unstoppable momentum, wanting to swallow her whole!

In this critical moment many abyssals cried out in alarm. Some even thought that Sheng Mei might perish beneath this strike, a fragrant jade that would shatter to pieces!

After all, the scene occurring on the stage of battle was like a massive demonic flame about to burn away an exquisite feather. Strong against weak, hideous against beautiful, this intense visual impact shocked the mind!

This Ninth Elder of the Ancient Eon Sect was too terrifying!

In front of him, even the invincible Sheng Mei seemed delicate.

Hu - !

Hu - !

Hu - !

Demonic flames rolled upwards. In that instant, Sheng Mei closed her eyes!

She no longer dodged and nor could she. Between her eyes, the nine petal lotus flower mark began to spin. A faint source of energy began to appear from within, as if a world was being bred within it.

Time came to a standstill. Just as the fierce dragon spear was three inches away from the point between Sheng Mei’s eyebrows, a brilliant black demonic light burst out, weaving together into a massive lotus flower pattern.

Every flower petal seemed to form its own small world, each one filled with birth and destruction.

Sheng Mei’s Grand Reincarnation Art was far more thorough than Lin Ming’s. After this lotus flower formed, every flower petal had condensed the power of desire and hope from each one of Sheng Mei’s reincarnations.

The nine revolution lotus flower spinning, this was the same as nine Sheng Meis striking out together!


The Black Dragon Spear thrust into the heart of the nine revolution red lotus. The spear shaft curved but it wasn’t able to go any further.

Then, Sheng Mei moved.

That strange and mysterious bone sword fused into her arms. Sheng Mei’s five slender fingers gathered together as she thrust an arm towards Lin Ming’s chest.

With the bone sword entering her body, sword and man had become one.

Sheng Mei’s sword fingers directly shattered the roiling demonic flames that surrounding Lin Ming. That bone dragon gave a screeching howl before it burst apart!

Sheng Mei’s fingers were bathed in the light of the nine revolution red lotus. Lin Ming’s heart shook and he quickly withdrew the demon power he sent out through the demon avatar before storming backwards!

However, Sheng Mei’s sword fingers were too fast. They instantly pierced through the void and shot past Lin Ming’s protective demon essence, soon about to penetrate his body!

Even though Lin Ming’s demon avatar had an incredibly intense mortal body, it would still suffer heavy losses if pierced through by these sword fingers. This was because Sheng Mei’s sword fingers wouldn’t simply pierce through him, but the terrifying strength and Laws contained within them would also have to be withstood by his body. If that were to occur, victory and defeat would be settled!

In that spark of time, Lin Ming crossed his arms in front of his chest, using the bone blades on his elbows to resist Sheng Mei’s attack.


The sword point struck the edge of Lin Ming’s elbow bone blades. On Lin Ming’s arms, the three foot long bone blades shattered into pieces. The sword fingers continued without stopping, piercing through Lin Ming’s scales and passing through his right arm!

But relying on this brief resistance, Lin Ming also changed the trajectory of the sword fingers. The sword light finally shot into Lin Ming’s left shoulder!

Blood shot out. Lin Ming grimaced. The strength contained in these sword fingers wasn’t simple at all; it included the Life and Death Laws.

The strength of the sword fingers broke into his body and turned into sword energy. This sword energy was able to grow continuously and it recklessly shredded apart the energy within Lin Ming’s body. Even so, this sword energy didn’t weaken much.

This naturally originated from the Laws of Life. At the same time, the sword energy was incredibly tyrannical, absorbing Lin Ming’s vitality with overbearing might as it exhausted his blood and withered his muscles.

The Life and Death Laws were used together. If an ordinary abyssal were to be touched by just a little bit of this strength they would have likely lost all combat efficiency.

Even Lin Ming felt severe pain wrack his body. The meridians within his body became disorderly as if all of them were about to break apart!

His body was sent rapidly tumbling backwards a thousand feet beneath the force of impact.


With a loud crash, Lin Ming struck the light barrier of the Deep King force field, causing it to violently tremble.

Lin Ming coughed up a mouthful of blood. Grabbing the Black Dragon Spear, his giant body plummeted onto the Deep King Wheel!


The Deep King Wheel wildly shook. Lin Ming lifted his head upwards. He never thought that while Sheng Mei was being pressed backwards so much she would still be capable of using such a move.

However, Sheng Mei who had seemed like an otherworldly fairy had also paled slightly. It was obvious that it hadn’t been easy for her to use the strength of nine reincarnations just now.

Did the Grand Reincarnation Art also have such an effect?

To condense the power of will and hope from nine reincarnations and seal it between the eyebrows, and then have it erupt at the same time, the strength that could be released was several times that of usual. This was an extremely terrifying move.

Lin Ming’s Grand Reincarnation Art was one that he perceived himself and not the original that was created by the master of the Holy Scripture. Thus, it had extreme differences with Sheng Mei’s version.

Even so, Lin Ming was well aware that the Grand Reincarnation Art was incredibly difficult. And the eighth and ninth revolution would be even more so.

The reason Sheng Mei could transform so much and fight a lower True Divinity with her Empyrean limit cultivation, this was likely due to her being able to complete the ninth revolution of the Grand Reincarnation Art.

In terms of the Holy Scripture Laws, Sheng Mei could be called someone that had reached the pinnacle.

But Lin Ming’s Holy Scripture and Heavenly Sutra veered off in opposite directions, one focused on the inner universe and one focused on the outer universe. Compared to Sheng Mei who strode down a single path, Lin Ming was naturally behind her.

Lin Ming didn’t know Sheng Mei’s exact age, but he could estimate that she was probably tens of thousands of years old. For her to arrive at this step with her age, this meant she had a chance of coming close to the boundary of those like the Immortal Sovereign and Asura Road Master in the future.

However, as Lin Ming as astonished, so was Sheng Mei.

That nine revolution red lotus she used just now was one of her ultimate killing moves. Once she used it, even a lower True Divinity abyssal might die!

This was not being defeated or wounded, but possibly being killed!

Sheng Mei didn’t want to reveal such a technique on the stage, but Lin Ming was simply far too formidable. With her not being able to gain an upper hand after using her previous moves, she could only use this one.

She didn’t think that this move would be able to grievously wound Lin Ming; she only wanted to use it to ensure victory.

But the result was that after this strike, nothing seemed to have happened to Lin Ming at all. He immediately stood up.

Moreover, Sheng Mei’s perception was connected to the sword energy she sent out. She felt that the originally endlessly growing sword energy that should have been able to swallow Lin Ming’s vitality was in turn swallowed by him instead.

Within Lin Ming’s body there seemed to be some black vortex that could tear apart all. It slowly annihilated her strength, and even the highest Laws of the Holy Scripture were slowly undone.

How had he done this?

As she recalled Lin Ming breaking apart her life-reaping sword, Sheng Mei felt increasingly in disbelief of what had occurred. This higher abyssal had actually managed to achieve such a boundary in the perception of Laws. Was this because of his talent or was it perhaps related to that eye between his eyebrows?

Sheng Mei couldn’t imagine just what sort of bloodline could be heaven-defying to such a degree.

Not only was Sheng Mei shocked, but the Elders of Deep King Road were also restless. They all knew how potent Sheng Mei’s final nine revolution red lotus was. Even Elder Deep Epoch would have to be careful facing such a strike, yet Lin Ming had blocked it.

This fellow not only reached the pinnacle in strength and speed, but he even defied all common reasoning in the Laws. This was simply incomprehensible.

And at this time, something left the abyssals watching even more speechless. From the wounds on Lin Ming’s arm and shoulder, the muscles began to wriggle.

The demon avatar was beginning to reveal its fearsome defensive and regenerative capabilities.

Sheng Mei’s sword fingers had contained the power of will and hope of nine reincarnations. If an ordinary abyssal were to touch just a little of it they would fall over dead, yet Lin Ming was actually beginning to slowly restore his body; this was too ridiculous!

Sheng Mei’s eyes widened and a serious pressure fell over her heart. She had a premonition that this battle would be incomparably difficult, and there was even a chance that she could lose!

And if she lost then didn’t that mean she would have to dual cultivate with this monster?

Thinking of this, Sheng Mei’s stomach tumbled as if she wanted to vomit.

Even though she felt something special about Lin Ming, even though there was a strange connection she sensed, she absolutely couldn’t accept sharing a bed with this monster…

To her, this was as bad as being killed.

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